Siva Rasa Rasuah

Every time a member or someone related to the Pakatan is arrested by the authorities for a wrongdoing, Pakatan would be quick to accuse the act as a politically-motivated move.

Perception is everything for Pakatan, even if it means flogging a dead horse. From recycling of issues to spinning crimes committed into acts of chivalry.

When Teoh Beng Hock died while in a MACC building, it was the BN’s fault although Beng Hock was being interviewed for things DAP office-holders were being investigated for. No matter that the BN loses out for not getting juicy stories of Pakatan corruption with the death of Beng Hock, BN is responsible although it sounds very illogical.

When Tokong Lim Guan Eng and when his henchman Phee Boon Poh were hauled up, again BN got the blame for politically-motivated acts. The same goes to the time the MACC raided Selangor’s Menteri Besar Incorporated for its fishy deals with UNISEL, BN was blamed.

It seems that the Pakatan is above the law. They get away with murder by blaming the BN for their failures. When Pulau Pinang gets inundated by countless flash floods, the BN gets blamed. When it is pointed that they should not blame the BN after being in power for two terms, they put the blame on God.

Yesterday, it was announced that the brother of a prominent Pakatan Member of  Parliament was arrested together with two other staff of the said MP’s office for graft, the MP was quick to say that the arrests are politically-motivated.

This is the same MP who was recently implied by rabbit-toothed MP Pony Tua for being submissive to thugs.

Even someone implied by a fellow Pakatan member as allowing thugs to flourish blames the MACC for the wrongdoings of his own brother and staff members.

Chief Commissioner of the MACC Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad chided the MP, Sivarasa Rasiah, for making such claims.  He said the action against the three individuals was conducted professionally in line with the efforts of the commission to rid the country of corruption.

We stress that the arrest of the individuals is not related to politics. We are doing it professionally and not due to politics as the MACC has no time to be involved in politics,” he said to reporters in Terengganu yesterday.

When things don’t go their way, blame others. When it is members of the BN that get arrested, they would be quick to announce that the BN is corrupted.

When Najib Razak was investigated for the 1MDB fiasco, Pakatan was quick to ask Najib Razak to go on leave. No such calls have been made even when Pakatan criminals were being charged or found guilty on countless times by the courts.

Such is the impish behaviour of the goons from Pakatan. Yet, unbelievable as it may seem, there still are retards who continue to support and vote in these obstreperous clowns.

Pulau Pinang Should Be Left To Be Plundered By Guan Eng

A dog cooked alive by people in China

A day ago, a video of a dog being cooked alive in a large wok made its rounds on the Internet.  As sickening as it was, I cannot help but think of the helpless dog as Pulau Pinang, the cook Lim Guan Eng, and the laughing crowd are the Pulau Pinang voters whom has allowed outsider Guan Eng to continue to plunder the island, literally screwing the locals painfully from behind while telling them that it is for their own good while only he is pleasured by the act.

Coincidentally today is the anniversary of Corrupt Minister Lim Guan Eng’s arrest for corrupt practices including using his office and position to influence the price of a property that he had bought.

So much for boasting that he would fight back to clear his name, he has been avoiding trial by claiming many things including that the Act used to arrest him is unconstitutional.  Even blabber-mouthed Tony Pua dared not walk the talk to ask the Tokong to step down from his post – and this has been almost 16 months to the date ball-less Tony Pua said to reporters that the Tokong should step down if charged for corruption.

Since then it has been “ops normal” for the Tokong, running Pulau Pinang like his little own business, selling virtually everything except the backside of the people of Pulau Pinang thus far. He is still not done screwing them from behind.

Not only has he not been able to answer or refute any of the allegations made by the Barisan Nasional, especially on the Pulau Pinang Tunnel project issue, he has been asking his little dog Chow Kow Yeow to do the answering for him, and like the dog in the video Chow Kow Yeow got into hot soup – literally.

Today, a former Pulau Pinang City councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui made a shocking revelation.  In an open letter, today Dr Lim claims that

a developer wants to develop a big project to build 600 high-rise apartments, even though 43 percent of their land exceeds a 25-degree gradient and qualifies as sensitive hill land.

This land was registered as hill land under the Pulau Pinang Land Conservation Act 1960, which means no development is allowed.

However, the developer bought the land in 2010 anyway and applied to the Pulau Pinang State Government in 2011 for the land to be released from protected status.

In the same year in Dec 2011, the State Planning Committee (SPC) approved the release and allowed the development in to commence the same month upon payment of just RM1 million from the developer.

Dr Lim made headlines in December 2016 when he walked out of the City Council before the expiration of his term.

In March last year, he was involved in a heated exchange with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng during an NGO dialogue session over parking woes, road-widening projects and the council enforcement’s car-towing figures. Later in June 2016 he sent a letter to Unesco expressing fears that the PTMP would jeopardise George Town’s World Heritage Site status while in July 2016, Dr Lim criticised the state’s Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and suggested an alternative better, cheaper, faster transport master plan.

According to Dr Lim, the gazetted Penang Structure Plan explicitly forbade development on sensitive hill land unless it is a “special project” approved by the state government. How a housing project could have been approved by MBPP under the rubric of “special project” is the subject of contention in this legal case.

What does Tokong care about the plight of the lower income group in Pulau Pinang? As long as money can be made to finance the ever-growing state government expenditure, everything is alright to them.  People who love the greenery, and fishermen can go fly kites for all he care.

The T-shirt worn by the wife of a Queensbay fisherman says it all

Not only has the Pulau Pinang state government’s operating expenditure has risen exponientially compared to when DAP took over the island from BN, parking charges, rates and water tariffs too have been on the increase to finance the extravagance. Just look at how much the spending by the state government under the Tokong has increased in just nine years.

