Revisiting Sipadan – Part Two: Mabul

I had trouble sleeping. It just felt strange not having Wifey by my side before I sleep. I think I finally slept at around 3.30am, and woke up at 5.30am, went for breakfast at 6.15am, then off to Semporna at 7am. Because the Regatta Lepa was on in Semporna, we decided to switch jetties and headed for a resort further downstream to board the boats that would be taking us to Mabul.

The van that brought us to Semporna from Tawau, and back

Upon arrival at Mabul, we checked into our homestay rooms, had lunch, then geared up for the first dive at the Water Bungalows House Reef, a bunch of artificial reefs near SMART and SWV.

The thousands of schooling Jacks that greeted us at the house reef

The only Frogfish I saw during the entire trip

Juvenile White-Eyed Moray

Towards the end of the dive, I chanced upon a bunch of Sergeant-Major Damsels (Abudefduf sexfasciatus) and immediately thought of Wifey. She hates them because they are what she would see most of the time whenever she went snorkeling. How I wished she was with me as the last dive I did prior to this one was with her in Perhentian on the 23rd March 2009.

Abudefduf sexfasciatus...Wifey's favourite hate

The second dive was at the Seaventures. This time around, the sea conditions were calmer, and I took all the time to photograph the elusive Pygmy Seahorse.

Pygmy Seahorse

Chromodoris geminus

The third dive was at Paradise 2 in search of the Mandarin Fish. The momment we descended, we saw a Flamboyant Cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi), and Bobo, Azrin and I took lots of pictures of it.

Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Hypselodoris bullockii

Mandarin Fish

After the last dive, I fell ill and was bedridden with high fever. But nothing stopped me from wanting to dive again the next day…