A Brilliant Jigsaw Puzzle

Coast Guard Malaysia: Ops Helang will begin its screening on 2 February 2023

“Not another military movie!”

That was a comment made by a critique when the first trailer of Coast Guard Malaysia: Ops Helang (CGMOH) was released in December 2022. CGMOH is the third local action movie to be released in recent times, after PASKAL The Movie (PTM, 2018) and Air Force The Movie: Selagi Bernyawa (AFTMSB, 2022).

But the comment made above, isn’t far off. CGMOH is not about the military, as the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) otherwise known as the Malaysia Coast Guard is not a military force. In Malaysia, the Coast Guard is a para-military, multi-mission, maritime force that offers a unique blend of military, law enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities.

However, being a former military officer, I had to keep an open mind watching CGMOH as I did with PTM and AFTMSB. Had it been in the real world, CGMOH would have been a short movie. But it is a movie, and therefore it required me to look at it solely from an entertainment perspective. But if you’re looking for a movie that gives you the bang for your bucks, then CGMOH wins hands-down. The fight scenes were good, the villains were truly in character. The whole movie was action-packed and fast-paced from the opening sequence.

The movie allows you a glimpse into what the MMEA does best – to guard, to protect, and to save.

The late Pitt Hanif directed the movie, assisted by Sham Mokhtar as the Director of Photography, while Producer Arie Zaharie did a brilliant job putting all the shots and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together into a movie, without the presence of the movie’s director.

Coast Guard Malaysia: Ops Helang will be available at a cinema near you from 2nd February 2023.

Is it better than PASKAL The Movie? Yes!

Is it better than Air Force the Movie: Selagi Bernyawa? Far better!

I enjoyed it. So, go watch it!


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