Adios MF

How do you make an AMF?

  • 1 X Jeff Ooi
  • 1 X DAP
  • 1 X General Election
  • 1 X Big Kick in Jeff Ooi’s butt

Jeff Ooi’s done it again! The latest Muslim he had targetted was the late Haron Din who passed away early Friday morning (Malaysian time).

In a Tweet in reply to a similarly rude Tweet at 1.41pm on 16th September 2016, Jeff Ooi used Adios Harun Din. It may have been alright albeit sounding disrespectful had it been a stand-alone Tweet, replying to an earlier rude Tweet made it sound much like the cocktail drink I posted above.

It is reported that Jeff Ooi has deleted the Tweet but no apology has been made. An apology is not a culture embedded in Jeff Ooi’s DNA.

Almost three years ago, the Member of Parliament for Jelutong drew the wrath of the members of the public as well as from Pakatan assemblymen when he called officers from the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang ‘kucing kurap.’ A defiant Jeff Ooi refused to apologise for the remark. He did apologise a week later but only after he was instructed by the late Karpal Singh to do so.

A year after being elected Jeff Ooi had called Mohd Razali Abdullah, a MPPP councillor an Islamic terrorist. Razali was a member of the Jemaah Islah Malaysia, a registered organisation that had a close tie with the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY). It took an order from recently-charged Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng, before he retracted his remark. However, to date, Jeff Ooi has never offered any form of apology to Razali. 

In 2011, Jeff Ooi organised a Christian function at the Red Rock hotel in Pulau Pinang where Sarawak pastors were his guests. The function, according to Big Dog and Helen Ang, was to pledge their support for the Christian agenda to have a leader of their faith to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I blame the voters of Jelutong for returning him to the MP seat. I also pity them for having a wretched outsider to become their voice. And I would like to remind them to give Jeff Ooi the boot in the next general election.

We don’t need racists and chauvinists in this country, and we don’t need people who have very little respect for others to lead us. Come GE14, should say to Jeff Ooi “Adios Motherfucker!

Jebat Must Die Identifies A Chauvinistic Racist

When people think they have too much freedom and show disrespect to others, you get the very person Jebat Must Die identifies in his latest blog post. If showing disrespect towards others, questioning the fundamentals, criticising the religion of others is being regarded as a right, but in turn being criticised is portrayed as being victimised by racists, then the atmosphere is set for the undermining of the unity of this nation.

While Jebat Must Die refers to a posting by the said person, this whole fracas had started more than a year ago as the person identified by Jebat Must Die has on several occasions been taunting Malays and criticising Islam. The apex of the brawl happened yesterday (3rd December 2013) when the person tweeted the following (please read the image bottom up):


I don’t know who the Professor Emeritusampah he was referring to, but his next tweet referred to an article written by a Muslim female Associate Professor. It is about the accessibility of pornographic material by children and steps to curb that social ill.

Then came the tweet that angered Muslims (sans les libéraux), in reference to the above article:


Isn’t that mocking and insulting Islam? People like this should be hauled up by the authorities!

Well, read more on Jebat Must Die, and I thank JMD for a spot on article!