Bat Journalism

“As blind as a bat.”

That is how I would describe most journalists today. They never understand not a scintilla of what they write but they write them anyway. Corrections can be made later no matter if the damage has been done and is irreversible.

The latest intentional or unintentional faux pas is about the PLUS highway concession, quoting Deputy Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Sirlin in her answer to a supplemental question from Datuk Ahmad Fauzi Zahari (BN – Setiawangsa). One portal reported:

The report above is as if the decision for a toll hike every whatever the number of years set in the agreement. What the portals have not mentioned is that it is up to the government to allow any toll hike after all concerns have been weighed. 

Of course you have opportunistic baboons such as Tony Puaka to further add to the confusion:

The actual answer by the Deputy Minister is as follows:

1.​Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (PLUS) telah mula dibina pada tahun 1989 dan siap pada tahun 1994 dengan kos sebanyak RM5.9 bilion. Kos projek ini ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh syarikat konsesi PLUS, kecuali kos pengambilan tanah yang ditanggung oleh Kerajaan. Berdasarkan perjanjian konsesi tambahan terkini (2011), tempoh konsesi Lebuhraya PLUS akan tamat pada 31 Disember 2038. Setakat ini Kerajaan tidak ada perancangan untuk melanjutkan lagi tempoh konsesi tersebut.


2.​Dalam tahun 2011, PLUS telah melaksanakan pengstruktaran semula dimana PLUS terpaksa membuat pinjaman sejumlah RM30.6 billion melalui penerbitan bon. Bayaran balik faedah pinjaman telah mula pada tahun 2012 manakala bayaran pokok hanya akan bermula pada tahun 2017 sehingga 2038.


3.​Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, syarikat PLUS merupakan pemegang konsesi bagi 6 lebuh raya iaitu:


• Lebuhraya Utara Selatan

• Lebuhraya Lingkaran Tengah ELITE

• Lebuhraya LINKEDUA

• Jambatan Pulau Pinang

• Lebuhraya Butterworth Kulim

• Lebuhraya Seremban Port Dickson


4.​Melalui penstrukturan semula pada tahun 2011, hasil keuntungan terkumpul pemegang konsesi Lebuhraya PLUS sehingga 2014 adalah RM26 juta. Secara puratanya, 50% daripada hasil keuntungan adalah digunakan untuk membayar balik faedah pinjaman. Syarikat PLUS telah membuat pinjaman melalui penerbitan bon berjumlah RM30.6 bilion. Pinjaman ini dibuat pada tahun 2011 semasa penstrukuturan PLUS Berhad.


5.​20-25% digunakan untuk membiayai kos operasi dan penyenggaraan, ini termasuk lebih kurang 25% jajaran yang tidak dikenakan tol.


6.​15-20% adalah untuk kerja-kerja upgrading, termasuk pembinaan persimpangan bertingkat Sungai Buaya, Bukit Gambir, Kuala Kangsar, Ainsdale dan kerja-kerja naiktaraf Lorong Keempat Lebuhraya Utara Selatan.


7.​Baki 10% adalah untuk bayaran balik kepada pemegang saham yang terdiri daripada KWSP (49%) dan Khazanah (51%).


8.​Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat juga, perjanjian konsesi PLUS telah mengalami penstrukutran semula kadar tol sebanyak 4 kali iaitu pada tahun 1999, 2002, 2005 dan 2011 di mana kadar tolnya telah mengalami beberapa perubahan daripada penggunaan Consumer Price Index (CPI), 26% setiap 5 tahun pada tahun 1999 dan kepada 10% setiap 3 tahun pada tahun 2005 dan akhir sekali pada tahun 2011 di mana kenaikan kadar tol diselaraskan kepada 5% setiap 3 tahun.


9.​Kadar tol PLUS tidak dinaikkan sejak tahun 2005. Dalam penstrukturan semula kadar tol tahun 2011, tiada kenaikan tol sehingga 2015. Manifesto PRU 13 BN menetapkan pengurangan kadar tol secara berperingkat lebuh raya Antara Bandar. Sehubungan dengan itu, Kerajaan akan berunding dengan syarikat konsesi bagi memenuhi akujanji manifesto tersebut.


10.​Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat juga, jajaran Lebuhraya Utara Selatan bermula dari Bukit Kayu Hitam hingga ke Johor adalah sepanjang 848km. Lain-lain lebuhraya ELITE (63km), BKE (17km), SPDH (23km), JPP (13.5km).


