I love you, Malaysia

Hmm…hate to bring your celebration spirits down. Malaysia will only be 42 years old next month. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the 48th anniversary of the independence of Malaya.

I’ll spend this day thinking of my friends, my squadmates, who are still patrolling the skies: Gabriel Buja Joel (my squadmate, ex-air force helicopter pilot, rescuer of British SAS at Mt Kinabalu, Hornbill Skyways pilot who died in a crash in Sarawak last year), Lt Hamir Fizar (my squadmate, died in PC-7 crash during a Light Attack Squadron exercise in the east coast in 1990), LtM Thulasiram a/l Subramaniam (my squadmate, very good friend of mine, died in the first fatal PC-7 crash in September 1989), Mohd Jamil Abdul Aziz (my squadmate, ex-air force transport pilot, passed away early this year while in employment with Air Asia), Sjn Ali Ahmad a.k.a Ali Boon (he helped me a lot in my preparation for the North Pole expedition, died in 2000, trying to help his student in distress while freefalling at Terendak/Sg Udang camp), Mej Kamarul (my former instructor who died in an Augusta helicopter crash on 31st December 1993), Mej Kamaruddin (my neighbour at the Officers Quarters in Alor Setar..I rescued him in a plane crash in 1994..he died in another plane crash with his student in 1995), and Mej Tan Boon Eap (cool guy, good pilot, devout Buddhist…died of lung cancer in 1996).

Of course we shouldn’t also forget the 6,000 over policemen, military personnel and civilians murdered by the communists during the first emergency (1948-1960)…and those murdered by them after that right up till 1989.

We shouldn’t also forget the unsung heroes of the Malaysian Security Forces..the ones who died in Somalia, Bosnia Herzegovina; and former members of the Home Guards and the Special Constabulary.

Remember, being free now does not mean being free forever. Always remember history, learn its lessons, and be prepared.

SELAMAT MENGHAYATI ERTI KEMERDEKAAN (Happy digesting the meaning of Independence).

One diver less

Scuba diver dies off Rhode Island coast – CDNN report.

This guy was THE guy in scuba-diving. 60 years of age, he taught safe scuba techniques. He was diving at the wreck of the submarine U-853, some 37 meters underwater. He was with friends who were filming the wreck.

Seriously, at 37 meters, if he was doing a normal air dive, he would have had 11 minutes at that depth for a non-deco dive. I’m pretty sure he was on Nitrox to enable him to stay below longer.

Could it have been exertion? Or some cardiac problem?

Now I cannot stop

Now that I’ve started, I cannot stop. Before you, any self-claimed Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews or whatever have you, want to commit murder against other human beings, please see these pics first and think:

Dead kids
Imagine when they were babies, how their parents used to cuddle them, and how their smiles always make people happy.

Dead teenager
This teenager would have been the only breadwinner for the family.

More dead children
A heartbroken father pining for his children.

Have had enough?

Now replace those dead children’s faces with that of your children..and the wailing father with that of yours, you stupid ignorant asshole.

I hope you have the capacity to think!

Islam 2, Mad Mullahs 10,999,998


There are a lot more people who would speak up against extremism practiced and terrorism conducted by those who claim they are Muslims (sorry to those assholes who support these two groups: Islam professes moderation and IS a peaceful religion), and are doing it in their own ways and at their own time. I hope my non-Muslim friends can understand the article I had written in the Utusan Malaysia column.

Of Fucking Mad Mullahs

Mad Mullah Robertson

Maobi has been challenging Malaysian Muslims to speak out that their own Mad Mullahs are wrong.

For Maobi’s knowledge, I have challenged the stand taken by the Malaysian Ulama Association (PUM) on this matter in Utusan Malaysia’s FORUM column, dated 12th December 2001 PUM Patut Atasi Kekeliruan.

An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. No one person has the right to take away another person’s life except in certain dire circumstances: when you are protecting your family or property from aggression, when your country is being invaded, to save another life, etc. etc.

