It’s That Time Of The Year Again Although It Doesn’t Mean Much To Me

Yes, yes. The fireworks display was so-so. Youngsters would be happily racing the roads of virtually all major and small towns in Malaysia before they either get stopped by the cops, or somehow find a way to MERDEKAkan their brain from their head when they go cartwheeling off their motorbikes. Wifey’s asleep next to me while I am browsing through both our blogs…reminiscing on how we first met.

“Anyway, if #4 comes along she’ll have to be in her 30s, single-divorced or single-widowed. I don’t want single-single because I’d rather they go learn how to stay married with a single-single guy. Hotpants or not.”

That was what I commented on her blog on September 6th, 2007, when she wrote about older men with sexy protruding bellies. And she replied:

“SD, glad that there’s someone out there who still thinks that single-divorced ladies in their 30s are still bankable 🙂 “

Little did I know, at least, if not we know, that we were embarking on a long journey of subtle “online flirts”. In subsequent postings, she would almost always write a line dedicated to me, be it a question or a suggestion, or just a friendly banter; and I would always have a comment or two on each posting of hers that sometimes I would hijack the posting’s comment box altogether.

Wifey had been a silent reader of my blog (previously on another URL), and had made her first comment just two days prior to the day I made the above comment. Several times we were supposed to meet up, especially during the fasting month, but they never happened. I was off to Redang on the third day of fasting on a dive trip, but managed to go online to chat with her. Then, on Monday, 24th September 2007, I got to see the real person for the first time, and it was Spena’s doing. Spena had invited us to break fast at Wifey’s place. We didn’t say much to each other as I was with someone else, and she was busy with her corporate gifts and hampers.

A week later or so was when she asked me to meet her somewhere in Kelana Jaya because she needed someone to talk to. That was the second time we actually met, but we were closer than ever, in a platonic way. She was down emotionally, I was getting into that too; victims of idiots who felt fine playing around with our heart. Anyway, that short meeting was just superb. After that, I met her at some butcher shop just before Hari Raya that I never celebrated, but I wished I could just drive down to her hometown to celebrate that auspicious day with her.

And I never saw her again until November when I had lunch with her and Spena at The Curve. I was so glad to see her. I was emotionally down that time, but on that day, I was the happiest person alive. It was just so good to be able to see her again.

Wifey and I at The Curve, November 2007
Wifey and I at The Curve – November 2007

And I never saw her again until the 12th March, 2008, when we had Burger Night at her place. Two days later, we realised that we actually feel love for each other.

Wifey and I - Burger Night, 12th March 2008
Wifey and I, Burger Night – 12th March 2008

The rest is history.

Now we go back to almost a year ago, when she first commented on my blog. This was what she wrote:

“sd, i’ve been a silent reader. OK, this is beyond pathetic but am actually crying reading your end of a great journey entries. ya i know, i have to get a life.”

My reply to her among others was:

“I have not given up. This heart, albeit damaged, still believes in a last shot at the ever-so elusive happiness.

I just want to die happy.”

To which she replied one last time:

“and so you shall be/die happy.”

And so here we are now…as one family.

Wifey and I with the kids in Tioman - 24th August 2008
Wifey and I with the kids in Tioman – 24th August 2008

And true to her words, I am truly happy now…

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  1. This really made my morning :). Anyway, I thank God for granting me the wish I made on the first day of Ramadhan last year. I just wished for a happier one this year. I love you, Daddy.

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