OMG – Part 2

When I was 6, finishing kindergarten, my mother wanted to enroll me to a missionary school: St John’s Institution. Some relatives gasped. We had a crucifix hanging on the wall in front of us, above the blackboard. My school principal was Brother Patrick. He walked around wearing a white robe, and a crucifix hung by his waist. Some of my relatives thought I would graduate a Catholic.

There were times when I’d cross the road to go to the St John’s Cathedral to watch people pray. I went with my Christian friends. And I have been to other Catholic churches such as the SFX (St Francis Xavier’s) and the Assumption. Both are located in PJ, and the latter was attacked last night with a molotov cocktail, but was unharmed. I have been in other churches, Presbyterian, Anglican, and even the Charismatic church!

Do my visits make me a lesser Muslim? Am I a kafir (infidel) in the eyes of God, by whatever name you prefer calling Him?

On one of my Facebook status (statuses is American), I wrote the following:

the bastards who did this aren’t Muslims…for the Quran says it is one of the greatest sins to ridicule other religions, let alone do some stupid and irresponsible act as this

The following comments ensued:

Farid Hamid
A despicable act of fanatics. RasulAllah SAW always reminded Muslimin NEVER to destroy any prayer houses of Christians, Ibrani or any other religions of the Book. Doing this act then, is clearly against Islamic teachings and practice.

Sarizal Amir
One reads in the Qur’an: “Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits. God does not love transgressors.” (Qur’an 2:190)

Places of worships are to be respected even in times of war.

John F Seademon
When the Romans attacked the Muslims, Muhammad SAW told his soldiers to protect the lives of the Christians at St Catherine, Mount Sinai. He even forbade all kinds of retribution against the Christians, and for Muslim soldiers to assist in the repair and re-building of any part of the St Catherine Monastery.

1500 years of digressing and abuse of fatwas to suit the whims and fancies of caliphs have turned us into stupid, narrow-focused buffoons!

Asri Ali
Unfortunately, like it or not, such idiots exists and their existence has to be recognised (not agreed with) by those more knowledgeable. Right or wrong, legally or otherwise play no influence with these people as to them what they perceive is correct and that’s all that matters… hence all the more reason such issues need to be handled delicately, correctly and even forcefully, which unfortunately clearly has not.

John F Seademon
I wonder what goes through their feeble mind? They are the ones who probably pray 5 times a day but fail to understand the meaning of ALLAHU AKBAR (God Is Great). They’re behaving as if Allah is some wimp deity and needs all the assistance we mortals can render. Is Allah not Akbar?

Farid Hamid
These are the people who would recite doas in Arabic out loud as if Allah is deaf; who would wear strange garments and headgears to show their faith as if Allah is blind, and who would declare to all that they are doing Allah’s work as if Allah is dumb and incapable to know..

John F Seademon
When I performed my Haj back in 2001, as I circumambulate the Kaabah, I was reading my prayers in Arabic as per the Tabung Haji book. With millions of people converging at the same place, the book got knocked out of my hands, and I didn’t know what I was reading anymore. It was so fucking hard to concentrate. Then a family passed by me, no book… See More. But they were all reciting doa in Mandarin. The next round, a woman was reading in French, and was going “Mon Dieu.”

I tucked the book away and said to myself, “Fuck la. God is All-Knowing. He understands everything, including the languages of animals and plants.” So I continued to pray in Malay, and asked for what I wanted instead of what some pen-pusher with nothing better to do asked me to ask from God.

For all you know, I was asking God for a faster delivery of Dominos Pizza!

Asri Ali
these are people who basically has no second thoughts on denying the rights (hak) of others by blocking other peoples’ car at mosques, blocking entrances and roads to attend prayers, use their position to buy up low-cost flats and resell or rent them out, deny approval without solid reasons and the list goes on…
but Farid, i beg to differ … See Moreslightly on your comments on the strange garments and reciting doa out loud… these are ‘tools’ and practices some people need and do to assist them in praying although you and I may not require such. That’s completely between them and Allah I suppose.

