For The Love Of My Life To Love My Life That I Love

Yummy Baby and I have always agreed that we will not force each other to take up the other’s interest, or to share the same interests. That would then make us unique, being able to do other things and pursue our own interests without having the other half constantly breathing down our neck. However, I have broken that cardinal rule by asking her to take up scuba diving. Well, I did not exactly ask her to, but I wanted her to.

Yummy Baby has never snorkeled before, until she followed to me to the island one day, and with her friends, went snorkeling for the first time, and became murid lawan cikgu when she went on a snorkeling bout everytime I was out diving. And for a person who before this was making millions of excuses NOT to enter sea water at all, she gave me some problems when she had taken the chalet key with her snorkeling and I had to psyche myself up not to poo in my wetsuit, losing about 4kgs of sweat in the process.

I am a scuba freak. There were times that I would do 8 dives a day; commencing my first dive at around 4am, ending the last dive past midnight. The most dives I have done in a day in waters deeper than 4 meters and staying longer than 21 minutes was 24 dives. Of course, I had like 2 bottles of O2 on the standby topside so I could breathe pure oxygen everytime I surfaced. Don’t ask me what I was doing then but that was last year in January. On average I would do a minimum of 3 dives per day; that comes to about 6 dives per weekend trip. But the last trip, I did only 4 dives. 2 each day. That was below average, even by my worst standard – that is, diving when I am ill. One of which was a shore dive, and everyone knows I never do shore dives on an island trip unless I have to. And why was that so? I felt guilty leaving Yummy Baby alone when it was supposed to be our trip, albeit with friends, we were supposed to spend more time together, cementing the already tough bond. But there we were…on a trip together…she was doing her thing, and I was doing mine, and the only times we got to do things together was when we finally shut our eyes at night.

So that is the logical explanation for my wanting her to take up scuba diving. And I want her to enjoy further what she has seen from the surface while snorkeling.

And what is more satisfying than to enjoy things that de-stresses you with the one you love, like the view below? world

And Yummy Baby is upset because I did not respond directly to her posting on the same topic. I’d rather do an elaborate response here on my blog.