Freedom-My-Ass Fighters Part Deux

I would like to thank my friends Mocha, MikhQail and Kimi for writing their comments in the earlier part of this series.

Today the Pan Islamic Party (as it is registered to be), or PIMP (well, PAS doesn’t mean anything..Parti Islam SeMalaysia is actually PISS) have also chipped in to say that the people we learnt who fought for the independence of Malaysia like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lok and Tun V Sambanthan, weren’t the real fighters. I do not dispute the fact that there were others who fought hand in hand with those mentioned above, but I am very pissed that even Chin Peng was mentioned. Chin Peng was fighting for the communist hegemony.

By the way, PIMP is a party born out of frustration when its leader failed in his bid to outseat Dato’ Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO, as its President. So never listen to supposedly-religious ragheads who are frustrated and cannot accept God’s decision that they are unfit to rule the country.

And yes, those who were mentioned in the text books were members of the British Administration, or leaders of the community. It was rightfully so that the Brits preferred to discuss with them rather than with atheist communists (where PKMM and API leaders joined subsequently), or mentally-impaired ragheads, or the narrow-minded likes of Ronnie Liu and his compatriots. As a result of this proper discussions, with the proper people, the Federation of Malaysia, as it is now, is a peaceful and prosperous country, that the likes of Ronnie Liu and Hadi Awang can use luxury cars and have potbellies.

Tourists Shun Phuket

Tsunami Devastation

Paradise lost: Tourists shun Phuket, international arrivals down 67 percentParadise lost: Tourists shun Phuket, international arrivals down 67 percent

When the asian Tsunami struck this region, the press was quick to write about the devastation it caused to the nations involved. And I find it very silly that even Malaysians, shun waters. I cannot comprehend the reason given for the lack of local visitors to places like Port Dickson and, yes, the Perhentian Islands: Tsunami.

Silly is just too nice a word to be used here.

Now that places like Phuket and Langkawi are recovering, and that several international events have taken place in these places, namely yachting regattas, it seems as if the press, which couped millions of dollars in profits because of the disaster, have forgotten to return to these places to write positively about how these places are back in the ring for another fight. Apart from dive and certain travel magazines, I have yet to see any positive articles being written in the mainstream media. Even the electronic media hasn’t done its part in covering the recovery of these places.

Shame, that you made milions out of the dead, and you’re not giving back to the living.

Those victims died in vain.

Speciality Dive

Since I’ll be in Tioman this weekend, I would prefer to do a speciality dive…perhaps the Multilevel Diver speciality…rather than diving without purpose. I know I’ll be doing some underwater photography as usual, just to keep myself occupied, but it is time to move on. I must further my qualifications.

I’ve been spending almost every free time of my free nights revising my wheel Recreational Dive Planner, and have been reading more about nitrogen narcosis (from where this site got its name) to plan for my normal air dive to 57 meters, which really is, the depth limit for any normal air dive. Anything deeper than 30 meters is not really safe, and divers are more exposed to nitrogen narcosis at this depth. Recreational diving sets its limit at 40 meters (which is the depth US Navy sets for normal air dives), and 42 meters in case of emergency. Any deeper would be dangerous, anything deeper than 57 meters is..crazy.

Since I have been doing lots of multilevel diving, I guess I may as well make it one of the speciality ratings I’ll be going for.

Ronnie Liu’s Freedom Fighters Visit Bukit Kepong Police Station

23rd February 1950 (Ronnie Liu, please read)

Bukit Kepong’s police station (BKPS) was manned by 15 regular and Marine policemen. At the time of the tragedy, this force was complimented by three Special Constables and four local Auxilliary Policemen. A force of 22 all told. There were also thirteen police wives and children lodged in the married quarters at the rear of the station. In the darkness, the 200 strong 4th Independent Coy of the MRLA under the joint-command of Muhammad Indra aka Mat Indra from Muar, and Commissar Goh Peng Tun, began its move towards the BKPS compound.

0400hrs – the communist terrorists or CT (read that properly, Ronnie Liu), completed their encirclement of the BKPS. They were assisted by their wives and children in carrying and deploying sandbags.

0430hrs – Special Constable (SC) Jaafar challenges and fires on a CT who was seen to fall and a bugle was sounded signaling the commencement of attack. As the BKPS was surrounded and attacked from all angles, Auxilliary Policeman (AP) Osman is killed in action (KIA) while SC Jaafar is wounded. The wives and children began assisting the men in defending their compound.

0450hrs – the initial CT assault is beaten back but at the loss of Sgt Jamil who had been manning one of the Brens. Cpl Mohd Yassim and L/Cpl Jidim bin Omar (later fatally WIA) assumed command. Casualties were mounting on both sides, including that of the wives and children of the policemen. Four of the wives and five children made it out of the compound.

