Excellent Publicity

I know it’s the eve of Aidil Fitri, but I guess another post won’t hurt. Today, I shall talk about publicity.

Malaysia has been the subject of negative publicity for as long as I can remember. From the 13th May tragedy in 1969, the hostage-taking incident at the AIA Building on Jalan Ampang in KL back in 1975, the hijacking and subsequent crash of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 (Flight MH653) in 1977, Dr M’s Look-East Policy, someone’s ARSEnic and ASS-ASS-in claims, caning of a Muslim model for drinking beer in public, sweeping of Malaysian citizens in Jakarta because Discovery Channel’s screw-up (and Malaysia got the blame), and the latest, Malaysia being blamed for exporting terrorists to Indonesia.

I dunno…this latest Malaysia-bashing episode is a bit off. With due respect to my lovely Indonesian friends, first and foremost, Noordin M Top was a protégé of one fiery Indonesian cleric called Abu Bakar Bashir (or Ba’asyir), whose apprentices include the Bali bombers. The latter ran a religious school in the southern Malaysian state of Johor. To the Malaysian-bashers, please remember that Noordin provided the paraphernalia for idiots from your country so that they could blow themselves up, along with dozens of good and innocent Indonesians, as well as foreigners. If you trace the line carefully, you will see that it goes back to the teachings of another idiot who is from your country, who is giving Islam a very bad name.

Grow up and move on, neighbours!

Putting those issues aside, there is this publicity that I would very much like to highlight. It is about a 107-year old woman who wishes to wed her 23rd husband because she does not want to spend the rest of her life alone – while she is still married to her 37-year old 22nd husband who is a drug addict currently undergoing rehab. Believe it or not, I first read about it on CNN.com, but the best publicity on it comes from Dlisted.com. I had a good laugh reading this piece, and it certainly made my day.

Oh, man! Talk about Cougars!

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