The Men of Keluarga Malaysia

Khairy Jamaluddin and Hamzah Zainuddin

MANY still think that when we went to vote on  May 9 2018, it was to vote in a government for the people by the people based on the political party the majority of whom had won the people’s confidence. 

This is due to the Alliance, and subsequently Barisan Nasional, being in power virtually unchallenged for 61 years, with two-thirds majority for the most part of it.

Three prime ministers later we know that that is not entirely true – that we voted in individuals no matter the party, those whom we think would be best to represent us in His Majesty’s government.

This government administers the nation on behalf of His Majesty, and leading its members is the Member of Parliament who has the greatest support, a constitutional concept that had become alien because of BN’s past political dominance.

It may not be the government that some voters want. It may not be the perfect government. Neither side of the political fence wants this government to work, and Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri is not the choice of PM that his own party would like to have.

But this is the government that has the confidence of His Majesty, and this isthe face of the future for as long as no one political coalition has two-thirds majority in Parliament.

We can see who have been working in Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri’s administration, who have been shadow playing, and who are the deadbeats. 

Only two have caught my eye. They are, to me, those who work for the Keluarga Malaysia concept.

Datuk Seri Hamzah  Zainudin

This former Umno minister is seen by his former party as a traitor for jumpingship seven months after the BN administration fell. Datuk Seri Hamzah did not hold any ministerial post during the Pakatan Harapan administration.

He was made the Home Affairs Minister during the Muhyiddin Yassin administration and has continued holding this portfolio since.

Apart from the episode with former IGP Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, there is very little noise regarding Hamzah. From the Muhyiddin administration Hamzah is seen doing his job as the Home Affairs Minister, even taking a different route compared to his predecessors. 

For instance, working hand-in-hand with Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri M Saravanan, Hamzah has done away with the need for third-party involvement in legalising illegal immigrants for selected industries. This greatly reduces corrupt acts involved in the process of registering these workers as we have seen in the past.

His penchant for “seeing things for himself” has allowed him to assist government agencies and departments under his Ministry in providing the best of services directly to the people. 

Immediately after the landslide tragedy in Yan, Kedah last year, as well as after the recent floods, he urged the Royal
Malaysian Police, the National Registration Department, as well as the Immigration Department to deploy their mobile police station and counters to enable victims who have lost their personal documents to make police reports and obtain new personal documents without having to travel tens of miles to get things done. And these services were provided for free for the victims. Such initiatives augured well with the people.

Interesting to note is that when he went to visit victims to present aid, he did not drown himself in self-promotion exercise like other politicians would.

Instead, he chose to portray himself as representing the Prime Minister and the Keluarga Malaysia initiative. What this demonstrates is his political maturity in putting aside political and party differences in order to fulfil his duty as a Minister in His Majesty’s Government, chosen by a Prime Minister who is from a different political coalition.

Hamzah may be the Secretary-General for Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional, but I view him as a strategist who knows when to fight it out when needed so, but also when to put self-political interest aside to make sure that the government that he is a part of, truly works for the people.

Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar

Many would disagree with me over this choice, especially those in Umno who see him as one of those who was against  Datuk Seri Najib Razak before the previous general election. Ten years ago, I would not write this too, but I have to look at things objectively since I do not belong to any political party.

Khairy is seen as ambitious. Those at the top are eager to see his political career end. Even Umno’s No.2 Datuk Seri  Mohamad Hasan, otherwise known as Tok Mat, has already announced his plan to contest in Khairy’s parliamentary seat of Rembau, leaving the latter with nowhere to go in Negeri Sembilan.

If it is true that Umno is eager to bury Khairy, then the Grand Old Party is just that – grand by resting on its laurels and old; the bitter lessons of GE14 very quickly forgotten. It is a party with 3.35 million members that had failed to hold on to its power in 2018 despite its size – all because it could not read the sentiments on the ground.

When Umno and the Barisan Nasional fell out of favour with the voters, I had expected to see Khairy jump ship. I would have lost some money had I bet on that. Instead, Khairy did not budge. Even as he was ridiculed by those from within his party, Khairy held on and played his role as an Opposition MP. I looked at the Internet to see what people said of him then and immediately knew that many wished Khairy was not from Umno.

Then, Covid-19 hit our shores. A month and a half later the Pakatan Harapan fell and Khairy was made Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Muhyiddin administration. He was tasked with spearheading and managing the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme or PICK, sometime doling out more than half a million doses of vaccines a day nationwide.

He was also spotted at vaccination centres several times helping the volunteers registering vaccine recipients.

As of Jan 19 2022, PICK has fully-vaccinated almost 80 percent of the population and almost 31 percent have received their booster dose.

Now as the Health Minister in the Ismail Sabri administration, Khairy goes down to government hospitals and clinics unannounced to see for himself the problems health front-liners face on a daily basis, especially situations exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only that, he also faces the public every now and then, and allow them to vent out at him.

Again, praises from the normal Janes and Joes drown noises made by detractors – those from within his own party, and the anti-vaxxers. Even so, Khairy continues to soldier on undistracted. His record speaks for himself. As at Jan 20 2022, the death rate in Malaysia compared to unvaccinated people is 25 times lower for those fully vaccinated and 148 times lower for those who have received their booster dose. Now in a true Keluarga Malaysia style, Khairy is concentrating on vaccinating children between the age of five and 12.

Umno has to realise that it is not going to be party members that will win them the next general election, but the support of the ordinary voters who vote based on what they now like in a candidate rather than the party symbols that the candidate represent.

Both Hamzah and Khairy are politicians who work for the people that you would wish to see more of in the future, instead of going back to what was before. My only wish is that all the ministers that we have now are of the same calibre.

(This article first appeared on The Mole )

An Apology Does Not Equal Exoneration

MANY asked me about Tun Haniff Omar’s apology to Lim Kit Siang as read from an agreed text made in the court yesterday.

