Brand New Day

My blog at is still there.  It will be taken offline 30 days from now. The only thing is I can no longer access the account, the dashboard, the e-mails and what-nots. After 3 years, it has served its purpose.  It was meant to be a dive-blog, but in the end it became something else.  Therefore I want to start anew, and here I am, on this blog.  However, all my 1804 previous postings have been moved from that site to here.

I’m also starting a new life with Yummy Baby.  It is such a nice feeling waking up with someone, not hearing screams, not hearing political phone calls…nothing.  Just a sweet smiling face that says, “Good morning, Sayang. I love you.”  And I get this daily without fail…and at night.  Finally, I can sleep early, my mind at rest, and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with my head spinning round and round from too much thinking.  I now sleep before midnight when a year ago it was almost difficult for me to sleep at all.  And everytime we turn off at different exits in the morning on the way to work, we would text our feelings for each other, and she would send something like: “Miss u already.”  And nobody has said that to me before. not in the manner she says it to me.  Although we have mentioned at the beginning of this relationship that we will not have any child together, I guess due to this strong mutual feeling, we would like to have one as a testimony to this great love we have for each other.  At least when I go, a part of me will stay behind with her.

The only way to go is forward, the only thing to pursue is happiness.

Here is to a brand new day.

Hoping for a brighter future
Hoping for a brighter future