11.​Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, jumlah keuntungan selepas cukai PLUS Berhad bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2014 ialah sebanyak RM8.4 juta, iaitu mengambikira PLUS Berhad sebagai entiti korporat tunggal yang mengendalikan 5 lebuhraya selepas pengstrukturan semula PLUS mulai bulan November 2011

PLUS operates six highways with a total distance of 964.5km. PLUS has not had a toll increase since 2005. As a result of a restructuring exercise in 2011, PLUS has had to raise RM30.6 billion through bonds issuance. 50 percent of its profit since then has gone to the payment of loan interest while 20 to 25 percent has been allocated for the operations and maintenance of the highways, 15 to 20 percent to upgrading works, while the balance of 10 percent has gone to the payments to the shareholders i.e KWSP and Khazanah.

The above profit was at RM26 million (2014).

What we must also remember, because the toll concession agreements are all legacies of a certain former Prime Minister, the original agreement allowed for a hike of 10 percent every three years. The current Prime Minister initiated for the takeover and has had the agreement renegotiated in 2011 to a hike of 5 percent every three years. However, there has been no hike since 2005.

And if I understand the statement correctly there will not be any automatic hike and that the government is committed in reducing intercity toll rates until 2018.

Blind dingbats who call themselves journalists should act more responsibly when reporting. Sensationalism sells, but that only goes to prove that you are just another opportunistic baboon like Tony Puaka.

The Pakartun’s Poltroon

I cannot really make out what Tony Pua really is. What, not who. Either he is showing one of the early signs of dementia, or he truly is a retard.

Mr Puaka, as he is fondly referred to with a hint of sarcasm on social media, mentioned to the press that the DAP should contest in all the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat seats held by former partner, PAS. That has brought about negative responses from PAS office-holders who still cling to the past and forgetting that DAP has welcomed PAS splinter-group PAN, as its partner in the recently announced Pakatan Harapan that has replaced the Pakatan Rakyat (except in Selangor).

The only reason for the Pakatan Rakyat to still exist in Selangor is because the Menteri Besar, Azmin Ali, knows if PAS is excluded then he would have to face the possibility of being ousted from office by the real holders of Selangor political power – the DAP. That is why I used the term Pakartun to describe the loose political cooperative.

Of course Mr Puaka talks big only when he is in Selangor, or when protected by immunity in Parliament.

Puaka has been using his privilege as a member of the Public Accounts Committee to hit out at 1MDB’s Arul Kanda. He dared Arul Kanda to an open forum or debate bit received no response from the latter. Now that Arul has turned around and accepted the debate challenge without terms and conditions, Mr Puaka has seemed to chicken out, giving all sorts of excuses not to debate, including saying:

“It should be a question-and-answer session and not a debate because I am asking the questions. There’s nothing for him (Arul) to ask me.”

He said the above to Pakartun’s unofficial media, Malaysiakini.


Like I said, I don’t know what to make out of Mr Puaka. He surely suffers from short-term memory loss. It was he who dared Arul Kanda to an open debate, but now wants to protect himself from being scrutinised by the latter. Lest we forget:

  He is a bright spark from the DAP. Therefore he can’t be suffering from dementia. But it sure proves that he is nothing but a yellow-bellied, milksop! 

N.B: for some reason I can hyperlink the NST story on Puaka and PAS but cannot hyperlink Malaysiakini’s story. So you can copy the URL here and paste into your browser’s address bar.

Truth Prevails

For almost a year now Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike have been fed with the story that both Prime Minister Najib Razak and 1MDB have been doing a mega con job that puts Malaysia at peril.

Exorbitant figures were given and accusations kept flying around that have caused a deficit in trust among Malaysians and eroded the confidence of foreign investors. These figures as well as the goalpost (if there was any) keeps changing every time there is a rebuttal by both Najib and the 1MDB.

Notwithstanding the explanations given Mahathir kept up his attacks on Najib by sending his paid lieutenants to lodge police reports all over the world, colluded with the opposition, created a false perception that Najib would be a wanted man if he travelled overseas, while Mahathir himself met up with Tony Pua of the DAP at the Fullerton and also Sarawak Report’s Claire Rewcastle Brown to open up new battle fronts against Najib.

Even the New York Times, an associate of Syed Mokhtar’s Malaysian Reserve, ran an article in Bahasa Malaysia connecting Jho Low to Najib’s stepson and eventually, Voila! Najib himself! The millions of Malay Americans in the US must have benefitted from that article!

