This Is Not Really A Romantic Post

This is not really a romantic post.

And the smell of the by-product of the sambal petai I had last night is making the tiles slide off the wall of this lovely bathroom. But believe me, when crap flows out, good ideas flow in.

While the rest of the guys: Renek, Dalie, Elysha, Gemgem, Rainmaker, Spena, King Cobra, Masrina, and Yummy Baby are outside either watching AF finals, or eating the curry mee Yummmy Baby had cooked, I sit here on the porcelain throne reminiscing on our first date.

I’ve warned you that this is not really a romantic post.

It was three nights after Burger Night, and she had to attend a dinner gathering with friends. She later created an excuse to get away early so she could go out with me. So by the time I picked her up, it was kind of late already. On the way, I realised I had a problem: where do I take her for drinks? Where do I take someone who every other guy who’s dated her has taken her to all the fine places (save for one limp-dick who asked her to drive to some mamak joint herself to join him on a football-watching date)? Every other guy, drove her in expensive cars (again, save for the limp-dick who never picked her up because he felt inferior – so he dresses up like he’s macho to overcome his inferiority).

Then there she was when I arrived, looking pretty as usual. She didn’t even try to look pretty but she is. Okay, you may say I am biased but I have always thought of her as someone pretty and pleasant to look at. Looking back at that time, someone told me that she would not be compatible with me as she is free-spirited, not caring, superficial, career-minded and all the values that I would look at negatively. Somehow my heart told me otherwise, and I was again, putting myself at risk by listening to my heart – something a true Cancerian would normally do: no scientific model to base our findings, always deciding based on gut feelings.

I alighted from the car and smiled at her. She was all shy, since this was our first meeting after she had confessed of her feelings for me. I hugged her as I did three nights before, and kissed her cheek. She got into the car and off we went; and I still did not know where to go to take her for a drink. I was thinking to myself, “Is she the expensive type? Or would she mind going to somewhere simple?” I mean, I do not want to take her somewhere for teh tarik and having to fork out RM500 for two glasses of teh tarik, when the teh tarik would probably have cost me RM30 but the rest is charged for ambience. I mean, who the fuck would order for ambience?

We ended up driving around town, and in the end I decided that it was a waste of time to spend our first date inside a car, so I took her to this place, an old but pleasant place that I frequented some 21 years ago when I was a junior officer in the Air Force.

As soon as we got there, we both alighted the car, and exchanged our first kiss behind the car. I held her hand and we walked to the F&B section. If you look at the place, it has the setting of some old malay movie such as Hapuslah Airmata Mu or Jiwa Remaja where flat-chested malay girls in two-piece bikini could be seen lounging around the pool, and the hero and heroine of the movie would be sitting, sipping nothing but a glass of orange juice that would have an orchid decorating the rim of each of the glass, saying stupid things like, “I amat sukakan you. Sudikah you sekiranya I ajak bermalam di bilik hotel I?“. Pretty retro, but it was a nice evening nevertheless.

She admitted to me later that she was as nervous as I was on that first date. The relationship has gone to an advanced stage, and I am pretty sure she knows how serious I am, and what are the things I would do for her. And as I have mentioned before in my previous writings on her, I find her closest to the one I have always wanted. I can thank those whom have taught me how to open up my heart and learn to love again, even though I ended up being the victim of circumstances I would probably have avoided being in, as I have now found the person whom I believe, will be able to stand by me through thick and thin come what may; someone who truly loves me unconditionally, someone I
would love to die as hers.

Now, I better get off this porcelain throne before some things get dry and flaky. The smell is killing me already.

Remember, this was never intended to be a truly romantic post.