Scylla and Charybdis

I have always maintained that if I have to choose between the Devil and the deep blue sea, I can deal with the Devil and live, but would drown with the latter.  For that reason, being no lover of the BN, I refuse to support the ideals (or lack thereof) of the opposition.

And almost everything else has been said about BERSIH 3.0 – the rubbish ironically caused by a movement that calls itself “Clean” is all but gone.  DBKL workers are working double-time to ensure things are back to normal.  Injured policemen are still in the hospital while their Logistics Department must be assessing the cost of damage to assets.

The cost of all the above will also be borne by the Rakyat – and when I say Rakyat, I mean people like me who are against public rallies simply because public rallies rarely pass the two tests that should be applied: the Clear and Present Danger test, and the Incitement test. There has been TWO BERSIH rallies prior to the last one – none ended peacefully. And BERSIH has never been apolitical through it association, no matter what its supporters may claim.  I acknowledge the existence of idealists whose cause is pure, but on the topside, BERSIH is just another political agenda for its organisers and associates.

The Police should be commended for adhering to the Peaceful Assembly Act 2011. The Police allowed the rally participants to assemble even though no permit was ever issued to them.  The Police was tasked to uphold the law – enforce a court order banning any entry into Dataran Merdeka.  This they did, until the most famous hijacker of all, Anwar Ibrahim was videotaped by a pro-opposition blogger giving a signal to his loyal lieutenant Azmin Ali, to breach the police line.  This act was apparently done AFTER the organiser of BERSIH, Ambiga.S ordered the participants to disperse.

Now, have a look at this webpage:

I do not want to comment much about what happened after, but if you look at the video below, you can see Anwar making a sign for the deaf for “JUMP OVER” repeatedly (0.9s marked by a yellow square) to Azmin. Azmin acknowledges and instructs an Indian man next to him to remove the police barrier.  Nobody won on that day, but democracy was hijacked by democrazy.  The biggest losers are the suckers who thought they are idealists, but were merely mules ridden by the likes of Anwar for his political benefit.

Could all this have been avoided? The answer is a simple but definite YES.  Ambiga was offered to hold her rally in stadiums, according the one she had requested for in BERSIH 2.0, but refused saying it was an 11th hour offer.  Yet, she had no problem whatsoever demanding for her demands to be met by the Elections Commission immediately.  There was clear incitement by political figures including Anwar, and even Nik Aziz admitted to giving RM200 per participant from PAS to join the rally, even to the point of issuing a “fatwa: saying that it is compulsory for PAS members to be part of the rally.  Ambiga, through the previous BERSIH rallies should know better that incitements by political figures bring about highly-charged atmosphere; and that there is no way for her to control the behaviour of 25,000 people.  Did she knowingly go ahead with the rally with these facts in hand?  My answer would be YES.

So, should I trust BERSIH 4.0?  Definitely NOT.  Do I want a free and fair election? The answer is YES, but if I want to say my piece, I will do it during the next general elections.  After all, the opposition made no qualms about winning five states in the previous one using the very same dirty (they claimed) electoral roll.

Who would I vote for?  Definitely not for Scylla and Charybdis because there is no democracy there. Watch the video below and you will understand.