The apology was made for a remark made in a forum organised by Sinar Harian that the Member of Parliament was responsible for and had the intention to direct DAP to separate or divide Peninsular Malaysia into two parts based on race, and intended to sow discord between the Malay and Chinese communities.

Malay apologists were quick to jump the gun claiming that Malaysians had been duped into thinking that Kit Siang was involved in inciting the various races in the country that led to the May 13 tragedy.

The apology was not about that at all.

Let me reiterate in all fairness, that Lim Kit Siang did not utter those said words.

I was made to understand that they were the words of another politician who was also arrested for sedition after the tragedy, as was Lim Kit Siang who was arrested for other reasons.

When the movie Tanda Putera was shown, many pro-Malay bloggers said it was Lim Kit Siang who was involved in a scene depicting a group of non-Malays who urinated at the base of a flag pole.

I wrote on my blog that that scene did not involve Kit Siang, as he was arrested in Kota Kinabalu and was not in Kuala Lumpur when that and the rioting happened.

In fact, it was almost two months to the day of the tragedy that Kit Siang was arrested under Section 11(2)(b) of the Internal Security Act, 1960 for six offences under the Act ranging from 27 July 1968 in Tanjung Malim where he claimed that the education policy was designed to achieve an eventual extermination of Chinese newspapers, Chinese schools and Chinese languages, to an incident on May 13 1969 at a rally at Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu where he said that the government was trying to have a Malay Malaysia by dividing the people into bumiputera and non-bumiputer, that “the Malays were first class Bumiputera” and that the government was carrying out a policy of “Malaysiation” of Sabah whereby all top post were held by the Malays.

He was also alleged to have stirred anti-Malay and anti-Islamic religious feelings by telling the audience at Kampung Air that the government was pursuing the policy of exploitation by Malays of other races and that the government, by holding an International Islamic Conference in Kuala Lumpur, had intended to send Malaysian citizens to die in the Middle East in order to capture Jerusalem for the Muslim World (Jerusalem was captured by Israel during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War).

Kit Siang had only offered explanations for the inciting speeches he made, but I never saw any apology made for saying those things.

So, no. Yesterday’s apology should not be misconstrued into an exoneration of Lim Kit Siang’s guilt of fanning the sentiments that led to the May13 1969 tragedy.

It was only to underscore the fact that Kit Siang did not utter those words and was arrested because of that as mentioned by Tun Haniff.

(this article first appeared on The Mole )

Farewell Uncle Zaman

The fish head curry group in August 2020

Our fish head curry group that consists of former senior police officers and security practitioners have lost a very iconic member today. Tan Sri Datuk Mohd Zaman Khan bin Rahim Khan (4th from right), former Director of Criminal Investigation of the Royal Malaysian Police, and former Director-General of the Prisons Department has left us peacefully all at 10.15am.

The country has lost an iconic hero who was always on the literal front line as a crime buster. When he was the Kuala Lumpur traffic chief (1972-74), instead of directing and controlling traffic at a crime scene, he was the one who raided the criminals before the actual raiding party arrived. Soon after, he was made the Officer-in-Charge of Criminal Investigations (OCCI) of Selangor.

Tan Sri Zaman Khan loved his fish head curry, and we’d always gather on a quarterly basis at the Restoran ZK in Kampung Attap. We even said that ZK stands for Zaman Khan. This photo was taken last year in August when we could still dine-in in groups, and was the last time we gathered with him. We were just planning to have another gathering as soon as he’d be discharged from IJN.

When he was hospitalised at the Nephrology Ward HKL, my wife and I spent a couple of hours with him. We spoke about those days back in the 1970s and 1980s, but he literally lit up when talking about food. He was always a foodie.

He was a very close family friend. I knew him since I was 9. We used to go on holiday trips together. My father has lost a brother, while I have lost a father figure. We’d always talk about him visiting the kebun again soon, since he used to join us back in the mid 1970s.

Our condolences to his widow Aunty Rosnah and children Anna, Kimi, Lily, Abe and Aya, sons and daughters-in law, and grandchildren whom he loved so much. May Allah SWT continuously shower his soul with His blessings and love and place him amongst the righteous. This is a very sad day for me indeed.

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

Setia, Disiplin dan Pengorbanan Itu Jiwa Tentera

Ikrar Kesatria merupakan ikrar dan janji yang dilafazkan oleh
setiap warga lain-lain pangkatAngkatan Tentera Malaysia

Dengan lafaz ikrar seperti gambar di atas, cap sebanyak sepuluh ruas jari diperturunkan ke atas sekeping borang. Bakal perajurit Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) tersebut akan serahkan Kad Pengenalan Awam kepada Pegawai Pengambilan, dan beliau akan diberikan satu nombor pengenalan iaitu nombor tentera yang akan digunakan sepanjang perkhidmatan beliau. Dari saat ikrar tersebut dilafazkan, beliau bukan lagi seorang awam sebagaimana beliau lima minit sebelumnya.

Tidak banyak beza Ikrar Perajurit ATM dan Ikrar Perwira yang dilafazkan oleh para pegawai ATM, cuma para pegawai melafazkan ikrar taat setia Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong atau mana-mana Raja Melayu yang mewakili baginda. Pegawai ATM dalah ditauliahkan oleh Seri Paduka Baginda dan adalah para pegawai Seri Paduka Baginda. Anggota lain-lain pangkat adalah tiang yang menyokong, mendokong dan menjunjung titah perintah Seri Paduka Baginda melalui para pegawai tersebut.

Sepanjang perkhidmatan baik seorang anggota mahupun pegawai ATM adalah tertakluk bukan sahaja kepada Akta Angkatan Tentera, 1972 yang menjadi garis panduan mengawal selia hidup seorang warga ATM, tetapi juga kepada sesetengah akta awam yang terpakai kepada warga ATM.

