The Final Tag For 2007

Well, I just had to do this one because Spena thinks there will be no more tags for 2007. So, I’m just being a pain in the butt by creating this final tag for 2007 for her and the rest of the people I feel like tagging. So here goes:

1. How has 2007 been for you in a nutshell?

2. Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2007.

3. Do you feel you are better off, or worse off, in 2007 than you were in 2006?

4. Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2007?

5. Name three positive things that you have achieved in 2007.

6. Name the best movie you saw in 2007.

7. Name five friends that you have made in 2007.

8. What New Year’s resolution for 2007 that you have not achieved?

9. What would your New Year’s resolution for 2008 be?

10. Name 5 people you would like to tag.

For me, the answers would be as follows:

1. 2007 has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me.

2. Guile, but not Miss Gxxxx.

3. Worse off, especially healthwise.

4. Sipadan (Celebes Safari) – because it was free: otherwise would have cost me almost RM4K.

5. (a) Finally went back to gym, (b) Learning to love again, (c) Meeting new friends.

6. Transformers

7. (a) SuperfluousBabe a.k.a Tissot (b) Spena (c) Ardy (d) Hazyr (e) Jazzmatazzed. There were more. Come to think of it, Ardy is the only odd one out for not going to the same school as the rest did.

8. A lot, and all due to my failing health.

9. Since I fell hard to the very bottom, after this the only way for me to fall is UP!

10. Spena, of course…hehehe, Hazyr, Ardy, Ibu, and SuperfluousBabe a.k.a Tissot.

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