This Hari Raya

It’s Friday.

In 4 days time Wifey and I, and probably my daughter Hana, will be heading to Johor for Hari Raya. This is one Hari Raya I have been looking forward to.

Last year, I was supposed to go to Wifey’s place with Spena for Hari Raya. Somehow Spena got tied-up, so the plan was cancelled. And everyday that I spent in Perhentian over the Hari Raya break, Wifey would read my constantly-updated blog, at times crying. This year, I will be with her. And this will be the first time that Hari Raya would be really meaningful to me.

Just now, as she was drifting away to lala-land, she smiled and said, “No one has ever loved me this way before. Thank you, Sayang.”

I kissed her forehead and hugged her tight, and replied, “That’s because no one’s ever loved me like this, Baby.”

More happy Haris Raya ahead, I pray.

Of course there is this part of me that feels sad because despite it being my turn to spend the Hari Raya with the kids, my ex is bent on not letting them be with me this year, treating them like her private property, confusing them by planting illogical stories into their mind. So much for a person who likes to portray herself as pious, when throughout the years I was with her, I had to remain patient because of the kids while she goes sleeping around with other men.

For those of you who are divorced, please do not poison your children’s mind either by creating wild stories about your ex, or telling them about the bad things about your ex, just so you’ll always win their love, or feel the pleasure of making your children hate your ex. The truth will prevail, and even if either of you win, it is always the children who would lose badly.

Be a human being for once, please…especially my ex. Because if I decide to forget that I am one, the whole world will know what she was up to whenever I was absent.