My Little Wing

Little Angel

Received a comment from Pummkin about the song “Little Wing.” Now I know that The Corrs sing that song too. Actually the person who sang it first was Jimi Hendrix back in the late 60s, Sting sang it in one of his albums back in the late 80s (I like this version better).

Coming back to Little Wing, my Little Wing is a real person. My Little Wing is consistent in making me happy while I go on my emotional rollercoaster of sorts. Receiving SMS from my Little Wing makes me happy, well, happier than whatever I would be feeling at that time, and that is what my Little Wing is good at.

So, my Little Wing, as promised, the lyrics again. It suits you:

Well, she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind
That’s running wild
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
And fairy tales

That’s all she ever thinks about…

Riding with the wind

When I’m sad she comes to me
With a thousand smiles
She gives to me free

It’s alright, she says,
It’s alright
Take anything you want from me,

Fly on, little wing

What Do You Mean “Like A Man”? She IS A MAN!

Holy fuck!!

From The Star:

Wednesday September 28, 2005

Transvestite fights off snatch thieves like a real man

IPOH: Four snatch thieves picked the wrong victim when they tried to grab the handbag of a transvestite, who yelled so loudly that nearby policemen heard the scream and eventually nabbed three of them.

“The victim put up a fierce fight and shouted for help. This drew the attention of two policemen on crime prevention rounds in the area,” said Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Che Sab Hanafiah.

The policemen then sought help from the nearby Pekan Baru police station and the police headquarters.

“Nine policemen in three cars chased the perpetrators to D.R. Seenivasagam Park, about 4km from the scene of the incident, where three of the suspects were arrested,” he said, adding that the fourth man escaped on foot.

During the chase, police fired two warning shots into the air, he said.

ACP Che Sab said the four men were in a Proton Aeroback when they tried to snatch the bag of the 23-year-old transvestite in Jalan Hussein on Monday evening.

The three suspects have been remanded for investigations.


Of MPs and APs (Part Deux)

I sent this letter to the Editor, The Star.

From: Capt (Rtd) Abdul Rahmat Omar bin Tun Mohd Haniff
Fucked Up Management Company Sdn Bhd
Different Level, Jalan SS Panzer Division,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: public phone


Date: 28th September 2005

To: The Editor
The Star
Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd

Dear Editor,

I refer to your reports “Rafidah Still Getting A Roasting” (The Star, Wednesday, 28th September 2005), and, “MPs From Both Sides Given APs” (The Star, Wednesday, 21st September 2005).

Everyday, without fail, we see the same issue being played, over and over again by the MPs, and Rafidah’s silence and refusal to face the Dewan is not helping the matter either. Especially when the MPs are now wanting blood-spilt over the MPs APs list issued by her Ministry. As the latter report states, the AP is a one-time benefit which the MPs are entitles to throughout their term as wakils rakyat. Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir added further that the APs issued to MPs are meant for vehicles that cannot be found in the Malaysian market.

However, looking at the list of MPs who received APs as in the latter report, I would say that the MPs themselves are making a mockery of their own war-cry. We see MPs on both sides of the fence, in mitigation, explained that they used their one-time AP to bring in cars such as the Toyota Harrier, Honda City, and a sad, sad example: re-conditioned Mercedes Benz.

Whatever happened to “lead by example”? Whatever happened to “Buy Malaysia First”? Here they are talking about protecting the Malaysian-bred Automobile Industry when they themselves are still bounded by “foreign-is-best” attitude, be it brand new or, sickeningly, re-conditioned. As the malays would say in jest, “Janji Mercedes Benz!” (As long as it is a Mercedes Benz).

It is time for the government to rethink this APs for MPs policy. Replace this absurd perk with “special discounts” for MPs when purchasing National cars instead.

I proudly drive my 13-year old Proton Saga to work. They should learn to be proud of the National car before they continue talking about protecting the Malaysian-bred Automobile Industry.

Petaling Jaya

If Divers Are Wet and Dive Deep…

Giant Squids Do It Deeper!!

One year's supply of calamari rings!!!

Recently 5 Giant Squids (Architeuthis), one of them 12 meters long, were washed ashore on the beaches of the Bay of Biscay.

Two of the males were found to have been accidentaly inseminated.

Crikey! I thought it was just me and the wife, and millions other human beings who get inseminated accidentally.

Read on on the link up there.

Tioman 1982

Taken on my second dive (or was it third)?

Anyway, it was during the 2nd school term holidays (nowadays they go by semesters) in July 1982, and I went to Tioman island for the very first time on board the Marine Police patrol boat PZ4 (Kapal Polis DiRaja Lang Kuik), which has now been passed to the new Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. The journey was from the naval base at Tanjung Gelang straight to Tekek. The CO, DSP Michael Lee, asked me if I could swim, and being a school swimmer, I said yes. So he said once we arrive in Tioman he’d take me scuba diving. So there I was, I donned this stoopid looking mask, J-valve tank on a backpack (nobody’s heard of a BCD then), and a pair of “two for RM10” fins and did my first dive at Renggis. That was the first time I scuba-dived, saw my first swimming turtle, my first black-tip reef shark. No RDP, nothing. Not even an air gauge. All I had was this crude looking depth gauge (in Imperial unit). I ran out of air at 70 feet..literally. That was how I knew I no longer had any air. So I removed my backpack, and yanked on this yoke for spare air, and immediately surfaced to the waiting assault boat.

Safety stop? What da fock is that? This was 1982, remember?

Come to think of it, it was my third dive when this photo was taken. I did a solo dive earlier that morning. Haha, yes, solo.

I was 16 years old..I was invincible. What was there to be scared of?

Officially B.U.M

A good friend of mine, Nazri (a.k.a MDC’s MikhQail) is now officially a B.U.M.

Yes, he’s given up his job.

What a brave move…seems a bit bravado..but nevertheless, he’s done it. I wish I could do the same, too.

But what I like most is his status today on his Yahoo! Messenger, that says, “I’m free as a bird…I’m officially a BUM.”

Yeah, bro! But birds don’t have to buy seeds to eat.