Happy Anniversary

A year ago I married Wifey

A year ago today, I married Wifey. With that act, a marathon run that would last a lifetime begins.

For many, marriage also means the end of courtship as we know it. Both take on the role of husband and wife, stepping into the world of maturity, severing the kiddie stuff they used to indulge in together. Their courtship that used to be filled with laughter and love letters have fallen silent, and they are both now strangers sleeping in the same bed. They no longer kiss each other good night, let alone tell how much they love each other.

So, weren’t they very much in love with each other, as evident in the letters they used to write each other? Maybe they were. Maybe courtship to them equals conquest. And once the target has been conquered, they no longer feel that need to continue doing what they used to do. And soon after, they become the typical Asian husband and wife: the master and slave relationship, where the husband assumes everything is normal, and the wife shouldn’t be asking any question. Slowly, silence becomes the norm, and life becomes routine. Gone is that spark that ignited their feelings for each other; gone is the friendship.

When that friendship ends, they sleep in the same bed – as strangers.

The above are all I try to avoid in this marriage. Which is why Wifey and I never behave like the typical husband and wife. We kid around like friends would…

…because we were friends first before we married each other, therefore as friends we remain – where life is always fun, and hopefully the spark never diminishes.


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  1. Terharu. Tersentuh. You’re echoing my thoughts on what a marriage should be. Looks like you and Jasmeen are soulmates with a bond that is the envy of everyone and anyone who looks at love as a fragile baby to cherish. Congratulations on your love story. May it stay that way forever 🙂

  2. Hey you, it was sad spending our first anniversary apart. It rained in Bali the day of our anniversary! (and I was told it hasn’t been raining for months). I’m glad I’m back home, in your arms again. And hoping to spend our next many2 more anniversaries together.

    I love you always.

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