Weathering Effects

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beer-holder”

If you fall in love because of how a woman looks, be forewarned that you will be looking at other beautiful women in 10 years time. If fall in love with a man for his richness, you will be falling in love with an even richer man soon. If you fall in love with a man for his hunkiness, better be prepared to see his beer belly in 10 years time.

Just the other day, Wifey suddenly said to me,

“I know you like me better if I look like how I did in November of 2008.”

Wifey’s been going through this low self-esteem thing since the latter part of 2009. She frequently complains of her tummy and butt getting bigger and body getting heavier. Then comes the incessant litany of wanting to go on a diet and so on.

I am not one with want for looks. None of my ex-wives are lookers. People would look the other way if they come anywhere near. My ex-girlfriends would range from jongos to nothing to shout about, with the exception of probably one person, and even then that is according to the wife. What is looks if you have problem with your BO? But looks-wise, I think Wifey’s the hottest catch ever (I’m trying to get something tonight, okay?)

Anyway, I have this thing about women who age more than they should. I have seen good-looking tudunged GILFs (Grannies I’d Like To FOTOGRAF), but in some of my writings, you can see that I constantly see younger women who look older than I – whether they wear tudung or not is another matter.

Just yesterday during breakfast at a mamak‘s with Wifey, I saw this tudunged woman with her grandson and husband, looking at Wifey. Maybe she didn’t like seeing Wifey in a skirt. Her husband must be in his 50’s but she looked well past 65, or rather, the way she looked. Then last night, Wifey showed me photos of her seniors at school, older than her by two years, but they all look like they’re older than I am. And this morning, as I waited for the lift at my office building, two women who must be in their mid to late 20s were yapping away – and both looked 40. And I’m sure they’d get pretty annoyed if their husband look at other women in their presence. Yet, they allow themselves to go down the drains.

You can be big-sized and tudunged, but it is the choice of tudung, dress and how you present yourself that make a difference in people’s perception of your age – how you speak to others, how you smile or don’t, how you smell, how you compose yourself. I think, that is what most husbands look at anyway, as physical beauty fades. If you eat plain rice everyday, you’re going to end up sick. So, maybe you might want to turn that rice into fried rice, or chicken rice, or bariyani rice – and best still is if the rice, in whatever form it may be, comes from the same pot, and not from some other pot. That’s the challenge. And don’t think of sex as a duty – watch the movie The Duchess if you want to know what I mean. Sex, is an adventure. I keep saying to my wife,

“Puki semua sama rasa dia. It’s the service that makes a difference.”

And no, prostitutes are not sluts, contrary to popular belief. I don’t think they’re willing to do more than what is necessary to achieve their objective:


And whether she has put on more weight or not, my wife is a beauty to me, and an adventure in bed. I have to admit I can never get enough of her, and better than all the experiences put together when I was in my early 20s. And her love for me is what makes her even more beautiful than when I first met her, when she was slimmer and sexier to some. That love is the inner beauty that makes her shine.

And because of that, I pulled her close to me this morning and cuddled her, falling back to sleep – and arrived at the office 2 hours late.