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He dressed up not as James Bond as he looks like Scaramanga

He dressed up not as James Bond as he looks like Scaramanga

When he wore his tuxedo to his James Bond themed birthday ball, YABhg U-Turn Mahathir did not turn up as Bond himself, but rather as one of the antagonists in the James Bond movie, Francisco Scaramanga. While Scaramanga used a golden gun to kill others, Mr Scare-a-monger here uses a golden pen.

In his reply to HRH Sultan of Johor Scare-a-monger pointed out that the bulk of purchasers of the Forest City properties are the mainland Chinese and that would cause that part of Johor to have “an inordinate percentage of foreign people.”

When Scare-a-monger launched the ‘Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)’ programme in 2002, an inordinate percentage of foreign people did come to Malaysia to purchase properties.  Some even opened up companies to help facilitate their countrymen to own properties in Malaysia like Mr Ishihara Shotaro who is now a Malaysian permanent resident after being in Malaysia since 1992 and owns quite a number of properties around Malaysia.  Ishihara says that the dropped in the Ringgit is like a twenty percent discount for the Japanese on all properties in Malaysia.

As a matter of fact in October 2015 Nomura reported that Malaysian properties remain in Japanese firms’ sight.  And this was before the drop in the Ringgit.

So, when mainland Chinese property buyers come over to take advantage of Scare-a-monger’s MM2H programme, why is he crying foul?

It would also be a matter of time for Mr Ishihara Shotaro to be able to become a Malaysian citizen if he wishes to do so – thank you to Scare-a-monger’s MM2H programme.

Scare-a-monger also forgot to mention that when he wanted the Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) built, foreign companies built it – namely Hazama Corporation from Japan for Tower One and Samsung Engineering and Construction for Tower Two.  In fact although Ekovest led the construction for the KLIA, foreign companies became the consultants.

Scare-a-monger also went on to say that when foreigners take a loan to buy properties here, they take loans from local banks.  Therefore, there is no capital inflow from abroad.  Is he saying that foreigners can take up loans without having to have an account opened at local banks but locals do?

And if a bank account is required, do these foreigners go to Bank Negara to wait for newly-minted notes to be given to them for free so they could open up bank accounts here to get a loan? So where do they get money from to open bank accounts if not by bringing in from abroad?

And when he says a foreigner can buy property in China and get one flat or house free in Malaysia, no profit will be made in Malaysia, therefore no taxes will be paid to the Malaysian Government, can he tell me how is it possible for the Chinese developer in China to give free house in Malaysia for the buyer in China without first purchasing the house in Malaysia?  If these houses can be given for free to foreigners, why not give away some of these houses to Malaysians?

Scare-a-monger is getting old. Time is nearly up for him and he fears that when he dies, there would not be enough bank notes to cover his grave when others are contented to have earth fill up theirs.

So all he does is shoot off his golden gun and see what gets hit.

The only thing is he has so far been firing blanks just to scare people.


There is only one thing that has more U-Turns than the Jitra-Bukit Kayu Hitam stretch of the North-South Highway.

It is called YABhg U-Turn Mahathir.

He has made so many u-turns on so many of his previous stands that if he was walking instead of talking it would seem like he is suffering from Alzheimer’s but only with the memory intact.

The latest about turn was on BR1M where he said the Opposition would continue to disburse BR1M if it comes to power when just days before he said that BR1M is a form of bribery and is Haram.

Reeling after being caught with his langoti down the seemingly old but mulish Republican of Indian-descent trained his sight on Johor, lambasting HRH The Sultan of Johor for the sale of Forest City properties to investors from China specifically.

The Sultan struck back running the old Republican into the ground.

If you watch ‘The Roadrunner Show’ Wile E Coyote would always get up, brush himself, and continue executing his dastardly plans. Only that in this case it is more damaging than cute.

Mahathir got up and returned salvo even challenging for him to be arrested for lèse majesté.

It was expected of Mahathir who habitually treats the Royal institution as an equal much like Chin Peng who regarded himself an equal to a Prime Minister when addressing former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi only as Home Minister or Minister.

A letter from Chin Peng to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Anyway the spat between HRH and HUT (Habitual U-Turn) is not what I was interested in.
I am more interested in Mahathir’s claim that his 22-year dictatorship never once saw blood being spilt.

