Another wreck diving incident

Hope fades for missing UK wreck diver

Here’s another one. This guy apparently lost buoyancy after surfacing from a wreck dive on Sunday 21st August 2005, at the Kyarra in Dorset, England, and has gone missing since. On 4th August 2005, a female diver failed to resurface from the same wreck.

Waters there are colder than the ones you find in this part of the world. If you are not aware of the dangers involved, you are f***ed. Visibility’s normally worse than the ones in this region.

Why take pleasure in censorship?

The buckle is tied for a white-knuckled ride…

It really irked me having to quarrel with a stupid yet arrogant imbecile last night. Best yet, he lied to himself and actually believed in it. Who was he trying to kid? I was at the end of my elementary school when he was still swimming in his father’s balls!!

And today, again, I had to face stupid drivers…old bags and old farts who drive at 80km/h in the fast lane, refusing to move to the center lane to allow for faster traffic. Just as you think you’ve overtaken her/him much later, a lorry driver decides to do a Ferrari on a F1 circuit by overtaking in the fast lane… 60km/h. Castrate these people!!

I really am in battle mode now…waiting for someone to piss me off.

What a plonker…

Got this from Finsonline: Tenggol Incident

What the hell was this guy trying to do? Become another statistic? A diver should know his/her limits. Never dive when you are taking medication that causes drowsiness, never dive when you’re under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and never dive if you are not up to it!

He’s lucky to be alive. Maybe he should drink to that.

Stupid plonk!

A very slow day indeed…

About five minutes ago, my colleague, Muaazam, asked me if I would like to have early lunch with him. I said it’s only 11.40am..but if he insists, then we’d go down and come back at 2.00pm. How productive. I’ve been yawning non-stop…my mind working overtime thinking of certain strategies for the company (yeah, right!).

I hope I can get away from going with the Ministry’s Sec Gen to Langkawi on 10th and 11th September. Why?? I wanna go to Tioman for some diving. I feel trapped on dry land, slowly turning into one of Darwin’s apes. I need to breathe compressed air underwater.

October, just before fasting month begins, I hope to dive the Repulse. For you non-history buffs, or for those whom have forgotten history, Repulse was a British battlecruiser that, along with the battleship Prince of Wales, were sunk by Japanese bombers in December of 1941. The Repulse now lies on its portside, 57 meters underwater, 47-48 nautical miles northeast of Tioman.

I’m gonna have to carry twin tanks for this dive.

Don’t stop me!

She’s vegetarian except when it comes to sex..

..and I’m strictly ad lib except when I consult the text.

Now that I have your attention, let me just tell you what a wonderful day it has been so far. I spent one and a quarter bloody hour trying to get to work today. I am so jacked up I cannot even begin to think about starting work. Either it’s time I get a bicycle, or it is time I hit the water again.

Talking about water, I went searching for more equipment yesterday…yes, dive equipment. I even bought the wheel to complement my Recreational Dive Table. A friend SMSed me asking why do I need a “wheel” since I already have a Personal Dive Computer, which I can use to plan my multilevel dives. I don’t know. I believe in traditional old school methods, and I normally use my PDC just to monitor my desaturation time, no-fly time, my tissue loading etc etc, since I love diving deep, and almost always busting my no-decompression dive period. Old habits die hard, I suppose. I used to be reckless skydiving, now I’m reckless scuba diving. Calculated, that is.

Today, an acquaintance at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission mailed some photos taken during the James Bond-themed farewell dinner for the 11th ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ Council Meeting held at the Grand Plaza Park Royal in Batu Ferringhi, Penang last Thursday evening. Since I have some of my own taken that night, I shall post them in the Gallery section. So sorry for the “red eyes.” Forgot to cancel that out using the camera’s features.

Deep dive and out of air

Hmm…was this guy on a single tank or what? Did he check his pressure gauge on his way down? Did he use the one-third ruling when planning for that dive?

Anyway, this is my first posting on this blog…it wasn’t meant to be a blog but my stoopid web admin blocked all FTPs out that I can only blog from a cafe or a friend’s office. But, I don’t have to use FTP anyway. Hahah.

I’m narc’ed. I must be. Been breathing uncompressed air too long.