Gatal Cipet Dan Telor

If you remember your physics well, according to LaPlace’s Law, the surface tension of water provides the necessary wall tension for the formation of bubbles with water. The tendency to minimize that wall tension pulls the bubbles into spherical shapes. In relation to that, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of a bubble depends upon the surface tension and the radius of the bubble.

Then comes SLS, or more commonly known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It is an agent that removes oil and grease, and creates all the suds in your shampoo, shower cream thingies and stuff. Used over a long period, it will cause your skin to go haywire. SLS is known to cause allergic reactions, especially to people suffering from eczema. The other day, I had Dyshidrosis eczema breaking out along my fingers and palms. I’ve had it before on and off but this breakout’s the worst ever. I noticed for a while how dry my hands were prior to this breakout. After a few days of reading on the condition (and suffering from the itchiness), I decided to switch to non-soap cleanser whilst applying a mixture of Aqueous and Hydrocortisone cream onto the affected area. The whole episode lasted a few days. There is still this slight itch on my palms, and the dryness, still; but it is getting better.

There are other itches not caused by allergens or SLS. The kind of itch that you truly cannot scratch. Well, at least not with the fingers. This itchiness involves fidelity, or plain lustful and simple itchiness of the crotch area.

Itchy To Get Laid/Itchy To Get Married

This applies to both genders. Well, all itchiness I will be mentioning will involve both genders.

The itchy one will not care how the other person looks like, or how the other person behaves, what kind of reputation he/she has, or if his/her breath smells like someone who has soiled socks as staple diet, or if he/she shows the itchy person a huge padlock and chain before marriage; for as long as this itchy person gets laid, and can tell people he/she got laid; or if by marrying this grotesque person can make him/her at par with married peers, then that’s it. Do or die, come what may, he/she will do it. Even if it means having to undergo mental and emotional pain and torture in the future. Even if it means kissing the other person would cause one’s mouth to incubate Escherichia coli more than a sewage tank would, or would cause one to be pulled by the nose like a cow ’til his/her death do they part.

Itchy To Know If One Is Still Marketable

This is another common itchiness. Usually but not always, this type of itchiness involves fidelity/infidelity (depending on how you look at the situation). I know of three (and of course, more) married women who are have this itch. I won’t touch on men, as you can generalise that men tend to do this more often that women. Therefore, when women do it, it would look out of the norm.

Married Woman #1 married someone of her father’s choice. For the whole decade that they’ve been married, the husband’s cheated on her, and so has she. She goes on trips alone, often with other men, usually older, sleeps in the same bed etc. Last I saw, she was on this island with a younger guy, her latest conquest. I only wonder if the guy knows she’s married.

Married Woman #2 has problems with her husband. Husband has an affair at work. So she sets out marketing herself on the Net. Soon, she hooks up with this single guy who was then going out with MW#1 above. Through deception and guile, she managed to pry this guy away from MW#1, promising his that she would soon divorce the husband and marry him. After getting the husband’s consent, she pulled out of the relationship for reasons known only to her. She’s happy now with the husband, according to friends. But she’s seen with other guys, and he’s still seen with the same woman from the work place.

Itchy To Make Money

Okay, this is more common with the female gender – single or otherwise. For the married ones, this itchiness is usually combined with the one immediately above.

They would go for anyone they think would be cash cows – single or married. If they’re running short on dough, then quickly find someone to sow, rock the bed as do boats, as someone sows his wild oats. In some cases, they would even go to the extent of forcing the man/woman to divorce their spouse, so they could end up together. Sometimes, when the itchy one is a woman, she’d make the man marry her, even though he’s already married.

Simply Itchy

This is more common in men than it is women, although I have seen women do this.

This is simply wanting to go out, conquer, get laid. They don’t really care whom with, or if the itchy person or the ones they want to get laid with are married or single. As long as they can get laid. Then they’d go to friends and talk about it. Like I said, it is a conquest to them.

So, there have you, some of the types of itchiness that are there in this world. The next time I blog will probably be from somewhere in Sarawak, a trip I have tried to avoid but fail. Somewhere out there, I know some itchy swine with a flu will be lurking in the background.

Babi betul.

2 Replies to “Gatal Cipet Dan Telor”

  1. Hahahah.. tiru concept I nampak… But MW#1 and MW#2 both suck. Simply because they don’t actually know what they want in life.

  2. I was blog-hopping and glad that I read this..pretty hilarious..
    well try aqueous cream for your eczema and oilatum for bath and shampoo..that would helps..avoid soap.

    There’re people who’re plain ‘itchy’ as you’ve so well described, but there’re those who genuinely fall for someone else’s ‘property’ so to speak..due to various reasons, and thread on a dangerous ground..but I think most importantly is to reassess the situation especially if you’re already taken. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love, but I guess it’s the action that will set whether one is genuinely and truly care for the other party. I guess if you love someone, you wouldn’t wanna wreck the person’s life..especially if the other party is already committed.

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