Another example of Mahathir’s Alzheimer’s while having his memory intact

I still remember watching the BBC on TV in Mecca during the Haj season featuring on racial clashes in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya in March 2001 that went on for days that resulted in the death of six people with scores injured.

Was that not during Mahathir’s administration? Or was that during Tun Razak’s watch?

And what about the near-tragedy between Malays and Chinese in 1987 that ended with Ops Lalang being executed? Who was the Prime Minister who had allowed the situation to spiral almost out of control? Tun Hussein Onn?

Even as late as 2013 before they became bosom pals, Lim Kit Siang was still labeling Mahathir a racist.

So YABhg U-Turn Mahathir s/o Mohamad, you were wrong when you coined the phrase ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa‘ as this Melayu has never forgotten the 22 years you ruled this country with an iron fist, dividing and conquering and then leaving the cohesiveness of the people of this nation in tatters.

As a result the openness introduced by your successor allowed the minorities marginalised during your reign of terror to now question or attack anything that is Malay, Islam or even linked to the Rulers Institution.

The only person who seems to have forgotten your wrongdoings is you yourself.

Go learn from the Malay adage “Memaku dulang paku yang serpih.”

Alas, you are not Malay to understand what that means.

Saya suka bila tokoh-tokoh pembangkang bersuara atau membuat janji-janji yang mereka ketahui tidak akan ditepati.

Sebagai contoh di atas, Ketua Menteri yang telah didakwa sebagai korup di dalam mahkamah berjanji bukan sahaja untuk menghapuskan GST yang telah banyak membantu negara semasa kemurungan ekonomi global malah menghapuskan kutipan tol Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan serta Jambatan Pulau Pinang Pertama.

Penghapusan kutipan tol tersebut akan menelan belanja sekitar RM30 bilion wang pembayar cukai untuk membayar pemegang konsesi lebuhraya tersebut.

Perjanjian konsesi lebuhraya-lebuhraya di Malaysia dibuat semasa di bawah pentadbiran Pemerintah Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, U-Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Ini juga bermakna wang para pembayar cukai di negeri Sarawak yang bakal menerima sebuah lebuhraya bebas tol akan turut digunakan untuk membuat pembayaran tersebut.

Saya agak teruja ingin mengetahui apa perasaan rakyat terutamanya para pembayar cukai negeri Sarawak mengenai janji yang dibuat oleh Lim Guan Eng itu.

My father after receiving his Doctorate of Law honoris causa from his alma mater the University of Buckingham in March 2012

He was born 78 years ago and named after the man whom had helped made the marriage between my grandparents possible.

Although he was the apple of his father’s eye, he was brought up to be independent as quickly as possible – a method you and I would later understand as you continue to read this story.

At seven, his father said to him “Haniff! Tomorrow you go to the school and enrol yourself. If anyone asks, just tell them you are Omar’s son!”

Alone my father went; and because others had their parents with them, no one saw Haniff. As the school was about to be closed for the day, the teacher saw him sitting alone and asked, “Who are you and why are you here?”

“I am Omar’s son,” he replied.

“Good God!” the teacher exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

One day, his father said, “Haniff, a week from now you will not have any backbone.” My father didn’t know what that meant.

His father worked at the district office and was the Billiards Champion. A week later he was going to defend his title.

Earlier that night, the family had dinner together. After dinner, his father walked down the stairs to his bicycle, ready to leave for the Billiards Club.

My father went after his father and wished, Good luck, Dad!”

My grandfather looked up, smiled and replied, “Thank you, son. Where I’ll go I will need all the luck.”

His father suffered a heart attack defending his title. Exactly a week after the prophetic message he told my father.

When my 13-year old father heard the news he ran barefooted to look for his father first at the hospital, then at the Billiards Club. He saw his father being laid down on the bench with onlookers encircling.

The last time he held his father’s hand when his father was alive was inside the ambulance when a hand dropped and my father lifted it back up.

My father never left the side of his father’s body inside the mortuary, and slept very little for fear that someone would take the body away while he was asleep, and for fear that he might miss the opportunity to be with his father for the last time.

As a result he became insomniac, sleeping three hours a day at most, till now. His insomnia allowed him to read and read.

From that point onwards he was the man of the house, and had to be independent.

And that led him to be who he is today.