0500hrs – APs and small group of citizen volunteers under Penghulu Ali bin Mustaffa mustered and headed towards BKPS. This party was ambushed by the rear guards of the CTs. At this point, the twon Bren guns were knocked out.

0530hrs – the CTs attempted a second breach but were driven back by interlocking fire from the married quarters. At this point, it was the wives who were manning the guns. Mat Indra grew restless at this lack of progress and ordered a bayonet charge at 0600hrs.

0600hrs – visibility is now better. Another breach was attempted but again driven back. Frantic calls over the loudhailers calling for the defenders were made but they refused to surrender.

0700hrs – the CTs entered the rear of the compound and managed to capture a wife, Miriam Ibrahim, the wife of Constable Mohamad Jaafar. The CTs asked Miriam to appeal to the defenders to surrender but she refused. At about this time, another wife, Fatimah Yaaba and her son Hassan are also taken. She was also asked to appeal to the men but refused and was executed immediately. Her husband, Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud, elected to fight to the death with the CTs who were approaching his patrol boat. He was shot inthe chest and arm. The CTs torched the boat and married quarters, with a wife, Saadiah and her daughter Simah still alive inside, refusing to come out. They threw Fatimah’s body into the flames as well.

0800hrs – the station fully ablaze, the CTs launched a grenade-pincer attack, and succeeded. Then picking off male and female survivors with rifle shots, some with clothes ablaze, they captured Hassan, the young son of Fatimah and Abu Bakar, who was seen manning the Bren gun. The brave lad was thrown into the fire alive, along with the bodies of the dead and wounded defenders, including that of Sgt Jamil.

0930hrs – Mat Indra claims objective taken, 5 hours after launching the initial assault.

So goes the story of the visit of the Bukit Kepong Police Station by Ronnie Liu’s heroes.

Let it be known to Malaysians..

Any Malaysian reading this, digest this properly before listening to cocktalk by the likes of Ronnie Liu.

During the First Emergency of Malaya (1948-60), the people Ronnie Liu labeled as “freedom-my-ass fighters” did the following to the people they had wanted to liberate:

1. They killed 1,346 Malayan troops (police, para-military and military)and 519 British military personnel.

2. They killed 2,478 civilians while 810 have not been accounted for.

The “freedom-my-ass fighters” lost 6,710 murderers, 1,287 murderers captured, while 2,702 had a bit of brains and could think, and surrendered to government forces.

Freedom fighters my ass. Maybe while you are at it, Ronnie Liu, why don’t you stick a straw up my ass and suck it?

What is wrong with Ronnie Liu?

The Real Fighters of Merdeka by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew.

I don’t know if Ronnie Liu knows his history well. As far as I can recall, all those names silly Ronnie mentioned were mentioned in the history books I had read. While most of the UMNO leaders were British civil servants, at that time they were the only ones the Brits would talk to. UMNO, at the time of the congress, was not a party yet, but a coalition of hundreds of malay parties fighting for the cause of independence. This is as far as Ronnie’s statements are true. The rest are just pure bull. Tell me…which malay person would the Brits have spoken to? The sultans? Never…this group was the first they had wanted to get rid of. And the Malayan Ministers of the time that had never spend a day in prison, are the only ones the Brits saw, who could administer a new nation level-headedly. Why should they leave a new nation in the hands of anarchists and hot-headed bastards? And where was DAP then? Busy trying to create a sub-nation out of Singapore.

Leaders of API then joined the Partai Komunis Malaya (PKM) because there were no other alternatives for them to continue the struggle. Therefore the only one that they can join is the PKM. They were supposed to have struggled for communal goods, but instead were fighting the people they wanted to fight for. And what better way to gain independence by joining up associations and communities into one large association representing the people of Malaya…namely then UMNO, MCA and MIC.

Those who joined the PKM to fight for independence should have given up their fight as of 1st September 1957, but they did not. They continued to murder innocent independent Malayans…chinese, malays and indians. Why did they not give up their fight?

I hope to invite Ronnie Liu to a do I’m planning for veterans of the armed services. I want to hear him say that those PKM bastards who blew up the legs of soldiers, bayoneted husbands, threw little children into burning police stations, and of course, on at least five different occasions tried to assasinate my father (not mentioning the assasination of my father’s predescessor and friends), were the real fighters of Kemerdekaan.

And Rahim Noor was not the IGP then, you shithead. He was the Director of Special Branch.

Ronnie, you are just a piece of shit.