I went to the neighbourhood Giant but made a stop at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). In front of me was this fat slob – and when I say FAT, it means that I’d look slim no matter where I would stand in relation to Shamu, who, in this case, is a younger woman. I couldn’t see the machine except for the part that’s taller than her.

Shamu was wearing a black rubbish sack which is an excuse for a leather (read: PVC) jacket, and a black leotard that was screaming for mercy. And there she stood in front of the ATM fiddling with her leotard, stretching the front to open, and out from the leotard (or I think it was her panty) came the ATM card. She inserted the card, then pulled up her leotard. Punched in the PIN, then waited. Then she stretched open her leotard again. Out came a Touch ‘N Go card. Out come the ATM card, which she put back into her panty. After she had reloaded the Touch ‘N Go, she retrieved the receipt. Much to my relief.

Just when I thought she was done, in goes the Touch ‘N Go card, and out comes the ATM card again! Once again she inserted the card, fiddled with her leotard, and punched in the PIN number. A few more buttons, then out came the money. She waited for the receipt again, then took the receipt.

But, was I in for another surprise!

She started counting the notes in front of the machine. Someone behind me asked her to move away from the machine. All she did in response to that was to turn and give us an ugly stare, much like a rabid pitbull would, then stuffed the money into her panty again.

“Oh, my turn finally,” I sighed silently.

Sorry, the whole process commenced agan. She inserted the ATM card again, fiddled with her leotard, punched in the numbers, out came the money, retrieved the receipt.

Then, Shamu did the unthinkable, though not entirely unexpected.


Just as I was about to be rude to her, a young boy shouted from behind,

“Oi babi! Kira la kat tepi! (Count the money at the side, pig!)”

She turned and glared at the young boy, and trotted off in anger. Then got into her Perodua Kancil that tilted to one side the moment she got inside.

Poor car. Stupid pig!

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  1. Very funny indeed!nasib juga u did not pick a fight with her! People like that best left alone…..

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