Farid Hamid
One of my favs is National Geographic’s Journey to Mecca showing the Haj of a Texan lady, a Malaysian man and a Nigerian, and what their journey meant to each of them. Interesting to see the lady’s prayers are all in English, yet her conviction and surrender are all her heart is saying to Allah. Definitely no Domino’s pizza there..

John F Seademon
A typical Malay doa at the commencement of daily work would be “Wa amfusana wa amfusini lilfulusil rabbil hayati” (Aku ampu sana aku ampu sini demi Duit, Tuhan Hidupku)

Asri Ali
ha ha… if doa only not so bad but it’s worse actually, they ‘beriman’ with it and use it as ‘ad-deen’ (way of life)…

Farid Hamid
Hahaha.. suma cari kerja senang : mengipas..
Happy Friday to all, see u in saf..

Norzakimi Zahari
Idiotic, pure idiotic act. As a Muslim, we need to respect the Worship Place of others. Let alone to fire-bombed it. This wasn’t act of Muslim. They can’t be classified as one.

John F Seademon
Pigs probably fucked their mother…and they came out through their mother’s fat ass

Anyway, someone (a Malay guy) called me a Catholic-fucker in response to my comment on a friend’s Facebook status. Just because my nom de guerre (I’m not an author, therefore I will not use the term nom de plume to refer to myself) does not sound Malay, he was quick to label me a Catholic-fucker. The fucker’s name is Rashidi, which to me sounds very much like a Lebanese-Christian’s name!

Maybe, the Christians should use the term TUHAN instead of ALLAH. That would be simple, wouldn’t it? And Malaysia will remain the only intolerant country as usual. And the non-Muslims will concede and back down. And us Muslims will always be bullies. It is bad enough that some raghead bastards go around blow people up because ALLAH is such a silly wimp, unable to take care of His servants, that shortcuts had to be made. I wonder why Muhammad (pbuh) was such a wimp when he refused Gabriel’s assistance in destroying the town of Taif when the residents there rejected Muhammad and ejected him. Maybe it is because Muhammad was not a Malay.

So if the Catholics are to use the term TUHAN because we are not an Arabic-speaking country, then Malay men should revert to using pre-Islamic names (read: ARABIC names). So, guys, if your name is RASHIDI, please change it back to something like KULOP PENDEK or something to that effect.

I wish Malays would open up their mind more, be open. And think! Don’t be so AKAL PENDEK.

Oh, then again, AKAL is Arabic origin. Don’t be so FIKIRAN PENDEK.

Oh, that too (FIKIR), is of Arabic origin.

That shows the Malays nowadays cannot think, and have short dicks.

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  1. nice! love this post. seriously, malaysia is going backwards. melayu is getting more and more layu by the day. first its the cow head and now its the church. agong shud grow some balls and say something. now this is the real meaning of “buat malu kaum” and i really mean that. all these fucktards need to be punish.. on live TV. ok, maybe not on live TV but at least open it to public. or just the malays. whatever it is, this shit needs to be dealt with profuckinto. we dont want another 13 may to happen. what did we learnt from it anyways?

    1. Sadly, everyone seems to think that they’re the protector of Islam, and God’s defender….which I find amusing.

      What have we learnt from history? It goes back to Sting’s song: History Will Teach Us Nothing

  2. it’s basic education of Islam that we get in school. i guess these people didn’t even go to elementary school.

  3. Sod them lah, SD. Here in Sarawak, we have been using the words, Allah Ta”ala, Tuhan in our prayers since kingdom come and there never was an issue until now. All the prayer books that was used and all the sermons carried these words. I say WAS not because it’s no longer in use but more because i converted to the muslim faith by virtue of marriage so don’t go to church anymore. So sad that these low-lifes have resorted to such pathetic acts. This is what happens when religion is manipulated by low-life politicians.

  4. Hey buddy – i have passed your blog address to my reporter friend from singapore – Reuters….cas i believe your posts are worth reading!

  5. Dear SD, I too am asking your permission to share this piece with my Christian colleagues to let them know that not all Muslims are dickheads who go around bombing other people. There are such a thing as the silent majority who practice peace and tolerance.

    You said it right like how I feel deep inside but I do not have the ability to write the way you do.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Siti Hajar,

      Please do. I’m sure you can write. Just omit the profanities. 😉

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