Punches And Punctuation

The great Harvard economist Joseph Schumpeter once attested: “Politicians are like bad horsemen who are so preoccupied with keeping in the saddle that they can’t bother about where they go.”

How true. Five months after the general elections, none or very few of the politicians can be seen working. The ones that have formed the government are living in denial whilst the ones opposing are bent on proving everything’s wrong, or busy trying to form the next government. All these are being done at the expense of the people, you and I, who want the parliamentarians, no matter which side of the fence they’re on, to do the work they have promised us up until midnight on elections eve.

I no longer read the first few pages of the mainstream media, let alone read anything else I’ve passed as the tun of fermented hogwash. To even delve in reading anything on politics nowadays would give me nausea.

You and I have all been put into the backburner as these politicians push and shove each other to gain political mileage and hopefully power. And as we all know, power corrupts. Prove me otherwise.

You and I no longer pose any importance to them until the winds of the next elections come our way. You and I are now subjected to drowning in their litany of lies and rhetorics. You and I have been reduced to mere elisions and oft-abused apostrophes to represent us in their text and speeches. You and I are just pawns in their games of power-grabbing.

Although this treatment (or, mistreatment) of us is not a convention that is newfangled, the idea that the voting population’s IQ is still at the level of the people of the 1950s is something they, the politicians from both sides of the fence, need to rethink. This is the age where the ones subjugated are the ones who chose the ones elected to serve. The people will no longer accept that political leaders are masters, but are ALL mere servants of the people.

Wake up, politicians. The new dawn in Malaysia belongs to us, the people.