Poisonous Fubu

In Japan it is Fugu - Japanprobe

It’s a wonder that people would go for dangerous things; as in my case it is probably the adrenaline rush that makes me addicted to dangerous things. In Japan, it is eating the fugu that is dangerous, and staying alive after that is the rush. The tetrodotoxin in it knows no antidote. It is a sodium channel blocker that paralyses the victim’s muscles. The victim will eventually die of asphyxiation while remaining conscious throughout the process of dying.

Okay. That is fugu.

In Malaysia, we have the fubu. Equally dangerous and mentally poisonous, the fubu sets out to destroy the society we belong to. The term fubu actually originates from the ‘happy‘ male society, but has now extended in usage to the heterosexual society. In the old days, there was love, followed by sex. Nowadays, with fubu, there is only sex and nothing else. Young adult female, or even pre-menopausal female would engage in sex with a person they find themselves to be comfortable with. There’s no real feeling involved, just the feeling of comfort with no sense, and the ability to get a few cents out of the sexual partner. Some even take it a step further by engaging in sex with multiple male partners, one at a time, keeping a list of whom to go to bed with as long as there is a comfortable room, and some food for the night, for the price of holding one’s breath and keeping the eyes closed for about five minutes until the session is over when he rolls off and snores away. The female then reduces herself to something lesser than human, morally.

So that, my dear friends, is fubu. Even sheeps mate for a purpose. Fubus fuck for no reason.

Sheeps mating

What is fubu?

It is short for fuck buddy.

Dangerous and poisons the mind.