In Islam, the Conduct of War clearly states that: you are not to kill old people, women or children; You are not to commit suicide in the name of war, except if you are being mown down (shot down) while in the act of defence; You are not to kill unarmed people; You are not to desecrate places of worship…and several others. You cannot even lay a finger on your prisoners. If you have taken prisoners, they must eat better food than you, and you are not to hold them anymore longer than necessary. If you are riding a horse, then you should dismount and let your prisoner travel on the horse. These are examples of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during his lifetime.

I do not condone extremism, and I do not condone the misrepresentation of Islam by these cow-shit-for-brains who use Islam as a cover to hide their own impotence.

After the London bombings on July 7th, 2005, my father wrote an article in The Star on the same thing.

If they want to die by committing suicide, go ahead. Go stand on a rail track near Angkasapuri or something.

Here at Alamanda

Here I am at the Starbucks Coffee at Alamanda, Putrajaya, just after a meeting at the Ministry. And this is the first time I am using my TMNet Hotspot account (the other being Airzed which I use a lot).

If anyone watched NatGeo last night, I think it was called Primal Fear or something, about these two guys who swam with the Great White Sharks, that was interesting. It shows how such a “beast” can interact well with human beings.

Let it be known that about 100 million sharks end up at the bottom of the sea without fins, to die of drowning, because some people want to make US$240 million a year. Great Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Great Whites, are among the sharks already on the endangered species list.

Without them, the marine environmental equilibrium will be greatly affected…and when they’re gone, we won’t have any fish left.


Malaysian Scuba Diving Association

Now this is one association that is supposed to be representing Malaysian divers, but is doing exactly the opposite. Well, I may be lying there, actually. Sorry, guys. But the real fact is IT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL!

It hasn’t said anything about the Tioman Marina Project (which is now destroying one of Tioman’s good dive sites), it hasn’t issued any statement to correct the UK press about the action taken by the local authorities against a local boatman that caused the death of a British open water student in Sabah. The only thing it has done was to organise a dive expo some years back. Yet it claims to be doing a lot with the Tourism Ministry and “other government agencies.” Which ones? It also claims to be THE AUTHORITY in setting standards for dive operators, instructors and DMs. What on earth for? If the instructors are not up to standard, complain to the respective IDC. I have seen an instructor who does shortcuts while teaching open water students..and he is one of the MSDA committee members. If this is the kind of standard MSDA wants to impose unto others, then they’d better forget it.

If you are just a limp cock new diver, you can’t join the association. You can only join if you are a resort owner, a dive shop operator, a scuba instructor or divemaster etc etc. But I see many instructors and divemasters who are not members of this association, nor do they know of its existence. The MSDA claims to have had an AGM last May. What was the outcome? Do we limp dick new divers know anything?

Is this an association only for the scuba diving “master race”? Is it still alive? And who does it really represent?

Which Shark???

‘Kill shark’ says Australia scuba diving industry association director

Look, ma! I got teeth!

Now this guy wants the authorities to hunt down this shark and kill it. Western Australian waters are teeming with sharks. Great whites, Bronze Whalers, Spinners…all of which are known to have attacked divers. Any shark that is 1.8m in length or longer have the potential to attack human beings. So? Your neighbour’s dog has killed more human beings in a year than all the sharks put together.

Okay, the culprit may be a Great White (Carcharodon carcharias), because it is the only known predator shark large enough to take on a diver. But which one? There may be tens of Great Whites off the coast of Western Australia. Are they asking the authorities to kill every single Great White until the right one is found? Grow up, guys! The number one rule of swimming or diving is, never enter water where attacks are known to have taken place. Especially if there are large predatory sharks around. Just because you are a diver, and you want to feel safe in the domain of the marine life, you kill marine life. You might as well nuke the ocean and go diving!

For the call to be made by the divers’ association head….is so totally un-on.

I just hope the Malaysian Scuba Diving Association isn’t like that. Oh, coming to MSDA, the office in Sri Hartamas is never open. Hmm…maybe I should write another thread on that.


This is sooooo boring. Some people are away over on the east coast doing long weekend dives. And I am stuck here in the Klang Valley breathing lead….and Indonesian firewood. 12 days to hit the water.