ATM, sebagaimana lain-lain pasukan seragam, adalah mengenai keseragaman. Cara berjalan, cara bertutur, cara melipat baju, cara menyidai pakaian, cara seterika baju, cara menukil surat – kesemuanya diseragamkan kerana ATM, tidak kira Darat, Laut mahupun Udara adalah merupakan satu badan yang mempunyai disiplin yang tinggi. Garis umur bukan lagi menjadi pengukur tetapi calit di lengan, atau paku, mahkota dan bintang di bahu yang menjadi simbol pengaturan pemerintahan. Disiplin menjadi pendorongnya yang memacu organisasi besar ini mempertahankan kedaulatan negara serta seluruh warga Malaysia. Disiplinlah yang menjadi kuasa yang mengikat setiap pegawai dan anggota sebagai satu badan.

Setelah tamat latihan, seorang Perajurit akan lalui pelbagai latihan kemahiran mengikut ketukangan dan pengkhususan beliau. Kemudian beliau akan dinaikkan pangkat ke Lans Korporal di mana beliau menjadi pembantu ketua sebuah seksyen. Kemudian beliau akan dinaikkan pangkat ke Korporal dan menjadi ketua sebuah seksyen yang lazimnya mempunyai 10 orang anggota. Apabila beliau dinaikkan ke pangkat Sarjan, beliau menjadi seorang penasihat kepada Ketua Platun yang berpangkat Leftenan Muda atau Leftenan dan bertanggungjawab ke atas penugasan, disiplin, pentadbiran dan kebajikan 30 orang anggota. Segala arahan beliau adalah mewakili Ketua Platun tersebut – dan merupakan suatu tanggungjawab yang besar.

Maafkan saya kerana bercerita dengan panjang lebar mengenai organisasi tentera, tetapi ianya adalah penting agar anda faham apa maksud disiplin, hormat kepada tradisi dan taat setia kepada Raja dan Negara dalam ATM.

Bila seorang Sarjan enggan mengambil vaksin COVID-19, bertentangan dengan perintah tetap dan arahan pihak atasan, maka runtuhlah disiplin. Tiada lagi rasa hormat kepada tradisi tentera, dan tidak lagi taat kepada Raja dan Negara. Tak perlulah saya beri gambaran atau gelaran atau bincang mengenai hukuman yang telah dijatuhkan ke atas Sarjan tersebut kerana sekiranya anda baca setiap perkataan yang telah saya tulis di atas, anda mungkin faham bahawa disiplin itu amat penting dalam organisasi ATM.

Dua bulan yang lepas, sebuah kapal Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia tidak dapat dioperasikan kerana 98 orang anak kapal kapal tersebut didapati positif COVID-19. Selama lebih kurang dua minggu sebuah kapal yang dalam keadaan baik tidak dapat digunakan untuk mengawal perairan negara kerana tularnya penyakit tersebut di dalamnya. Tahun lepas, sebuah kapal pengangkut pesawat Amerika Syarikat, USS Theodore Roosevelt tidak dapat dioperasikan setelah penularan wabak COVID-19 dikesan di kalangan anak-anak kapalnya. Akibatnya, tentera laut China telah mengambil kesempatan kepincangan tersebut untuk memperkukuhkan kedudukannya di Laut China Selatan. Bayangkan sebuah batalion Tentera Darat (1,000 orang lebih) terpaksa dikuarantin dan tidak dapat diberi penugasan sekiranya Sarjan tersebut mendapat penyakit tersebut dan didapati positif semasa berada di dalam kem, atau beliau dengan tidak sengaja tularkan kepada kaum keluarga anggota lain terutamanya anak-anak kecil di kompleks Rumah Keluarga Angkatan Tentera.

Bayangkan juga sekiranya Sarjan ini ditugaskan untuk mengawal Sekatan Jalan Raya dan sudah positif semasa anda ditahan untuk pemeriksaan oleh beliau, dan di dalam kenderaan anda adalah ibubapa yang sudah berumur atau anak kecil kesayangan anda yang tidak boleh diberi vaksin.

Setia kepada Negara dan sanggup berkorban kerananya adalah merupakan ikrar yang dilafazkan oleh setia Perajurit. Negara kini dalam mod berperang dengan musuh yang tidak dapat dilihat. Ini memerlukan setiap warga ATM disuntik vaksin sebagai pelindung semasa menjalankan tugas. Pengambilan vaksin ini juga penting untuk negara capai imuniti berkelompok agar dapat kita pulihkan semula keadaan ekonomi sendiri dan juga negara. Sekiranya seorang frontliner seperti Sarjan ini enggan menerima vaksin, bagaimana beliau mahu melindungi rakyat jika dirinya sendiri tidak dilindungi? Kenapa di saat negara memerlukan pengorbanan beliau seperti dalam lafaz ikrar, beliau enggan berkorban untuk negara? Kalau perkara sekecil ini pun sudah begini sikapnya, bagaimana pula kalau musuh melanggar negara?

Alasan-alasan yang diberikan beliau langsung tidak masuk akal. Menggunakan kenyataan Menteri Kesihatan atau Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan kononnya sebagai pematuhan beliau kepada arahan adalah satu alasan yang dangkal. Kedua-dua orang yang disebutkan tadi tidak ada dalam aturcara saluran pemerintahan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Pematuhan seratus-peratus adalah terhadap perintah yang dikeluarkan melalui saluran Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Kementerian Kesihatan bukan pihak berkuasa atasan beliau dalam ATM. Sebagai seorang yang berpengalaman dan anggota berpangkat tinggi, fikiran dan alasan tersebut hanya layak dikeluarkan oleh orang yang tidak pernah masuk tentera.