Three days ago the Attorney-General has cleared the 1MDB from any wrongdoing. Although the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has twice recommended for officers of the 1MDB to be charged based on the Exchange Control Act, 1953 which really is about online form-filling and is subjective to BNM’s interpretation of whether the information given is complete or not. In BNM’s words, the charge was that the approvals obtained for the 2013 fund transfers were based on inaccurate or without complete disclosure of material information relevant to BNM’s assessment  of 1MDB’s application.

There was no mention of malicious fraud in the declarations at all; neither was there any mention if missing billions nor of money being laundered.

BNM never made any recommendation based on either the Anti Money Laundering Act,2001, or the Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorism Financing Act, 2014 which can only mean one thing – after investigating the transactions made by the 1MDB, there is no basis found for it to be charged under either Act.

This goes to show that Mr Botox, Mr Multi-Religious Hunger Striker who are Mahathir’s paid lieutenants, his well-paid bloggers, the Bruno Manser Fund (Sarawak Report) have all been malicious in trying to destroy the reputation of one man even at the expense of ruining this country by undermining its finances and economy. This tantamounts to terrorism –  acts of persons acting on behalf of, or in connection with, any organisation or individuals which carries out activities directed towards the overthrowing or influencing, by force or violence, of the Yang DiPertuan Agong’s government or any other government de jure or de facto.

Now that his lieutenants have been arrested Mahathir paints the “pariah nation” image onto Malaysia, saying that there is no freedom of speech here despite having said so many malicious things for the longest time.

Lest we forget it was Mahathir himself who, during his 22-year rule by fear, jailed hundreds wrhout trial, orchestrated the removal of two deputy prime ministers, fired a deputy prime minister, fired four ministers, shut down newspapers such as The Star, Watan and the Sin Chew Jit Poh for speaking against him.

And what did the Chief Pariah say last night about his next step against Najib and the 1MDB in spite of all the “all clear” given?

Anything goes for him as long as Najib goes – even if Malaysia goes as well. Even without hard evidence.

Kekasih Gelap Ku

Sometime in March or April this year I was told, Mahathir stayed at the Fullerton in Singapore and met up with Tony Pua. What was discussed during the meeting is not known but we can all see the timeline of how attacks on the Prime Minister and the 1MDB intensified around that time too. Whether this meeting is directly related to the attacks or not is not known.

The elderly “statesman” was also said to have bought a watch from the hotel’s gift shop and gave it to the younger man.

Anwar Ibrahim must be grinning with a raised eyebrow.

Selling Malaysia For RM6,000 Only

Thai police: Justo met with Msian opposition leader, media tycoon 16 JULY 2015 @ 4:46 PM BY ADRIAN

BANGKOK: Thai police today confirmed that Swiss citizen Xavier Andre Justo met with a very important person from a Malaysian opposition party before selling classified information belonging to Saudi oil company PetroSaudi International. Royal Thai Police Commissioner of Officer of Information and Communication Technology Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri told the New Straits Times here that Justo, a former PetroSaudi director, admitted to meeting the opposition leader at a hotel in Singapore. He however declined to name the individual. Under Thai law, a person cannot be named prior to a warrant of arrest. “He (Justo) met a very important person from a certain country, in Singapore. He then negotiated the selling price of the documents and later sold them to the buyer.” Prawut later disclosed that the individual was from an opposition party in Malaysia. He also said Justo admitted that he met with a media tycoon at the same location in Singapore. He declined to name the media tycoon. “We have confiscated Justo’s personal computer and we have managed to find documents and information pertaining to their meeting at a hotel in Singapore. “Most of these information was found from Justo’s email correspondence and WhatsApp chat records.” He said immigration and hotel records gathered by Thai police corroborated Justo’s account of the meeting. He said Justo had also admitted to blackmailing his former employer, PetroSaudi International, and will be charged under Thai law for extortion and blackmail. Prawut however said Justo denied having tampered with documents that were eventually sold to a certain news outlet in Europe. “He didn’t make any changes to the documents and sent the original documents (to the buyer) as digital copies.” When asked if he had sold the documents to London-based whistleblower website Sarawak report, Prawut declined to elaborate. “Everyone knows which news organisation I am talking about,” he said. Justo has been under Thai police custody since his arrest late last month after he allegedly stole thousands of emails and documents from Petro Saudio, and tried to blackmail his former employer. He moved to Thailand after he was terminated from the company. Thai police are investigating how, after leaving the company, Justo issued a series of blackmail demands for 2.5 million Swiss francs (approximately RM9.9 million). PetroSaudi did not meet Justo’s demand. Then in February this year, doctored and tampered versions of the emails suddenly started to appear on Sarawak Report, sparking a political row implicating 1Malaysa Development Bhd (1MDB) and Malaysian leaders.

