Palin In The Ass – A Malaysian Context

Watching all the Sarah Palin videos released from embargo after the US Presidential Elections rang some alarm bells as to how the world was close to getting a…I don’t know if naive is the politically-correct term…but you know what I mean…person in-charge of a whole array of nuclear weapons. Everytime she opens her mouth, she would utter stupidity superfluously. It was unbelievable how the Republicans could have passed her through the vetting process and allowed her to stand as a candidate.

Although one may argue that John McCain’s campaign was doomed from the start due to several reasons including campaign funding (capped at $85 million versus Obama’s $650 million), that he might find it difficult to distance himself from the most unpopular US President in history; the Republican’s choice of putting Sarah Palin as his running-mate was probably the final nail in the coffin, or so to speak. The more she spoke, and given McCain’s age, people must have freaked out that one day, this woman could become their President. Well, she can’t even name a newspaper that she reads everyday, let alone know the difference between a continent and a country (Africa is, to her as it was to George W Bush, a country). And having trade missions flying to and fro across the Bering Sea certainly does not qualify one to claim to posess great grasp on foreign policy issues. If it does, I would like to run for the President of the US of A itself in 2012. I’d make dive equipments production tax-free and subsidise all dive trips, even for divers from outside the US just to display how great a nation the US of A is.

I think Sarah Palin would have had more knowledge even by reading the National Enquirer. Even if she didn’t make it as the VP, she could have joined the Men In Black‘s hunt for aliens.

Sarah Palin Can’t Name A Newspaper She Reads

Which brings me back to Malaysia.

As with other countries, there are noteworthy politicians who are somewhat (and can be very) learned; then there are those who are, in simple terms, imbeciles who, despite countless warnings from the Speaker of the House, continue with their imbecilic behaviour, or utter rubbish. And I mean this for both sides of the political fence. Yes, you and you.

But in the Palin context, there is one who fits the bill. Although she has not been heard of lately (no news from her means more newsworthy stuff for the people), she utters nonsense (nonsensical stuff) like Palin does or did. I can name several blogs that have covered her nonsensical utterances like Malaysian Unplug, Shanghai Stephen, Gempur Serkam Darat, Nuraina A Samad, and of course, my dearest wife‘s own blog.

My personal run-in with Noraini goes back to the days when Puteri UMNO was headed by a pro-tem committee back in 2001 under Azalina (even before I met my crazy ex). It was a different organisation then – dynamic, forward-looking, always on the go. Several people on the Exco list I thought were good to replace Azalina when the time came – but Noraini Ahmad, who was then the Assistant Secretary for Puteri UMNO Malaysia did not even make my list. In a soldier’s world, she might just make it as a Private in the Volunteer Reserves. Don’t even talk about promotion. My civilian Junior General Helper (Pembantu Am Rendah) was more knowledgable than Noraini is. He wasn’t even a clerk. Suffice to know, when Noraini made it as the movement’s head (with a lot of backstage diplomacy), I knew the movement was heading down the drains. During a program I was involved in (in 2005), she insisted on giving a speech although it was a local do involving the local state assemblyman, she became the fourth person to give a speech, and spent more than half an hour struggling with this poem in Malay, when there were exchange students from Japan, South Korea, and some European countries.

In the end, the kampung folks left when the clock went past 10.00pm, and the main event had not even started. Not to mention her command of English was horrible, to say the least.

And what of Puteri UMNO now that Noraini’s curtains there are about to go down? It is also going down like the curtains. Puteri UMNO has been reduced from being an effective movement, into just a group of young adult women behaving like soldier ants – not much thinking required, just follow what’s written in black and white. Among the things Puteri UMNO has been limited to was described in her inaugural address delivered during the 2007 Puteri UMNO Annual General Meeting:

Malah banyak kerja bersama akar umbi sudah dilaksana dan terus dilaksana. Misalnya, kita telah menganjurkan Kursus Persiapan Jentera Pilihanraya, Kursus Pemantapan Jentera Pilihanraya, taklimat pemantapan biro penerangan, Bengkel Pemantapan Aktiviti Jom Baca!, Kursus Penulisan Siber, kursus ‘gallop poll’ dan pelbagai lagi.

(As a matter of fact, many tasks have been executed with the grassroot and will continue to be executed. For example, we have conducted Election Machinery Preparation courses, Election Machinery Enhancement courses, Information Bureau Enhancement briefings, Let’s Read! Activity Enhancement Workshops, Cyber-Writing Courses, ‘Gallop Poll’ courses and many more).

She obviously never attended any of these courses, especially the Let’s Read! one; and the only enhancement she’s done was to have a facelift (probably).

And it is Gallup, you twit! Not Gallop! You want to Gallop, go ride you own Ass!

And before they made her a Deputy Minister, they should have sent her to the same church Sarah Palin went to:

No, on second thoughts, maybe they should find a better one, and also cast out the demons of naïveté (I just love to spell it like this), stupidity, and arrogance. Otherwise, don’t let her run in 2012/13.