Hak seorang warga ATM tidak sama dengan hak lain-lain rakyat Malaysia. Bahkan, Akta Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerja, 1994 juga tidak terpakai terhadap warga ATM kerana bercanggah dengan keperluan operasi ATM itu sendiri. Setiap warga tentera itu perlu meletakkan diri menghadapi segala mara bahaya demi negara, maka tidak wujud “hak tubuh badan” dan sebagainya selagi beliau masih dalam perkhidmatan Seri Paduka Baginda. Sepertimana kata Presiden Persatuan Veteran ATM Datuk Sharuddin Omar, “Sekiranya keingkaran perintah atau arahan yang dilakukannya tidak diambil tindakan dan dibendung maka ia boleh mempengaruhi rakan-rakan yang lain, dan ini akan menjejaskan moral dan semangat keseluruhan organisasi bukan sahaja di unit dia bertugas malah di seluruh organisasi ATM.”

Kalau warga tentera boleh memilih, mahukah anda tatkala musuh menyerang negara, ada di kalangan warga ATM yang bangun dan berkata, “Saya tak mau lawan. Saya tak mahu mati. Ini hak saya, tubuh badan saya” atau “Kami nak undi dulu siapa hendak berperang atau tidak?” Rosak dan musnahlah organisasi yang digelar Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

A Drastic Action Is Needed To Cure Malaysia

The average Malaysian with illness other than COVID-19 now find themselves with almost nowhere to go to seek treatment (Photo courtesy of The Straits Times)

Let me just start this posting off with a few numbers to remind us of where we are right now.


Today is 3rd August 2021, Day 504 since leaving the Old Norm. It has been 228 days since we had seen ZERO deaths due to covid-19 in a day. Never mind the one million plus accumulated number of recorded cases since the pandemic hit our shores on 25 January 2020. We look at the harder numbers: with today’s 17,105 new cases, we have 203,664 people undergoing treatment or quarantine for being COVID-19 positive. 9,598 have died. 3,854 of those (40.15 percent) died in the month of July 2021 alone. We have lost 219 in the first three days of August 2021. In the same corresponding period in July 2021, our worst month, the first three days saw 107 deaths, less than half that of August 2021’s. And today, 1,066 are being treated in ICU wards nationwide, 537 in need of breathing assistance. That is 50.4 percent of those in ICU wards. Things do not look like they are going to get any better.


The government had worked very well during the second wave of the pandemic in Malaysia. We had only 337 cases recorded in July 2020 from a peak of 3,236 cases in April. Only two deaths were recorded in the month of August. Politics spoiled the whole effort with the Sabah state elections. Ministry of Health frontliners were fighting raging wildfires and still are. The first in a series of strategems in fighting wildfires should be the establishment of control lines: natural or man-made boundaries employed by firefighters to contain wildfires. That had worked to contain the spread during the second wave (March 2020-August 2020), but it was the politicians that had let us down (Sabah state elections). Things spiralled downwards from then on.

It was hoped that the Proclamation of Emergency sought by the government from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would have provided both the frontliners as well as the rakyat with the same boundaries, but that never happened. From 12 January 2021 through July 2021, thousands of private vehicles were still allowed to cross state borders, giving rise to clusters outside the Greater Klang Valley. By the time the government reacted and put a stop to those abusing MITI letters to go back for both the Hari Raya, thousands were infected. It is unfortunate that it is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s image that has to absorb the flak.

The only good things to have hatched from the Emergency were the ability of the government to procure medical equipment including the various types of vaccines without having to go though the debates in Parliament. The Opposition has not been able to contribute anything worthy of mention, other than its hunger to wrestle back power from the PN government. That is all the interest that it has shown thus far, just as UMNO, unable to swallow its pride after the trashing it received three years ago, is not in favour of being led by a smaller party


Statutory Declarations and press statements do not determine who gets to govern. The only way is through a vote on a motion of no confidence against the sitting Prime Minister in Parliament. That can be determined when Parliament assembles again. The worry is that if the Prime Minister loses support and his government imminently resigns, this vicious cycle of struggle for power will not end here. We have not yet achieve herd immunity to safely call for elections.

If the Prime Minister loses support and there is no one clear candidate with enough support to stymie an opposition to the formation of the candidate’s government, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has a way out as per Article 150 (1) of the Federal Constitution, where only His Majesty has the right to proclaim an Emergency if His Majesty is satisfied that ‘a grave emergency exists whereby the security, or the economic life, or public order in the federation or any part thereof is threatened.’

A MAGERAN headed by a Director of Operations and supported by members chosen by His Majesty could administer and manage the country while politicians observe a cooling-off period. They can be professionals, economists, ex-military, ex-police as well as ex-judges, while the civil service shall continue to be headed by the Chief Secretary to the Government.

If there is a need to amend the Federal Constitution to reinstate measures previously removed so that the Executive does not have too much power as it does now, this is the time to do so. Only when things have stabilised will general elections be allowed to be held again to choose a civilian government. The mechanism of this MAGERAN and which parts of the Federal Constitution that need to be suspended, will have to be carefully thought out.

I find that the feeling on the ground is for such a council to come into existence. Everyone is now looking at a strong leadership by people who actually know how to handle the situation. We can take a cue from this call for the fight against COVID-19 to be given to the Army to handle. We cannot go on like this, locked within the four walls of our homes with our savings dwindling very fast, while our frontliners bathe in their sweat on a daily basis without an end in sight, and our politicians fight each other for power without giving so much as a hoot to the perils being faced daily by the people.

Someone asked me if it would be constitutionally legal for such a thing to be done. It has been done before. It worked then. And it is provided for by the Federal Constitution. How unconstitutional can that be?

Mereka Gadai Nyawa Namun Tetap Dihina

Fahami peranan, tugas serta tanggungjawab Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia, dan betapa tidak bertanggungjawabnya tuduhan yang diemparkan tanpa usul periksa terlebih dahulu oleh salah sebuah stesen televisyen tempatan mengenainya.

Hargai Anggota Pasukan Keselamatan Kita

Hospital Medan Labuan beroperasi
Hospital Medan Labuan didirikan oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia dengan kerjasama MERCY Malaysia untuk meringankan beban dan kekangan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia di Labuan

“Askar Tidur dan Makan”

“Buat apa beli peralatan tentera? Kita bukan pergi berperang?”

