A Bee’s Sting Is At The Ass

I went for breaking of the fast with Wifey and friends, and towards the end I felt the urge to go dump crap. I softly whispered to Wifey about the urge and that we should be going soon. However, the topic that was being discussed seemed an interesting one that required our participation as well; and we found it difficult to leave the table.

Finally, I told the wife I had to go. I got up and went to the restaurant’s spanking clean toilet and entered a booth. The first thing I noticed was the absence of a hose pipe. So I knew I had to use the toilet paper that was available in abundance. When the session was over, I used the toilet paper to wipe myself clean. When it was, I turned to look to my right and saw this thing fixed to the wall that says “SANITIZER.” So I thought to myself, “Well, why not? I’ll make sure it’s cleaner than it should be.” I quickly glanced through the diagrams as I would speed-read, skipping the ones my brain deemed unimportant, folded a few pieces of tissue paper, squirted the sanitizing liquid onto the paper and wiped myself.

Suddenly, I felt this burning and stinging sensation and I went, “Fuck! What the hell is this thing?

I looked back at the dispenser and went through the diagrams again and finally it dawned upon me what it was:


The stinging sensation went away after a few minutes. I went back to the table and told the rest about it and they had a good laugh.

Well, at least I know my ass is clean!

Toilet Seat Sanitizing Liquid Dispenser

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  1. Sorry I was too sleepy to check out your sanitized ass last night hehehehehe…

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