Of Vain And Obnoxious Idiots

Two things run through my mind right now. First, the fact that the AUD is now at par with the USD. The USD has lost it for the past week hence pushing oil prices further up when there is no shortage of supply, or demand exceeding supply. So Australians can now buy stuff from the US and not think much about how much it costs in AUD. The question that remains is: can they even afford to fly to the US with the rising fuel costs?

The second thing that is running through my mind right now is Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”. I first heard the song back in 1972 but it is so applicable now because some people are indeed so vain. They think that whatever I write in here is about them. How shallow and vain can you get? Just because the storyline reflects certain life’s paths that they go through, it doesn’t mean that it is about them. For example, I learnt that someone thought I was writing about her when I mentioned something about someone paying the girlfriend’s vacation so he could take his ex-wife and kids for a family vacation. Taikor Loo and MM Superman can vouch for that, that it has something to do with our common friend. But as the saying goes, You eat Budu, you smell fishy. The coincidence that arose simply goes to show that there are lots of sick people out there. Sick women who can’t find other dicks that they carry on screwing their ex-husband who is equally sick for screwing both his ex and his girlfriend – typical Nietzschean Man: Master Nation, Woman: Slave-Nation concept.

Anyway, putting them aside as those issues are as important as a bicycle is to a fish, I have two more jobs to be done: one in the Malacca Strait, and the other in the Andaman Sea. I hope they agree with the quotation I’ve sent. I am also chasing after a 5-figure payment for a job I completed early this year. Once I have completed these two jobs, I can safely look forward to leaving KL, for good perhaps. As long as I can secure a job at where I will be going. A friend has already asked me to pass him my resume, and I am preparing an elaborate one as I do not know where he thinks I’d fit in.

Everybody’s leaving KL. Deepblu will move to a neighbouring country, Ironore is mostly offshore, Spazm will be joining him very soon, Ridrahim now lives on an island. So my moving from KL would be best for me. I cannot take that coast guard job as much as I love to go back to wearing uniforms as it is only for Putrajaya, and no other openings elsewhere. If that happens, and when that happens, it would probably be during the third quarter of this year.

Although I will miss friends who are here in KL, especially those who helped me through my dark moments, I certainly will no longer have to deal with people wearing kopiah who talk about nothing else but sex and having four wives, middle-aged tudunged women who bitch about other women, obnoxious idiots who think highly of themselves and will say to you “I’ve been here before” and walk away when you invite them to sit down and chat with you and your friends, and stuff like that. However, I am sure to gain people like that where I will be going. And definitely lesser of Glaucoma Monkey for me to deal with, although he makes a good punching bag.

Definitely no more being used as an emotional buffer, that’s for sure.

Whatever it is, I am sure I am heading for a better life.