Happy 78th birthday, Ayah. I can never top the greatest way a son could ever love his father the way you love yours but I love you with all my heart nevertheless.

Thank you for being the greatest father this son could ever have.


Juara Pembohong Bersiri, Rafizi Ramli pada hari Ahad telah memulakan siri pembohongannya kepada warga FELDA di Sungkai.  Di dalam majlis tersebut Rafizi berkata kepada lebih kurang 300 orang yang hadir pada malam tersebut bahawa hutang FELDA kian bertambah dan kerajaan akan menggunakan wang peneroka untuk melangsaikan hutang tersebut.

Saya masih menunggu laporan polis mengenai FELDA yang dijanjikan oleh Rafizi Ramli.  Dua Khamis berlalu sudah namun salinan laporan polis pun masih belum kelihatan. Masakan sesuatu yang begitu penting bagi kesejahteraan warga peneroka FELDA khususnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya boleh dilupakan Rafizi?  Bagaimana jika saya katakan bahawa Rafizi langsung tidak mempunyai niat untuk membantu warga FELDA dan apa yang diwar-warkan oleh beliau hanya pembohongan semata-mata?

Jangan kita lupa, pada tahun 2016 sahaja beliau telah empat kali didapati bersalah di mahkamah dan pernah juga disabitkan dengan kesalahan memfitnah sebelum-sebelum ini:


Pembohongan Rafizi mengenai FELDA hanyalah bersandarkan laporan kewangan FELDA bagi tahun-tahun 2013 dan 2014.  Beliau mencanangkan bahawa pada tahun 2013 FELDA telah kerugian sebanyak RM1.9 bilion manakala pada tahun 2014 pula kerugian yang dialami FELDA adalah sebanyak RM1 bilion.

Sudah tentu warga FELDA akan melompat.  Ini menunjukkan betapa teruknya pengurusan FELDA hingga mengalami kerugian sepanjang masa.  Namun, adakah itu gambaran sebenarnya?

Ini adalah sebab Rafizi hanya bercerita mengenai 2013 dan 2014.


Apa yang Rafizi tidak cerita ialah pada tahun 2011 FELDA telah membuat sedikit keuntungan iaitu sebanyak RM174.15 juta tetapi telah membuat keuntungan sebanyak RM5.757 bilion. Kita boleh lihat juga pada barisan yang pertama, pendapatan FELDA telah meningkat selama empat tahun berturut-turut termasuk pada tahun-tahun yang dicanangkan oleh Rafizi.

Begitulah jahatnya Rafizi. Kerugian dia cerita. Keuntungan disenyapkan. Asalkan kemarahan warga peneroka ditimbulkan hanya untuk memenuhi cita-cita politik keji beliau.

Keuntungan yang diperolehi FELDA pada tahun 2012 adalah akibat penyenaraian FELDA Global Ventures (FGV) pada tahun tersebut. Perjanjian Pajakan Tanah FELDA selama 99 tahun oleh FGV juga menentukan sebanyak RM250 juta dibayar kepada FELDA setahun.  Dalam pada itu, FGV juga dikehendaki berkongsi 15% keuntungan pengoperasian yang diperolehinya dengan FELDA.

Ini bermakna secara keseluruhannya tidak kira sama ada FGV meraih keuntungan atau mendapat kerugian, FELDA tetap akan menerima RM250 juta campur 15% keuntungan pengoperasian FGV.  Itulah sebabnya pada baris pertama rajah di atas anda boleh lihat pendapatan FELDA kian meningkat.

Bagaimana pula dengan kerugian dua tahun berturut-turut?

Sebagai sebuah badan berkanun, FELDA menggunakan standard perakaunan asas tunai yang diubahsuai dan bukan perakaunan akruan tulen yang digunapakai oleh syarikat-syarikat swasta.  Disebabkan itu penanaman semula kelapa sawit dan juga kebajikan berupa perumahan untuk warga FELDA adalah dikira sebagai perbelanjaan.

Ini ditambah pula dengan penurunan harga minyak sawit mentah (Crude Palm Oil Price) pada tahun-tahun tersebut.

Penanaman semula adalah amat penting bagi menentukan kesinambungan kesejahteraan para peneroka FELDA. Pokok yang tua tidak dapat memberi jumlah pengeluaran yang dikehendaki.


