Another man’s meat is another man’s meat

Last night I met some divers at one of the places divers in Kuala Lumpur normally hang out. They were talking about going to Tioman next month. The return date clashes with my wife’s departure to Beijing. So last night, I discussed with the wife, and she is all excited about her Beijing trip, but said that since my return will be on the day she leaves for Beijing, then it would be okay for me to go to Tioman for the dive.

Haha! Tioman, here I come!

Look who’s talking!

Kerk Wants Gerakan To Cut Down On Negative Politics

Wahlao! Just two days ago him and the President of his party were calling each other names.

Let’s face it. Politics is just the same as direct-selling or multilevel marketing. If you are good at selling, people will buy your ideas. There’s no point in pointing fingers and trying to tell people that the other person is no good. If what they say are true, then the people have chosen the wrong people during the last general election.



Don’t Kill Shark, Say Victim’s Parents

Although a big percentage of our body is water, we’re still land creatures that have the ability to venture into other worlds. The victim ventured into an area where the shark was, and probably still is, and like walking in the wild, you are a potential bite victim.

For the parents to not want the shark to be hunted an kill, is the right thing to do. We are always killing animals senselessly, destroying their habitat…we now know there are two compassionate human beings.

I salute them.

Perhentian Islands

The first time I dived Perhentian was in March 2005. Having heard of it from others so many times, it didn’t disappoint me, that I went back there again in July 2005. The divesites I’ve done there are D’Lagoon, Sharks Point, Vietnamese Wreck, Seabell Rock, Tokong Laut, Secret Reef, Terumbu Tiga, Tanjung Basi, Batu Nisan and Sugar Wreck.

I just hope to go back there soon. It’s a lot more peaceful than being in the office.

“Catch 22” In Melaka Straits Over War Risk Rating

22 years ago when I went to England as a student, most of my coursemates could not place Malaysia on the world map. Heck, they couldn’t even DRAW the bloody world map. To them, Thailand borders with Vietnam, Singapore is a British colony (IS, not WAS), and Penang is a country by itself.

Shipowners are now blowing their top over Lloyd’s Joint War Committee’s designation of the Malacca Strait as a frigging war zone. The rating given equals that of Iraq’s. No bloody wonder the Asians were already building cities of biblical proportions when the Anglo-Saxons were still running around naked, living in caves, eating raw meat, and clubbing women’s head as a mating ritual.

Should we trust the Brits? My answer is: Remember Gallipoli.

Another wreck diving incident

Hope fades for missing UK wreck diver

Here’s another one. This guy apparently lost buoyancy after surfacing from a wreck dive on Sunday 21st August 2005, at the Kyarra in Dorset, England, and has gone missing since. On 4th August 2005, a female diver failed to resurface from the same wreck.

Waters there are colder than the ones you find in this part of the world. If you are not aware of the dangers involved, you are f***ed. Visibility’s normally worse than the ones in this region.

Why take pleasure in censorship?

The buckle is tied for a white-knuckled ride…

It really irked me having to quarrel with a stupid yet arrogant imbecile last night. Best yet, he lied to himself and actually believed in it. Who was he trying to kid? I was at the end of my elementary school when he was still swimming in his father’s balls!!

And today, again, I had to face stupid drivers…old bags and old farts who drive at 80km/h in the fast lane, refusing to move to the center lane to allow for faster traffic. Just as you think you’ve overtaken her/him much later, a lorry driver decides to do a Ferrari on a F1 circuit by overtaking in the fast lane… 60km/h. Castrate these people!!

I really am in battle mode now…waiting for someone to piss me off.

What a plonker…

Got this from Finsonline: Tenggol Incident

What the hell was this guy trying to do? Become another statistic? A diver should know his/her limits. Never dive when you are taking medication that causes drowsiness, never dive when you’re under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and never dive if you are not up to it!

He’s lucky to be alive. Maybe he should drink to that.

Stupid plonk!