Nazri Aziz the Boor…the Boar…the Bore…the Boer

Simply put..he is a Rude Pig
Simply put, he is one rude pig son-of-a-swine

I am perplexed by Nazri Aziz, who has boorish attitude and total absence of decorum, because he was retained in the present cabinet as a minister. It is safe to say that he is one of the jokers the rakyat would have liked to see gone…or rather not see at all, upon Najib’s taking over the helm of the government. I mean, if that is the kind of person the Prime Minister saw fit to be given a ministerial post, then I, for one, think that I should demand for a cabinet post as well. After all, profanity is my forté.

Some time last week, in a press conference, this son-of-a-swine referred to three people, namely the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, Chairman of SUHAKAM Tan Sri Abu Talib Osman, and my father, as crooks. CROOKS.


Such a big word for someone as crude and as rude as he. I hope he knows the meaning of that word too.

Or, does he?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines CROOK (KRΩK) as:

a very dishonest person, especially a criminal or a cheat:

and goes on to give an example of the word CROOK:

These politicians are just a bunch of crooks.

How apt.

Well, I hardly see things eye-to-eye with my father, but he was no, was never, and will never be – a crook. I’ll let Mokhzani, Mirzan and Mukhriz defend their own father; the same goes to Abu Talib’s children.


Equipoise is a word not listed in the Cambridge Dictionary. For the learned, it also means ‘equilibrium‘. For idiots like Nazri, I’ll use a simple word: BALANCE.

The military and the police, are two instruments of the King’s Government. Although our chiefs report to the Minister-in-charge, our loyalty is towards the King and his country. We are here to balance things between the extremes. We are not chosen by the people to represent them, like in the case of politicians, we serve the King and the country. Unlike Nazri, whose loyalty is towards his money-churning post, and possibly or probably UMNO, we see the King as our head and nothing else. Well, for the police, it was as such at least until my father retired in January 1994, after heading the force for 5 months short of 20 years – having served at the (various) King’s pleasure for 33 years. He did so selflessly, and the sacrifice was great. He belonged to the King’s government, and never to his own family; this blogger included. He was the target in numerous assassination attempts, especially by Chin Peng and his cohorts, as we were targets in kidnap attempts. I never had a normal childhood. I couldn’t go out as I pleased, and I was always happy to go to school as that was the only time I could become a normal child. My 5-year stay in the Malay College saw numerous pockets of visits by either the Officer in-charge of Police District (OCPD), the DSBO (District Special Branch Officer), or their men. I went through primary school taking only a butter and sugar sandwich each day; my father’s pay was miserable, but he put his all into making sure we all could sleep in peace.

On Nazri’s charge that my father served and defended the administration, I can say safely that he was always apolitical…and maintained that equipoise so well, that he showed no fear nor favour when executing his duties as the Inspector-General of Police. None of his children got preferential treatment, and we always paid our traffic summonses in full, without any chance for reduction in fines. Unlike Nazri’s children whose party-pictures are splattered on blogs and other internet sites.

My father was loyal to his King, and to his men, and protected the sanctity and image of the police force. And he served them well. And it is a known fact that he submitted his resignation at least thrice to the two Prime Ministers: the late Tun Hussein Onn, and Tun Dr Mahathir; but got his request rejected. And even when he was asked to stay on contract when his imminent retirement was approaching, he declined, giving others the opportunity to head the police force that he had nurtured and loved so much. On the other hand, Nazri and all other politicians, forget that they are mere servants of us. We chose them to be our representatives, but they forget that fact and behave like VIPs. As Nazri once said on prime time news when he was in charge of taxis etc:

“Saya ni menteri tau! Menteri!”

Which means jack-shit to me because menteris are just trash and nothing but slaves to the rakyat. Those who worship money put them on pedestals and stick straws into their assholes and suck up for projects.

After bringing the police force to the apex of public trust and respect, my father retired, living in his double-storey terraced house, very much unlike Nazri, whose maids ran away with RM350,000 worth of jeweleries and cash 4 months ago. He must be paid very well as a minister.

Unless, of course…


Well, since Nazri is free to say what he likes, I can say that he is a crook too. No honest minister or public servant can ever have anything like that while he is still serving the government and people. He can never maintain the equipoise because he is a crook.

And a swine at that too.

For that, I know I am not voting for the government that has Nazri Aziz as its member. His display of sheer stupidity only reflects his upbringing, as well as the stupidity of those who voted him to win the previous elections.

This time around, I really should go diving during the general elections.