Apabila penekanan terlalu diberikan oleh seorang mantan Perdana Menteri kepada pembinaan mercu tanda seperti KLCC,pengeluaran kereta yang merugikan dan lain-lain, penanaman semula kelapa sawit tidak dilakukan maka pada tahun 2009 kita dapat lihat penurunan pengeluaran minyak sawit di rajah yang dikeluarkan oleh Amerika Syarikat di atas.  Di sebabkan faktor inilah pokok-pokok tua tidak lagi mampu mengeluarkan buah sebanyak yang diperlukan.

Akibatnya pendapatan FELDA dan para peneroka terjejas.


Kita dapat lihat pada tahun 2012, lebih 50% pokok kelapa sawit adalah berusia lebih 21 tahun (ditanam lewat tahun 1980an dan permulaan 1990an).  Disebabkan kelapa sawit adalah merupakan tanaman saka, kesan akibat tiada penanaman semula dijalankan secara agresif hanya dapat dilihat kini, iaitu dalam zaman pentadbiran Najib Razak.

Pun begitu, langkah-langkah penanaman semula telahpun dijalankan di bawah pentadbiran Najib Razak untuk menentukan pendapatan untuk FELDA dan para penerokanya akan terus bertambah.  Ini dapat dilihat dari penurunan jumlah pokok berusia lebih 21 tahun dan penambahan pokok-pokok berusia di antara 0-3 tahun hingga 4-9 tahun.

Maka, janganlah dipercayai pembohongan Rafizi Ramli.  Anda bersusah sedikit sekarang untuk meraih keuntungan yang lebih di masa hadapan.  Sudah memang menjadi tugas Rafizi untuk berbohong dan menghasut rakyat membenci kerajaan.  Itu yang diakuinya sendiri.

Kemudian beliau boleh pula bertanya kenapa beliau dipenjarakan sedangkan beliau hanya melawak?

The joke is on Rafizi


Rafizi looks like this. Happy lying through his teeth. Image courtesy of

After being exposed lying about the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (which I will soon be writing about just to further leave this liar totally naked), Rafizi the Legally-Certified Serial Liar has promised a ‘huge expose‘ on FELDA.

This exposé, like the others before it, will just be another blow job performance by the serial liar, not a whistleblower job as it does not fall within the requirements of the Whistleblower Act.

Therefore it is just a meaningless exposé meant only to fluff his readers and followers.

If my memory serves me right, he promised on the 27th December 2016 to make a police report on Najib Razak and the FELDA Board Members on the 29th December 2016. It is three days short of a fortnight since he made that promise that has yet to be fulfilled.

So we all know what that means. He needs more time to plan his next lie.

When he blows it, only a group of people would like false enjoyment. Most would just treat it with disgust.

Siapa ingat kisah di atas? Baru lebih empat tahun dulu Azmin di anggap seperti Si Tanggang oleh ibu kandungnya sendiri.

Namun, kesemuanya kelihatan baik dan sempurna setelah Azmin menjadi Menteri Besar setelah Abdul Khalid Ibrahim digulingkan oleh rakan-rakan separtinya sendiri melalui Kajang Move.

Sejak itu, Azmin dilihat menjadi semakin lantang bersuara terutamanya dalam usaha memburukkan kerajaan pusat.

Azmin sebenarnya ingin mengukuhkan kedudukannya untuk menghadapi serangan dari dalam parti terutamanya dari kem Wan Azizah. Oleh sebab itu beliau perlu menunjukkan betapa beliau lebih layak menjadi presiden partinya berbanding Wan Azizah yang tiada sebarang pengalaman selain menjadi tempat Anwar Ibrahim meletakkan kakinya semasa duduk berehat.

Mungkin Azmin telah mendapat restu ibunya dan telah berbaik semula dengan adik-beradiknya.

Malang sekali bagi Che Tom Yahaya yang berumur 82 tahun dan kini sakit teruk, kejatuhan matawang Ringgit yang dibuat bising oleh Azmin bermakna beliau wajib bercuti di London untuk Boxing Day sales kerana ianya lebih penting dari kesihatan ibu kandungnya itu.

Lihat sahajalah luahan adiknya Ummi Hafilda.

Patutlah negeri Selangor ni semakin parah keadaannya. Menteri Besar hanya pentingkan dirinya sendiri.

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