Selanjutnya di :
The above is the report filed by the New Straits Times on the Justo-1MDB saga that has all but paralysed the Najib administration. That report coupled with Lester Melanyi’s confession as reported by Rocky Bru shows how pathetic some people could get just so they could satisfy their sick agenda.

I was also alarmed by the following tweet by a journalist:

He tweeted that in response to a police report that was filed and made public that revealed how much a person was paid just to write slanderous stuff to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister:

Clare Rewcastle Brown is never a name you could trust as evident in this blog post by Winifred Poh. With a negative track record that is surpassed only by Paul Joseph Goebbels’s, Brown’s Sarawak Report has only produced nothing short of pure cow dung for lack of a better description. Yet, Mahathir chose to believe her and continued to use her to fulfill his thirst for rule-by-proxy. Apparently 34 years of being in power isn’t enough for him.

Najib’s administration isn’t without fault. The deafening silence at the point whence this whole saga began helped fed the negative perception the public now has and is reluctant to let go of. Damaging would be an understatement. It is understandable that not much could be said about the deals the 1MDB is or was involved in considering the Financial Services Act as well as the various Non-Disclosure Agreements it is party to, but some formof communication to the public would have helped allay some fears regarding the issue.

To make matters worse, some Cabinet members even publicly declared their ignorance of the issue – a lame effort to try distance themselves from Najib should the latter fall. What is more disgusting is the act by some of the younger members of UMNO who were said to have helped make viral of some videos online and even discussed on what steps were to be taken to help speed up Najib’s downfall. This is the quality of the loyalty of people we now have, not just in UMNO, but in Malaysian politics in general. Values have been traded off for the power to fill up their pockets.

There has also been “power breakfasts” and “power lunches” organised by people close to Mahathir that invited bloggers and key UMNO office holders to entice them to call for Najib’s resignation. I have seen Facebook photos of “friends” attending these events. The revelation made by the Deputy UMNO Petaling Jaya Utara Chief, Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad, on TV not too long ago on being invited to such events reinforced the fact that these events are or were real. Whatever happened to democracy within UMNO? Why resort to such tactics? These events must be investigated further by the police and the MACC in case of bribes bejng given for such support, and also for undermining the government and wanting to remove a government through undemocratic means. This include the politicians mentioned in the above police report. Tony Pua has got no excuse to further remain as part of the PAC.

The authorities should also investigate the various bloggers and socmed practitioners who helped amplified and conjure more false “facts” that had helped paint a bleak picture of Malaysia, of Najib’s administration so much so that Malaysia’s economy has been affected. Imagine foreign government officials asking our diplomats  if it was safe for potential investors to invest in Malaysia – and all these for just RM6,000 a month? Id I am allowed to coin a term for such people I would call them “economic terrorists” and not just saboteurs. I implore to the authorities to haul in these people and charge them the maximum for their despicable acts.

I hope the Thai authorities will also issue arrest warrants to the ten individuals they have discovered in the article above.

As I have said before, let the audit and investigation teams do their work without any pressure or influence from any party. Members of the special task force whom had leaked investigation information must be expelled from the service. The rakyat should not be made to pay the wages of thise who cannot keep the trust put to them.

As for members of the general public, the interim report issued by the Auditor-General has shown that 1MDB had not digressed from guidelines and other legal requirements. In mmy opinion, this is a good enough reason for us all to move on until the final report comes out later in the year to comment on the governance of the 1MDB deals.

The whole of Ramadhan was tarnished by the lies put forth by unscrupulous people. Let us use this Syawal to reflect upon our deeds that have caused all of us Malaysians to suffer – and all for just RM6,000 a month which is a bigger value for some than the price of the nation.

Monkey’s Bazaar

Khalid Ibrahim today was granted an audience with HRH The Sultan of Selangor to discuss the current impasse related to the Menteri Besar issue. After the meeting, the Office of The Sultan of Selangor issued this release:


In the statement, HRH The Sultan of Selangor decreed that each of the party in the loose coalition called Pakatan Rakyat should submit MORE THAN TWO NAMES as candidates for the Menteri Besar post. In the meantime, Khalid Ibrahim shall continue to enjoy the confidence of HRH The Sultan of Selangor to continue head HRH’s government as the Menteri Besar.

