Was It Worth It?

It’s 5.41am.

A full tank of petrol for my Naza Ria will now cost me RM202.50 as opposed to RM144.00 ’til 11.59pm yesterday. I got caught in a horrendous jam last night getting out of Subang Jaya, and all the way to my destination. There was a mad rush for last minute cheaper petrol and diesel, that even the petrol stations along the highways weren’t spared. I don’t know if it was worth the long wait just to be able to fill your car up with probably three days worth of fuel when inevitably you will still have to fill it up at the new prices.

So…fuel price is no longer cheap; and that is going to affect all Malaysians across the board. My road tax will cost me RM200.00 less from now on but that means I will still have to fork out RM648.00 per annum. The cost of diving and liveaboards will go up as diesel now costs almost the same as petrol does at RM2.58 and RM2.70 respectively. My usual RM50.00 will only get me one return trip to Yummy Baby‘s place instead of two, with 30 kilometers to spare. So I can make a trip to The Mall and then figure out where to refuel. Food and essential items will now cost more while our purchasing power remains status quo. And I don’t care if fuel costs RM5.00 in Singapore because if you convert that into Singapore Dollars, fuel will be as cheap as it is in Malaysia now.

Seriously, I will have to consider converting my MPV to NGV/hybrid. It may cost me a bomb, but that would be better than paying RM60.00 per fuel tank. Instead of giving vehicle owners stupid cash benefits that amount to nothing more than just a few milimeters of taik gigi, it should look into making it compulsory for all major gas stations, or at least for PETRONAS, to provide NGV. As it is, there are only 58 stations providing NGV to cater for 25,000 users nationwide. Subsidise the conversion of vehicles from petrol-based to petrol-cum-NGV based.

Secondly, charge only a nominal sum for road tax. Maybe it is time for the government to consider charging only RM60.00 per private vehicle per annum for road tax. As at 2006, there are 14.8 million registered vehicles, and that alone should earn the government RM888,000,000.00. That is almost RM1 billion in road taxes alone. You think that is going to burden the lower income group? Come off it. RM60,00 a year is nothing compared to 6 packets of cigarettes a week, if not more.

Today is going to be an entirely different day. And it was only 4 years ago that a full tank for my Naza Ria cost me only RM90.00.

Sheesh! I should start robbing banks.

But, really! Was it worth the long queue for those who queued last night?