“Apa askar kita buat? Berkawad hari-hari. Menghabiskan beras.”

Begitulah ungkapan-ungkapan sumbang yang sering kedengaran dari kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang tidak memahami tugas dan tanggungjawab Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) semasa aman. Namun, pandemik COVID-19 yang membawa malang kepada ramai rakyat Malaysia menjadi hikmah buat ATM kerana ianya merupakan peluang baginya untuk membuktikan kebolehannya membantu pihak berkuasa awam seperti Polis DiRaja Malaysia, Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia, Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia dan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dalam apa yang digelar sebagai Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW), serta mengenalpasti penambahbaikan dari segi pengoperasian serta pemerolehan aset.


Setakat 4 Julai 2021, seramai 67,669 orang pesakit COVID-19 sedang dirawat di seluruh negara. Angka ini adalah trend menaik setelah penurunan akhir jumlah pesakit yang dirawat pada 26 Jun 2021 (60,646 kes) setelah mencapai puncak pada 6 Jun 2021 (86,628 kes). Pada bulan Jun 2021, purata pesakit yang dirawat setiap hari ialah seramai 71,573.20 kes, manakala bagi empat hari pertama bulan Julai 2021, terdapat purata 66,541.00 kes yang dirawat setiap hari.

Lagi membimbangkan ialah kenaikan kadar kes kematian. Dalam bulan Jun 2021, jumlah kematian ialah seramai 2,374 orang, iaitu pada kadar 79.13 kematian setiap hari. bagi empat hari pertama bulan Julai 2021, terdapat 327 kematian dengan purata 81.75 kematian setiap hari. Pada 4 Julai 2021 juga terdapat 917 orang pesakit di dalam wad-wad ICU dengan 443 orang memerlukan bantuan pernafasan.

Angka-angka yang saya sebutkan di atas sudah tentu memberi gambaran yang buruk mengenai keadaan semasa pandemik COVID-19 di negara ini. Di Lembah Klang, lebih banyak hospital awam dijangka akan dijadikan hospital COVID-19 sepenuhnya, manakala hospital-hospital di lain-lain negeri tidak lagi boleh menampung jumlah pesakit yang besar.

Bantuan pihak ATM mendirikan sebanyak enam buah hospital medan yang kini telah beroperasi sepenuhnya sedikit-sebanyak dapat meringkankan beban pihak KKM yang bertungkus-lumus tanpa henti sejak wabak ini mula tiba di negara ini pada 25 Januari 2020. Hospital medan keenam yang didirikan di Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan adalah yang tercanggih dan mampu memberi rawatan untuk para pesakit COVID-19 kategori 3, 4 dan 5. Hospital ini telah mula diaturgerakkan pada 22 Jun 2021 dan beroperasi sepenuhnya lima hari kemudian. ATM melalui Perkhidmatan Kesihatan Angkatan Tentera (PKAT) telah juga menggerakkan Tim Taktikal Hospital Medan, pakar-pakar bius, pakar-pakar kecemasan, pegawai-pegawai perubatan serta anggota-anggota perubatan Kor Kesihatan Diraja.

Kehadiran hospital medan di Labuan sudah tentu memudahkan pihak KKM dalam usaha membendung penularan serta merawat para pesakit COVID-19 di pulau tersebut kerana kes-kes berat dikendalikan oleh pihak ATM dengan kerjasama MERCY Malaysia; merawat para pesakit kategori 3, 4 dan 5 sehingga mereka stabil dan boleh dipindahkan ke Hospital Labuan untuk penjagaan kesihatan seterusnya sebelum dibenarkan pulang. Bak kata Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jeneral Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang TUDM kepada saya tempoh hari, “Kalau KKM berada dalam paras air setinggi hidung, diharap dengan bantuan ATM ini dapat dikurangkan paras air hingga di bawah dagu untuk membolehkan mereka bernafas semula.”


A400M disaster relief
Ramai menganggap pembelian pesawat A400M sebagai tidak perlu. Pandemik COVID-19 telah membuktikan keberkesanannya

Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) telah mengoperasikan pesawat pengangkut taktikal jenis Lockheed C-130H Hercules selama lebih 40 tahun. Walaupun pesawat-pesawat milik TUDM jenis ini masih baik keadaan dan penyelenggaraannya, namun keupayaannya adalah agak terhad, terutamanya dalam keupayaannya membawa barangan berat dalam peranan Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR).

Kalau kita buat perbandingan, keupayaan pesawat A400M adalah lebih baik dari yang dimiliki pesawat C-130H. Pesawat A400M boleh membawa 18,000 tan metrik barangan lebih daripada keupayaan maksima pesawat C-130H. Pesawat tersebut juga mampu terbang pergi-balik dari Pangkalan Udara Subang ke Pangkalan Udara Labuan sebanyak tiga kali jika bahan bakar diisi penuh berbanding dengan sekali pergi-balik untuk pesawat C-130H pada kelajuan yang jauh lebih tinggi, iaitu hampir 200 kmj lebih dari pesawat C-130H. Inilah sebabnya ianya lebih sesuai sebagai sebuah pesawat pengangkut strategik manakala pesawat C-130H yang lebih kecil memainkan peranan sebagai pesawat pengangkut taktikal.

Dan apabila para penduduk pulau Labuan tidak dapat makan dan tidak lena tidur akibat terputus bekalan makanan berikutan penularan COVID-19 yang kritikal di sana, TUDM lah yang telah menerbangkan bekalan makanan asas sebanyak 20 tan, dan proses ulangbekal ini dijalankan dengan kerap oleh pihak TUDM agar rakyat Malaysia di Labuan dapat terus menjalankan kehidupan walaupun terdapat kekangan PKPD.

