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1st July 2008

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Half a year’s gone now. Another half year to go. Just slightly more than a month to the fasting month, two and a half months to Hari Raya. The only good news so far during the first half of the year is the return of the Leatherback turtles to the shores of Terengganu. Hopefully they will stay and breed this time. The last I saw these magnificent creatures was back in 1973.

Three years ago today the idea to have this blog was conceived at one of the dive sites in Perhentian when I was called a ‘Nitrogen Narcosis Addict’ by my fellow diver friends cum office mates. One suggested the name Narcaholic to be the site’s name. It was supposed to be mainly on dive topics, but somehow it metamorphosised into something more personal plus a bit on the usual religion and politics stuff.

There was no post until more than a month later.

Two years ago today, my posting was about the defeat of Argentina by Germany. The next day I did my decompression procedures test and scored 96%, beating the younger guys’ scores. A year ago, I went through some bad times – which in the end has turned out good. Now, I have only the future to look forward to.

Whether I will carry on blogging or not, I do not know. Maybe this blog will revert back to its original purpose: dive trip reports and matters on diving. Yummy Baby has started work at the new place today. I will soon follow and shall be working elsewhere – meaning I will be leaving KL, maybe for good. Once that happens, our lives (mine and Yummy Baby‘s as Mrs SeaDemon) will be different in routine, although essentially the same. Migrating has never been on my mind, but I guess (after much delays caused by people who treated me as an emotional buffer) the time is now for me to pursue a new horizon in what I know best: diving and security.

I will turn 42 soon. I am now officially (as of yesterday) long-sighted: able to read a restaurant’s name from 400 meters away, but get headaches reading this posting. My underwater photography is going to have to rely on the big screen at the back of the camera to tell me if the image is blurry or sharp.

So, three years on, maybe it is time for me to get Kimi, Niels and Andy to go on another trip with me.

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when you move from KL, the more reason you should write. So that we know what is happening. Especially the food section. Maybe instead of diving and personal, you can become a food critic….hehehe….

InsyaAllah I will be across the causeway more often than not, or at least a few days every week or so, that means ada la chance nak drop by and bum free food and drinks, and the odd salem cigs at your new place….. so keep us posted on where that is…..

and as Spena said, you should maintain updating this blog. We’re all SD-holics (then again maybe it’s just me), and just because someones sucking you dry, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer….

Please don’t stop. This might be the only thing that will keep me sane in this new office 😦

hmmm… am also considering migrating!! hehe… anyway, all the best in your new place… dun stop blogging and lets dive more… haha… whatever it is, dive must go on….

Whatever story you write, whatever information you post, whatever jokes and imaginative-fiction you author in whatever language, we will enjoy it whenever and wherever you are 😉

Spena…I don’t think I’ll ever be a good food critic because I don’t eat only five things. But good food is something I will not forgo.

Gomba…you can drop by anytime. But your wife commented during dinner at Alexis just now that you’re beginning to sound kiasu.

Sayang…how can I never say no to you? Well, you chose to work in a crazy place selling cars that run on water. Eh, wait se minute. That sounds like what I used to do.

More-cha…you don’t migrate la. I’ve lost almost all my dive buddies already. Spazm and Ironore are now mainly offshore, Deepblu’s also migrating. Only you and I left.

Neomesuff…okay la. Only if you can help me turn my Dialog dengan Iblis series into a drama fit for Astro Ceria.

Turn 42? I tot u dah…. Ok , nevermind. hehe

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