As I Turn 42…Part 3

My birthday card from Yummy Baby

There are two things I would like to say before I continue with this posting:

1. Thank you all who wished me on my birthday…I was overwhelmed with Facebook messages, Facebook wall messages, Yahoo! Messenger messages, 163 SMS text messages, comments on this blog. Thank you again. My birthday ended an hour and a half ago but I am still receiving messages wishing me a happy belated birthday.

2. I share the grief of my two great friends, Gombak4Life and Liverpool Babe. Sorry for your loss.

Yummy Baby is now sound asleep. Yes, sleeping with sound. She worked hard today, attended a breakfast forum after braving the jam, then braved the jam again to get to Marks & Sparks (yes we UK students call it that) to get me my birthday present and card, then braved the jam again to get to office for her meeting, before braving the jam again at 6.45pm to get home and prepare for our dinner outing tonight. She fell asleep in the middle of a conversation just now.


Initially we had wanted to go to either the Tamarind Springs or Nippon Tei. Then I mentioned that I do not quite like expensive food, but would rather go for the same kind of food for less. So we made for this little Japanese restaurant called Onagi. Luckily we did so. The food’s more delicious, there’s more to choose from the menu, and definitely value for money. We shared a plate of Tuna Sashimi, Kaki Fried, while she went for Chicken Teriyaki and I went for the Salmon Butteryaki. It was a nice dinner for two and this has been the first birthday outing I had had in years. Very thoughtful of her.

Tuna SashimiJuicy oysters

Thank you, Sayang, for the wonderful dinner, wonderful company, the birthday present, the lovely birthday card. I hope to have more wonderful birthdays over the years to come…with you.

I love you, Baby.