Keupayaan TUDM dalam peranan HADR sememangnya diiktiraf oleh Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (UN) dan kerana itu Pangkalan Udara Subang dijadikan UN Humanitarian Response Depot untuk rantau ini. Maka, TUDM bukan sahaja makan dan tidur seperti yang didakwa segelintir rakyat, tetapi boleh menjadi organisasi yang diberi kepercayaan oleh badan dunia tersebut dalam misi-misi HADR.


Biarpun dibelenggu masalah kekurangan pesawat pejuang berikutan usia pesawat-pesawat jenis tersebut yang kian lanjut, TUDM masih mampu melakukan penerbangan pemintasan apabila ruang udara negara dicerobohi 16 buah pesawat pengangkut Tentera Udara China (PLAAF) di pantai barat Sabah dan Sarawak.

Salah sebuah dari 16 buah pesawat PLAAF yang mencerobohi ruang udara negara

Sebenarnya, TUDM kerap lakukan penerbangan pemintasan seperti yang dilakukan terhadap pesawat-pesawat PLAAF pada 31 Mei 2021, hanya tidak pernah dicanang oleh pihak TUDM sendiri. Bukan sahaja China yang pernah menceroboh ruang udara kita, malah lain-lain pesawat tentera asing juga pernah cuba menceroboh tetapi dipintas oleh TUDM. Cuma yang dikhuatiri adalah sekiranya satu pasukan yang besar menceroboh dengan niat yang tidak baik, adakah TUDM mampu untuk bertindak dengan jumlah pesawat pemintas/pejuang yang tidak mencukupi?

Sebanyak 40 peratus aset TUDM telah melebihi umur 20 tahun. Sebagai stop-gap measure, TUDM berminat untuk memperolehi pesawat-pesawat jenis F/A-18C dan F/A-18D Hornet yang akan ditamatkan perkhidmatan oleh tentera udara Kuwait. Malaysia sendiri mengoperasikan sebanyak lapan buah pesawat F/A-18D Hornet. Selain itu, TUDM juga sedang dalam proses memperolehi pesawat tempur ringan (Light Combat Aircraft atau LCA) untuk memenuhi program Capability 2055 (Cap 55) nya.

KD Todak, kapal ronda laju milik TLDM, yang berusia 45 tahun masih setia melindungi negara

Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) juga dibelenggu masalah yang sama. Hanya enam buah asetnya yang masih mempunyai keupayaan senjata stand-off, manakala purata umur aset-asetnya sudah melebihi 30 tahun. Program Transformasi 15-to-5 nya juga tergendala dengan masalah pembinaan enam buah Littoral Combat Ship yang menjadi salah satu komponen utama program transformasi tersebut, apabila syarikat yang diberi tanggungjawab untuk menyiapkan kapal-kapal tersebut masih gagal menyiapkan walau sebuah kapal. Ini sudah tentu menjadikan negara asing, terutamanya China, tidak gentar untuk menceroboh laut wilayah Malaysia seperti yang sering dilakukannya.


Anggota TLDM membantu PDRM laksanakan sekatan jalan raya (SJR) untuk membendung penularan COVID-19

Seperti lain-lain cabang dalam ATM seperti Tentera Darat dan TUDM, TLDM juga banyak membantu agensi-agensi keselamatan dalam negara terutamanya dalam usaha membendung penularan wabak COVID-19. Anggota-anggota TLDM juga turut bertugas di sekatan-sekatan jalan raya membantu PDRM. Ini memberi PDRM peluang untuk melaksanakan core businessnya iaitu menguatkuasakan undang-undang dan membanteras jenayah.

Bagi mempertahankan kedaulatan wilayah laut negara serta membanteras pencerobohan sempadan perairan negara oleh para penyeludup, penjenayah, PATI, penyeludup manusia dan pedagang manusia, baik TLDM, TUDM dan Tentera Darat membantu dari segi aset dan keanggotaan melalui penubuhan National Task Force (NTF). Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM) yang merupakan agensi barisan hadapan untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan wilayah laut negara di masa aman masih jauh keadaannya dari keadaan optima pengoperasian. APMM kini mempunyai keanggotaan sekitar 5,000 orang termasuk yang dari skim gunasama (pegawai dan anggota awam). Ini hanya 50 peratus dari jumlah keanggotaan yang diperlukan seperti dalam Pelan Perancangan Strategik Maritim Malaysia 2040. Sehingga tercapainya matlamat tersebut, TLDM masih perlu menyokong penugasan APMM terutamanya di kawasan Zon Ekonomi Ekslusif (ZEE).

Anggota-anggota APMM Zon Maritim Batu Pahat menaiki sebuah kapal tunda yang disyaki berlabuh tanpa kebenaran Jabatan Laut Malaysia di Batu Pahat baru-baru ini

Selain itu, sebahagian aset-aset yang dimiliki oleh APMM untuk operasi blue water dan green water telah berusia lebih 40 tahun, manakala aset-aset baharu adalah lebih sesuai untuk operasi brown water. Kelambatan penyerahan OPV kelas Tun Fatimah menjadikan keadaan ini lebih meruncing. Mungkin kerajaan perlu kaji semula untuk membenarkan aset-aset pasukan keselamatan kurang sensitif seperti kapal-kapal ronda APMM dibina oleh limbungan-limbungan swasta yang berkemampuan, sepertimana PDRM pernah membina kapal-kapal ronda laju kelas PZ dan PX di limbungan Hong Leong-Lürssen dan Penang Shipbuilding Corporation pada tahun 1980. Kedua-dua kelas kapal tersebut masih berfungsi dengan baik di dalam perkhidmatan APMM.


Angkatan Tentera Malaysia adalah sebuah organisasi professional yang bertanggungjawab bukan sahaja untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan negara semasa peperangan, tetapi juga bertanggungjawab membantu pihak berkuasa awam dalam hal pembangunan negara (nation-building). Dakwaan sumbang yang sering membayangi ATM dengan unsur-unsur negatif hanyalah berdasarkan kisah dongeng semata-mata. Pasukan keselamatan kita kesemuanya meletakkan kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia sebagai keutamaan.

