I Don’t Know What Title To Put But I Know I Was Drunk

I still am, actually. It was just two hours ago that I ended the drinking binge so I could go and pick up Yummy Baby who was having networking dinner with her boss. I went to this restaurant that we had wanted to go to but couldn’t find it – so there I was, alone. Therefore, mind my spelling should an error occur. I am not in the right frame of mind typing this.

Anyway, I look at people who were in the area, some were still in their working clothes, having dinner with friends. Maybe this is why many marriages fail. Husbands and wives see each other for only half an hour before they leave home for work. Then, if they are into YM and other chat stuff, they spend some 10 hours online. Then they get home and tend to the kids. By the time they were finally alone, they’d be too tired to do anything else. So they actually get some 1 hour a day with each other not saying much.

After a while, this routine becomes a norm. Then each thinks that the other doesn’t love the other person as much as they used to. Soon, they stop talking, and along comes someone more “suitable” in office, whom he or she spends 10 hours with everyday, and an office affair starts, just because he or she gets more attention in the office by this other person than from their own spouse. But both refuse to acknowledge that they allow the marriage to slide down the drain like that.

That is how shit happens.

Anyway, Yummy Baby was having a networking dinner with her boss and another colleague. And a hungry me decided to go and find this Chippy that has eluded our radar once before. I made the mistake of having four bottles of beer (I AM NOT A BEER DRINKER, OKAY? I WAS DEPRESSED!) and two glasses of white wine on an empty stomach. Then I decided to order the Barramundi and Chips. That I downed with another three glasses of margharita. It was almost like vodka blended with ice with little else. Just more alcohol than any of the margharitas I have ever had. It was when I was downing the second glass that I thought KL was being hit by a mild earthquake.

On my third glass, a Japanese woman chatted me up. I am not too sure whether she mentioned her name as Misako or Matsuko because being loaded with so much alcohol, it sounded more or less the same. I guess when it occured to her that I wasn’t smiling at her because I had wanted to, but more because of the alcohol content in my system, she left without saying goodbye.

And Yummy Baby experienced for the first time, my driving the car at speeds not exceeding 60kmh.

We got home, talked for a bit…less than half an hour, and now she is asleep. And there isn’t enough alcohol to make me stop thinking so I could go to sleep. Anyway, here are some photos:

The menu on the wall. Sorry pic’s blurred because I couldn;t keep my hands steady

Barramundi and chips
Barramundi and chips…can lah

Potent stuff
Potent stuff

I had 4 bottles of this

Oh woe me! I am all alone with nothing much to do.

11 Replies to “I Don’t Know What Title To Put But I Know I Was Drunk”

  1. Guess they do, bro. Bland taste.

    Anyway, I’m sweating alcohol from my pores…I need to reload.

  2. I still have craving for maggi goreng with lots of chilli padi.. know any good place? My mamak next to Dunlop dah balik India..

  3. I don’t do maggi goreng mamak unless there’s nothing left to eat. Dunlop mana?

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