My good friend

My good friend went diving last weekend. My good friend was also physically challenged by the dives. I’m sure my good friend enjoyed the dives. And I thank my good friend for being there when I needed someone to make me feel good.

Here I am…

I feel so tired…mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally because I had to do so much thinking depsite the fact that I was in Tioman. Emotionally because in Tioman it was like a rollercoaster with no ending. Physically because I drove there and back, and did dives to the extreme.

Overall, it was a good trip…that I’ll be going back there again.

Shall post pics in the gallery tomorrow.

Diving Headaches..

When you sit down and your mind starts wondering whether you should go diving or not, you are bound to get calls and e-mails asking if you would like to go diving.

I might be diving in Tioman come day after tomorrow. Yesterday, out of the blue, a friend asked me if I would like to go to Tioman with him. Then this morning another friend asked me if I would like to go with him to Tioman this weekend.

Then you get into the office and start writing about wreck diving (since I plan to go to the Repulse early next month). Then my phone rang and gave me a very interesting deal…that is go on a LOB with him, get nitrox ceritification (TDI), as well as speciality ratings for deep and wreck dives. For RM1,000 less than what others are offering.

Just when you thought it’s all over, I get several more calls for Redang, Tenggol, Dayang, Tioman, Sipadan and…one LOB going to the Seven Skies wreck out in the international waters of the South China Sea.

I wish I can have legal tender photocopied notes to spend…and clone myself to go to all these dive sites.