Penempatan enam buah hospital medan di seluruh negara bagi meringankan beban pihak KKM, penggunaan aset-aset strategik dan taktikal untuk menentukan rakyat tidak terpinggir dari segi peluang rawatan perubatan serta bahan makanan asas semasa PKPD dilaksanakan, serta membantu agensi-agensi lain dalam melaksanakan tugas mereka adalah bukti ATM tidak pernah hanya makan dan tidur. Hargailah mereka.

Namun, untuk mencapai hasrat tersebut, ATM dan lain-lain pasukan keselamatan perlu mengutamakan juga keluhuran perlembagaan serta kedaulatan undang-undang. Maka, keselamatan, kesihatan dan moral (adab dan tatasusila) rakyat diberi keutamaan. Keberkesanan usaha ini bergantung kepada peralatan dan aset-aset kritikal yang ada. Hanya keazaman pihak kerajaan untuk memenuhi keperluan perancangan pembangunan pasukan-pasukan keselamatan kita menjadi harapan para petugas barisan hadapan kita. Hanya dengan aset yang bertepatan dapat memudahkan lagi mereka melaksanakan tugas.

If You Want To Say Something, Don’t Use Someone Else’s Name

The message that was spread in various WhatsApp groups

A message went viral saying that former IGP Tun Haniff Omar had asked MPs from UMNO, PPBM and PAS to not give support to PKR’s raison d’être, Anwar Ibrahim.

Tun Haniff Omar has denied being the author of this message and has lodged a police report at the Section 6 Police Station in Shah Alam at 5.30pm on Friday 18 June 2021.

If you want to write something be it true or false, use your own name or your own nom de plume. Stop being a coward.

Tun Haniff Omar lodging a report at the Section 6 Police Station in Shah Alam

Surat Terbuka Untuk Charles Santiago: Ahli Parlimen Lorong Tikus

Ahli Parlimen DAP Kawasan Klang ini lebih gemar pentingkan kesejahteraan PATI berbanding keselamatan dan kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia sendiri

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang menjunjung keluhuran perlembagaan dan kedaulatan undang-undang, saya tidak faham kenapa Ahli Parlimen Klang, YB Charles Santiago beriya-iya untuk membela individu yang masuk secara haram ke dalam negara tanpa ada dokumen?

Walaupun saya mengambil kira hak asasi migran sama ada yang berdokumen ataupun tidak untuk melangsungkan kehidupan, saya berpendapat hak asasi rakyat Malaysia untuk dilindungi dari sebarang gejala yang buruk, baik dari aspek sosial, moral, keselamatan mahupun kesihatan. Dengan itu, saya lebih cenderung untuk berpihak dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri serta beratus ribu petugas barisan hadapan agensi-agensi di bawah KDN yang saban hari menghadap makian dan cercaan rakyat Malaysia yang sudah muak dengan perangai migran tanpa dokumen (PATI).

Kenyataan YB Charles Santiago dari DAP yang mempersoalkan ketegasan Menteri Dalam Negeri serta agensi-agensi di bawah naungan Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) dalam menangani isu ini adalah satu kenyataan yang bukan sahaja bodoh, malahan ianya juga satu kenyataan yang tidak patriotik.

Sebagai Ahli Parlimen, bukankah sepatutnya YB Charles Santiago turut bersama menegakkan undang-undang dan mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat Malaysia daripada semua aspek. Bukankah itu sumpah yang YB lafaz semasa menjadi seorang Ahli Parlimen, iaitu berikrar akan taat setia kepada Malaysia serta memelihara, melindungi dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan? Bukankah itu bermakna YB berjanji akan mendaulatkan undang-undang negara yang dibuat di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia dan bukan Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Rohingya dan sebagainya?

Tidakkah YB Charles Santiago ini tahu bahawa tidak ada negara di dunia ini yang menghalalkan pendatang tanpa izin terutama sekali pendatang ekonomi. Saya cabar YB Charles Santiago untuk namakan satu sahaja negara yang mengalu-alukan kemasukan pendatang asing ke dalam negara mereka secara haram.

Malah, Netherlands yang menduduki tempat pertama dalam senarai negara paling menghormati hak asasi manusia juga telah memperkenalkan Skim Insurans Kebangsaan yang tidak meliputi PATI di negara tersebut. Langkah ini sekaligus menafikan hak PATI di negara tersebut untuk mendapatkan faedah sosial. Netherlands juga mempunyai Linkage Act, 1998: satu Akta yang menyulitkan PATI di sana untuk mendapatkan rawatan di hospital; mereka tidak boleh diberi perlindungan insurans; malah kerajaan Netherlands juga tidak bertanggung jawab di atas kos perubatan mereka.

Di sini, kita telah memperkenalkan program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja sejak bulan November 2020 dan sepatutnya berakhir pada penghujung bulan ini. Kalau mereka ini berdaftar, mereka layak dilindungi di bawah Skim Bencana Kerja Pekerja Asing oleh PERKESO. Sudahlah dia PATI, kita berbaik hati nak jadikan mereka pekerja migran yang sah, lakukan saringan COVID-19 ke atas mereka, tawarkan mereka peluang pekerjaan dengan syarat mereka mendaftar dan membayar kompaun.

Tak cukup dengan itu, kita sediakan pula skim perlindungan di bawah PERKESO lagi yang akan memberi mereka faedah perlindungan. Bukankah itu menandakan bahawa kerajaan Malaysia amat baik hati serta prihatin terhadap mereka?

Sudah tujuh bulan program ini berlangsung, kenapa masih ada yang tidak mahu keluar mendaftar dan lebih gemar ke sana-sini sambil berpotensi menjadi penyebar penyakit berjangkit terutamanya COVID-19?

Kita mempunyai perundangan yang jelas mengenai PATI dan kita perlu menguatkuasakan undang-undang yang telah dibuat.

