Sorry, But Women Are Second-Class Human Beings (In Kelantan)

It is official. The Kelantanese State Government has the same IQ and brain-processing power as that of that young lady who made a stupid statement about school uniforms inviting rape and unwanted children.

Several years ago, good-looking women in Kelantan were forbidden from working to avoid being raped or other wrong-doings. Since looks are subjective, the benchmark set (according to my ANALysis) is those who are prettier than Nik Aziz cannot be employed anywhere in Kelantan.

Today, the Kelantanese State Government has announced that women can no longer wear lipsticks or heeled-shoes to avoid being rape or sexual wrongdoings. Yup, it was on TV just now. Funny thing is, I never saw a baby wearing lipstick or heeled-shoes, or a 70-year old woman in sexy dress…but they got raped somehow. How do you explain that? God’s wrath?

This coming from a state that has produced obnoxious and sick people who screw their ex-wives, goats, cows (probably because their ex-wives look similar) and can complain about not being acknowledge when the reply came was, “I’ve been here before” after being invited to sit together by the host, or co-hosts. Women cannot put on make-up, colour the hair, must wear tudung, but must screw with their boyfriend because screwing the boyfriend is not as big a sin as not wearing the tudung, as prescribed by the Old Testament.

I’m sorry, but the wearing of the tudung is not in the al-Quran because there is no mention about the women’s hair as being part of the aurat, so if you insist, I can tell you that it came from the New Testicles. In the Bible it does say that it is obligatory for women to cover their head.

Bastard ragheads bringing shame to Islam.