Hours later, Parti Keadilan Rakyat and the Democratic Action Party issued a joint statement as follows:



KEADILAN dan DAP merafak sembah menjunjung kasih dan rasa syukur dengan titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor mengenai pelantikan Dato’ Menteri Besar yang baru seperti kenyataan rasmi Pejabat DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor yang ditandatangani Dato’ Mohamad Munir bin Bani hari ini.

Titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor itu adalah sejajar dengan konvensi (convention) yang telah diamalkan secara berterusan dalam pelantikan Dato’ Menteri Besar sebelum ini.

DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor turut menitahkan parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat mencalonkan lebih dari satu nama dalam melantik Dato’ Menteri Besar dalam tahun 2013. Titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor itu disampaikan kepada KEADILAN, PAS dan DAP melalui satu surat bertarikh 7 Mei 2013 (yang disertakan bersama) yang melambangkan konvensi yang diamalkan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor sebelum ini.

Susulan itu, mengambil kira titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor dan konvensi yang diamalkan sebelum ini dalam pelantikan Dato’ Menteri Besar, parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat telah mencalonkan satu nama iaitu Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim untuk dipertimbangkan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor dalam tahun 2013. Pencalonan ini diperkenankan dan diterimapakai oleh DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor.

Oleh yang demikian, KEADILAN dan DAP menjunjung titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor itu dan akan mempersembahkan pencalonan YB Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail untuk dipertimbangkan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor sejajar dengan konvensi yang diamalkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat dalam tahun 2013 memandangkan YB Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail sudah mendapat sokongan majoriti sekurang-kurangnya 30 orang Ahli Dewan Negeri (termasuk YB Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail sendiri).

KEADILAN dan DAP merakamkan doa dan menjunjung kasih atas budi bicara ke bawah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor.

Setiausaha Agong KEADILAN

Setiausaha Publisiti DAP

26 Ogos 2014

I am beginning to wonder if any of the monkeys above understand Bahasa Malaysia? I can forgive Tony Pua as I doubt his want for a Malaysian Malaysia includes the abolishment of vernacular schools. What of Saifuddin Nasution? Perhaps this monkey would like to use the Prefix “71” in his identity card number as an excuse to not have a god command of Bahasa Malaysia.

Well, if they claim to be human beings, then I would categorise them as “derhaka” and should be banished from the state of Selangor.

By the way, please note the sidelining of PAS from this communiqué.

This truly is becoming a Monkey’s Bazaar!

A Reminder To Myself: ABCD

While DAP has been crying UBAH everywhere it goes, nothing about the party has changed much. In my opinion, it calls itself multiracial to cover its true intentions and true colour – yellow. I would now be deemed racist by DAP supporters as this had come from a Malay; but this would have been absolutely alright and should be accepted by the modern liberal society of Malaysia had this been made by a DAP Chinese towards UMNO.

Back in 2008, DAP Supremo and de facto leader, Lim Kit Siang, told Ipoh Timur voters that the 12th General Elections would be his last. Little did they know it would be the last they heard of him. Now, he has (yet again) jumped ship to contest in Gelang Patah, a parliamentary constituency that has 54 percent Chinese voters. And what is his agenda?


Removing the Malay from Malaysia. His Malaysian Malaysia slogan, carried on from his PAP days, now sees support from the younger Malay voters (35 years of age and below) and this I blame on both the education system and the refusal of the soon-to-be-former Minister of Information. The latter is for his refusal to allow the general screening of the movie Tanda Putera that is about the dangers of extremism, fanning of racial hatred, and the efforts put into nation-building post 13th May of 1969. I blame the education system for its eagerness in instilling too much spirit of nationalism that even those who fought for the subjugation of Malaya by Jakarta are now being worshipped by the lay Malays. Wrong heroes were created out of people such as Burhanuddin Helmy, Ibrahim Yaacob, Mat Indera, Samsiah Fakeh et al. We no longer understand the spirit and mood of our history because we simplified and narrowed our scope down to nationalism.

Lim Kit Siang and his cohorts know this, the lack of understanding of the history of the nation by the youngsters (even UMNO people failed to explain because they no longer possess institutional memory) allows him to exploit the growing liberalism, especially amongst the Malays (and Chinese) who do not have the memory of life before the existence of the mobile phones. Which is why Johor, the bastion of Malay politics, is now his main target.

Many Malays don’t understand that a vote for either PKR or PAS, if they don’t support DAP, translates into a vote for DAP. And a vote for DAP translates into the removal of the Malay and Bumiputra rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution. No big deal? Think Malaysia, it means this would affect the Bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak as well.

