Here I am…

I feel so tired…mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally because I had to do so much thinking depsite the fact that I was in Tioman. Emotionally because in Tioman it was like a rollercoaster with no ending. Physically because I drove there and back, and did dives to the extreme.

Overall, it was a good trip…that I’ll be going back there again.

Shall post pics in the gallery tomorrow.

Diving Headaches..

When you sit down and your mind starts wondering whether you should go diving or not, you are bound to get calls and e-mails asking if you would like to go diving.

I might be diving in Tioman come day after tomorrow. Yesterday, out of the blue, a friend asked me if I would like to go to Tioman with him. Then this morning another friend asked me if I would like to go with him to Tioman this weekend.

Then you get into the office and start writing about wreck diving (since I plan to go to the Repulse early next month). Then my phone rang and gave me a very interesting deal…that is go on a LOB with him, get nitrox ceritification (TDI), as well as speciality ratings for deep and wreck dives. For RM1,000 less than what others are offering.

Just when you thought it’s all over, I get several more calls for Redang, Tenggol, Dayang, Tioman, Sipadan and…one LOB going to the Seven Skies wreck out in the international waters of the South China Sea.

I wish I can have legal tender photocopied notes to spend…and clone myself to go to all these dive sites.

Freedom-My-Ass Fighters Part Deux

I would like to thank my friends Mocha, MikhQail and Kimi for writing their comments in the earlier part of this series.

Today the Pan Islamic Party (as it is registered to be), or PIMP (well, PAS doesn’t mean anything..Parti Islam SeMalaysia is actually PISS) have also chipped in to say that the people we learnt who fought for the independence of Malaysia like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lok and Tun V Sambanthan, weren’t the real fighters. I do not dispute the fact that there were others who fought hand in hand with those mentioned above, but I am very pissed that even Chin Peng was mentioned. Chin Peng was fighting for the communist hegemony.

By the way, PIMP is a party born out of frustration when its leader failed in his bid to outseat Dato’ Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO, as its President. So never listen to supposedly-religious ragheads who are frustrated and cannot accept God’s decision that they are unfit to rule the country.

And yes, those who were mentioned in the text books were members of the British Administration, or leaders of the community. It was rightfully so that the Brits preferred to discuss with them rather than with atheist communists (where PKMM and API leaders joined subsequently), or mentally-impaired ragheads, or the narrow-minded likes of Ronnie Liu and his compatriots. As a result of this proper discussions, with the proper people, the Federation of Malaysia, as it is now, is a peaceful and prosperous country, that the likes of Ronnie Liu and Hadi Awang can use luxury cars and have potbellies.

Tourists Shun Phuket

Tsunami Devastation

Paradise lost: Tourists shun Phuket, international arrivals down 67 percentParadise lost: Tourists shun Phuket, international arrivals down 67 percent

When the asian Tsunami struck this region, the press was quick to write about the devastation it caused to the nations involved. And I find it very silly that even Malaysians, shun waters. I cannot comprehend the reason given for the lack of local visitors to places like Port Dickson and, yes, the Perhentian Islands: Tsunami.

Silly is just too nice a word to be used here.

Now that places like Phuket and Langkawi are recovering, and that several international events have taken place in these places, namely yachting regattas, it seems as if the press, which couped millions of dollars in profits because of the disaster, have forgotten to return to these places to write positively about how these places are back in the ring for another fight. Apart from dive and certain travel magazines, I have yet to see any positive articles being written in the mainstream media. Even the electronic media hasn’t done its part in covering the recovery of these places.

Shame, that you made milions out of the dead, and you’re not giving back to the living.

Those victims died in vain.