Happy 35th Birthday, Sayang

27th December 1974
The world is blessed with one child more
The podgy little girl, so cute, yet fierce
Calls her uncle names with a voice that pierces

At the age of 13 she gained another family
The usual gang at Satan Training Facility
Each became her sister and also a brother
Through thick and thin they’re always together

She was missing for a big part of my life
She’s now my beautiful and wonderful wife
I am so blessed to be loved by her
I want her with me forever

So here I am writing this rap
While she tells me to stop playing with my phone and all that crap
I love you, Wifey, hope you love this rhyme
Happy birthday to my favourite waste of time

2 Replies to “Happy 35th Birthday, Sayang”

  1. Happy belated b-day Jaz! Semoga pjg umur, murah rezeki, diberkati & dirahmati Allah selalu disamping family, amin.

    P/s: La, lebih kurang je umur kita but you’re so blessed with everything..*ada bunyi jeles ka?* Hahaha

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