Sekiranya PATI tidak perlu diambil tindakan undang-undang maka sia-sia sahajalah undang-undang yang dibentangkan di parlimen. Baik kita buka sahaja semua pintu sempadan kita dan benarkan mereka masuk atas nama hak asasi manusia.

Berbalik kepada isu, Menteri Dalam Negeri dah jelaskan, keutamaan vaksinasi adalah terhadap rakyat Malaysia terlebih dahulu.

Persoalannya, selepas rakyat kita divaksinasi, bagaimanakah kita mahu pastikan golongan PATI yang selama ini menyorok di penempatan- penempatan haram ini akan tampil sukarela mendaftar untuk dapatkan vaksin. Tujuh bulan program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja yang menjanjikan perlindungan yang lebih baik buat mereka pun mereka tidak endahkan.

Kalau ikut kebijaksanaan YB Charles Santiago dan 13 lagi Ahli Parlimen Pembangkang yang kononnya berpegang dengan prinsip kemanusiaan, YB-YB ini yakin bahawa mereka akan tampil kehadapan jika Kerajaan tidak ambil tindakan terhadap mereka. Tapi apa jaminannya? Tiada! Air liur sahaja! Talk is cheap, YB, and sorry, but Utopia does not exist.

Saya yakin dalam hal ini rakyat juga setuju dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri bahawa PATI ini tidak akan berani kedepan secara sukarela untuk mendapatkan vaksinasi. Kalau ada pun bilangannya terlalu sedikit.

Apa yang perlu kita lakukan dengan segera ialah dengan mengumpulkan mereka ke satu tempat dan lakukan ujian swab test. Ini hanya boleh dilaksanakan melalui operasi penguatkuasaan PATI secara bersepadu oleh JIM, PDRM, JPN, dan KKM.

Komuniti PATI ini adalah time-bomb. Mereka ini tidak pergi ke klinik jika ada gejala dan tidak buat swabtest walaupun mereka tahu mereka adalah kontak rapat. Dan mereka bergerak tanpa dikesan di kalangan rakya yang begitu cermat menjaga SOP agar tidak dijangkiti.

Mereka ini tiada majikan dan bebas bergaul bersama rakyat tempatan di tempat awam. Tidak wajar mereka diberikan kelonggaran dan tidak diambil tindakan. Itu adalah tindakan tidak berpelembagaan dan tidak bermaruah.

Enough is enough. Sudahlah YB Charles Santiago. Utamakan rakyat Malaysia. Jangan terhegeh-hegeh mahu bela golongan PATI. Bila tiba PRU nanti, mohon YB naik sampan pergi ke laut, rayu undi daripada mereka.

Yang sudah meluat,

Kapten (Bersara) Abdul Rahmat Omar

Rakyat Malaysia

Malaysia Is An Open Book

The Israeli “spy plane” (pic courtesy of AirTeamImages)

On 31 May 2019, when asked about the possibility of China using Huawei to spy on Malaysia, Dr Mahathir who was the Prime Minister then said, “What is there to spy in Malaysia? We are an open book.” (The Independent, 31 May 2019).

Recently, there was a newspaper report about an Israeli spy plane that flew over Malaysia. Many people ask me about this. Why was an Israeli spy plane allowed to fly over Malaysia?

Firstly, it is not a spy plane. It is a test bed. It is not a military plane. It is a civilian aircraft with civil registration, operated by civilians and not the military. It does not belong to the Israeli Armed Forces but to the IAI Elta Systems, and that company is a vendor of one of the systems being used by the Republic of Singapore Air Force. The Israeli Air Force operates 4 types of aircraft for airborne early warning and command, as well as for intelligence gathering. This Boeing 737-400 is not one of them.

Secondly, it flew over Malaysian airspace according to a flight plan approved by our Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). You cannot simply fly anywhere. Like roads, the airspace has routes. It has a civilian registration. Like at sea, the air also has a Freedom of the Air concept, and overflying a country without landing to get to another country is the right of any civilian aircraft. This is all based on the concept of mare liberum.

Thirdly, if Israel wants to spy on Malaysia using an aircraft, it would be stupidly obvious to use a spy plane. They can always use one of their El Al flights to Melbourne to do it. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USSR frequently used its Aeroflot flights flying into Subang to try and spy on our Butterworth Air Base. The use of civilian aircraft as spy planes is nothing new. The US is thought to have used Korean Airlines flight KAL007 to spy on Soviet installations before it was shot down.

Fourthly, the Israeli Armed Forces has 16 spy satellites in the skies above us. The latest was launched on 16 July 2020. Why bother send a spy plane to Malaysia? There are many sensitive information on Malaysia available on Google anyhow. Furthermore, what can the Israelis learn from a failed government by flying over Putrajaya, or from Malaysians who are hell-bent on spreading the COVID-19 virus to their parents during Hari Raya?

The CIA has been working with Google, Twitter and Facebook to spy on people and other government agencies through its technology investment arm In-Q-Tel.

The CIA has been working with one of the world’s largest ad agency network, WPP, to mine user data. The CIA and Google has been together since 2004 when Google bought a company called Keyhole that specialised in mapping technology. This has become Google Earth.

Israel companies produced apps such as Waze and WhatsApp that can be used to spy, not only on specific users, but also on what is where.

Not too long ago we had people who checked into sensitive buildings using Foursquare. They created new locations just by standing at the location and filled in the descriptions. One of the places on Foursquare that you could check in to is our Ministry of Defence’s Defence Operations Room, the heart of our defence operations. Through Foursquare they could monitor the movements of military users.

Then we had Pokemon Go, a seemingly innocent game being played anywhere and everywhere. But it not only utilises your location, every time you throw that red ball at a monster, it captures the background scenery as well, creating a virtual jigsaw puzzle of sceneries of one location provided by multiple users.

Stop watching too many Hollywood movies! Malaysian seem to fear Israeli spies compared to the COVID-19 virus!