Of Super Nacet And Gillette, And Fine Dining

I had one of those nothing-to-do-but-just-want-to-get-close-to-you talks with Yummy Baby recently when the topic changed to women who fleece men. The terminology used here is ketuk. In the old days, they were called pisau cukur (razor). Is fleece the correct term, Idlan? Yummy Baby thinks that the trips she’s been with me was a form of ketuking as it was all paid for; but I said no, as it was more like a hubby-wifey kind of trip. She then said that wives do ketuk husbands. I said only wives who do not love husbands do that. It is okay to want something. But to demand something beyond or just within the ability for the husband to pay is too much, in my not-very-humble opinion.

Anyway, I told Yummy Baby about the times I was fleeced (and almost fleeced) by women. When I was a Lieutenant, earning about RM800 (basic) + RM115 (allowance), I befriended this daughter of a Datuk. Although she was only a management trainee at a company in the Golden Triangle, her ego and status got the best of her. The first lunch date was at a fancy restaurant. After lunch, she dragged me to this department store where she had booked a bottle of D&G perfume, and asked me to pay. Bloody hell! That was more than a quarter of my basic pay. The second time I thought I’d get back at her by asking her to meet me at Sungei Wang Plaza for cheap KFC. She outsmarted me by booking a dress at a nearby boutique and asked me to pay for it. She purposely chose the route where we would have to pass in front of the boutique to get to KFC and she’d go, “Eh, that dress is beautiful!” and then walk in there and tell the shopowner that I’ve arrived to pay. The third time, she asked me for lunch at a off-the-beaten-path located restaurant. Fine by me. Then when she started to talk about a marble-top dining table for her new apartment near the polo club from a furniture center not too far away from the restaurant, I finally said, “Yes.” with the sweetest smile. Ten minutes after finishing my food, I excused myself to go to the gents, and never saw her again. Luckily this was during the pre-mobile phone period. I never saw her again, and nor did I get to see the bill for that expensive seafood lunch.

After my first divorce, I got to know this sweet looking executive from a public-listed transport company. Very demure, tudung-wearing, sweet thing, from Kamunting. Her place of origin should have been a warning to me, but I failed to see that. The first date was a shared cup of Jelly Ice Cream at KFC. It ended on a good note and I was allowed to drive her home. One day, she called me and asked me to meet her at a jeweller’s inside Sogo. I asked her why, and she replied that she dreamt that her ex-boyfriend was jealous of us seeing each other and would cast a black magic spell on her. The only way for that to be avoided is by my buying her a gold ring of her choice. I smelt something fishy and it had nothing to do with the underwater world, or a vagina laden with yeast. But since I was away in Johor to do a job, I told her to buy the ring first and I would mail her the cheque. She purchased the ring and told me the amount was around RM2K. That night, I e-mailed her a jpeg image of the cheque.

So, for you guys who keep getting fleeced by women who like fine things and fine dining, I suggest you take her to Uncle Ho’s Fine Foods located at the Midvalley Megamall. Each plate of mixed babi (taking Icecool’s words) cost RM200++. And it is good food.

Mixed Babi
Mixed Babi Plates

No points for presentation
No points for presentation. But the taste? HO SEK!

Icecool, we should do this again la. Lama dah. October was the last time.