A vote for DAP would mean the replacement of the protection of Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, to simply an official religion of Malaysia. Why do you think DAP has been playing the Allah in the Al-Kitab issue, then allow UMNO and PAS to quarrel over it?

Let me ask you, especially if you are a Muslim, what do you make of the pictures below?


The above is of Selangor ADUN, Xavier Jayakumar giving a talk (ceramah) in a mosque. No big deal, right? Let us see the picture below of Teo Nie Ching, also in a mosque or surau, not covering her hair:


Perhaps this too, is not a big deal for you as she is a non-Muslim and therefore is not required to cover her hair. Of course whether the hair is part of ‘aurat is still being debated as the idea has not attained an ijma’. But let me see if the verse below from the Quran would change your views about allowing non-Muslim politicians to make use of mosques and other Muslim places of worship:


The DAP assembly persons made full use of their subordinates in PAS and PKR to dismantle the unity of the Malays, who form the backbone of Islam in Malaysia. Do you think they will not attack the institution of the Raja-Raja Melayu once they come into power? Think of Day One after GE12 back in 2008. How many DAP state assemblymen throughout Malaysia were reprimanded by the Rajas?


If you think DAP needs the consent of the Agong to change the Constitution regarding the position of the Raja-Raja Melayu, the Malays and Bumiputras, and the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, you are wrong:

Any bill tabled in the Parliament will go through three processes in the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House): hearing, deliberating/debating, voting. Once all processes have been successfully completed, the bill goes to the Dewan Negara (Senate House) where it goes through the same processes. Once done, it goes to the Agong, who has 30 days to reject the bill or give it a royal assent. If the bill is rejected, it goes back to the A-G’s Chambers again for amendments to the bill, then goes through the same processes as above. The Agong then has another 30-days to give the royal assent, else the bill passes into law.

Some say the military would not sit quietly to this. Maybe not, but what do you think the reaction would be both locally and internationally to a military that reacts against a united DAP supporters’ front that has become a legitimate government?

My worry is echoed too by Aeshah Adlina in her blog.

Remember, in May of 2012, DAP Supremo Karpal Singh has made attempts to define the spirit of the Constitution in wanting non-Malays to be allowed to become the Prime Minister. This was not his first attempt at doing so, he first challenged the late Sultan of Selangor in 1987.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that Tun Dr Mahathir is right in his 11th April 2013 article on Lim Kit Siang and the DAP. The Tun is also right when he said, “Melayu Mudah Lupa (the Malays forget easily)“. Those who were born after 1957 hardly have any recollection of what was shouted to the Malays, or what kind of “victory parades” took place after the 3rd General Elections in 1969.


Other possible outcomes if DAP continues to win in Penang would also be as a result of the gentrification of Penang: the removal of the Malays and Indians from Penang island, and under the United Nation’s principle of self-determination, take Penang island out of the Federation of Malaysia, and either become independent, or join Singapore. There is nothing new about having two parts of a country separated by another sovereign country. Ask the Sarawakians about Limbang and you will know what I mean.

The other possibility if DAP controls the government, is the reunification of Singapore and Malaysia. Who takes the lead is anybody’s guess. Does this seem far-fetched? In February 2013, DAP announced that it was eyeing 150 Parliamentary and State seats. In the previous Parliament, the Pakatan Rakyat held 82 Parliamentary seats, 28 of which were held by DAP. The PAP in Singapore holds 80 Parliamentary seats. That makes 162 seats out of a total of 312 seats. That’s about 52 percent of the total seats. DAP is fighting hard to get Malaysia to commit towards meritocracy, and it comes as no surprise as this was the prerequisite set by Lee Kuan Yew as reported by the Manila Standard on Thursday, 26th September 1996.


The DAP has never changed its stripes even if it now mews instead of roars. It is the same DAP as it was after 1965. While every other main BN party has seen a change in leadership since 1969, DAP is still controlled by a dinosaur that does anything in its power to remain in power, even if it means abandoning its voters from a previous constituency. Tell me now who is power crazy, and who should be changed?


Like I said at the beginning of this posting, if this was written by a DAP supporter of UMNO, it would be accepted by liberals. But I am just a Malay and DAP Chinese will deem this posting racist. I don’t care. I do not want the Malays to be sidelined and become the minority again as it once was between 1930 and 1970. Therefore I will not vote any party whose win will benefit the DAP, I will vote the MCA candidate, or any other Chinese for that matter, who will be contesting where I live because the MCA respects the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

Anyone But Chinese DAP!