The last seven years under BN compared to the years under DAP

To divert the attention of the people, Tokong today tried to stir the almost dead DoJ issue.  Despite the DoJ documents not listing MO1 or wife of MO1 as people affected by the investigation, and documented evidence that the misappropriated money used by Jho Low et al to purchase priceless goods have nothing to do with the 1MDB, he insists that that is the cause of the economy going bad leading to the government having to implement the GST which in turn led to the higher cost of living.

This does not explain why Saudi Arabia has decided to impose VAT in January 2018 and began a BR1M-like cash-transfer program for its lower income citizens.

Tokong’s argument also does not explain why the Singaporean economy will continue to be sluggish even without a 1MDB.

Nor does it explain oil-rich Venezuela’s extremely high inflation rates and the near-collapse of its economy.

Al Jazeera’s graph showing Venezuela’s volcanic inflation rate

The Tokong also dismissed claims that the DoJ suit is Opposition-driven, and was planned by the Opposition.

He said the United States could have used military might and need not file civil suits in its own country if it wanted to topple the Malaysian government.

US can use military instead of legal suit to topple government screams DAP and Malaysian Incite

This prompted Parti Cina Malaysia’s Deputy President, Datuk Huan Cheng Guan, to lodge a police report against the statement made by Tokong.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan posing with his police report made against the Tokong

I don’t know if the Pulau Pinang people who are not like Penang Lang Datuk Huan Cheng Guan actually care if the Tokong wants gwei loh to run the country. Gawky Ah Lians who support the DAP and blackened their profile pics on Facebook during the last general election won’t mind having gwei lohs running the country either.  It probably makes them feel extra superior.

Of course, Pulau Pinang people have a price, and a cheap one too.  For a mere RM1 million, like Tokong, you too can screw their behind.  And they seem to love how Tokong does it to their backside while he continues to steal from them.

DAP Broken Records

The Penang DAP sounds more like a broken record nowadays. When Penang DAP voters dumped Koh Tsu Koon-led Gerakan for DAP, they genuinely believed that DAP could bring about the changes they were all looking forward to.  DAP, together with their Pakatan Rakyat partners threw in a manifesto that everyone thought was Utopian that even they did not think that they would wrestle any of the states from the Barisan Nasional.  However, thank you (or no thank you) to Mahathir whose personal attacks on the then-Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, the Pakatan Rakyat was caught with their pants off when they actually won.  They had to now live up to the manifesto and promises they had made.

No thank you to Mahathir as the current problems faced by the Penang people are all started by his attacks on Abdullah, but thanks to him voters get to see the real face of the DAP.

Pakatan Rakyat's Manifesto for the 13th General Elections
Pakatan Rakyat’s Manifesto for the 13th General Elections

In 2008, the DAP-led state government quickly introduced the principles of Competent, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) to the people of Penang.  This was repeated in the manifesto for the 2013 General Elections as shows above.  In the first bullet it stated that the administration of the CAT would be improved; all state assemblymen would be transparent and declare their assets; strengthen the freedom of information enactment; forbid family members of assemblymen from conducting businesses.  What has been going on in real life has far digressed from the “clean government” manifesto.

The Penang state government is far from being competent, accountable and transparent.  Its Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was charged in court for two counts of corruption cum abuse of position; the only declaration of assets to the public was by Lim Guan Eng when he invited the press into his controversial bungalow on Jalan Pinhorn to show them that there is no swimming pool; according to, a global network of freedom of information advocates, Penang’s Freedom of Information policy does not comply to international definitions and is restrictive; family members of Penang’s state assemblymen especially the office holders are found to be conducting businesses like nobody’s business.  The latest involves Lim Kiat Seong, father of State Assemblyman Lim Siew Khim.

Lim Kiat Seong, father of Assemblyman Lim Siew Khim, was seen in a video about corruption involving a housing scheme in Penang
Lim Kiat Seong, father of Assemblyman Lim Siew Khim, was seen in a video about corruption involving a housing scheme in Penang

In a video that was made public by Penang Gerakan’s Oh Tong Keong, Kiat Seong, 68 years old was seen with a middleman and a complainant who argued that he had made a RM260 payment to bypass the Low-Cost Housing process but had yet to receive an offer letter.

In her defence, Lim Siew Khim who is also Wanita DAP Chief said that her father’s business has nothing to do with her, and that she has never heard anyone compaining about the issue in her constituency.  She even claimed to not have any knowledge of the issue.  I can only make the following deductions about Siew Khim:

  1. She never goes down to the ground to care about the grassroots;
  2. She does not care about the goings-on in her constituency;
  3. She does not think what her father did is wrong;
  4. She thinks the voters are stupid and would just accept her explanation at face value.

Lim Kiat Seong went missing immediately after the video was made public.  The MACC later found him and arrested him, and after being grilled for five hours, led the MACC to two properties where documents related to the case were seized.  Lim Siew Khim arrived at the MACC’s office on Jalan Northam at 10am for questioning.

Ironically, Lim Kiat Seong and Lim Kit Siang, father of charged-for-corruption Lim Guan Eng, share the same Chinese characters in their name (林吉祥).  Lim Kiat Seong is how the name is pronounced in Hokkien while Lim Kit Siang is Southern Min Chinese!

DAP loves to point to the mistakes made by others, the Barisan Nasional in particular.  It would go on and on about any issues brought forth that implicates anyone from the Barisan Nasional that they begin to sound like a broken heavy metal record that unfortunately repeats the shrieks instead of the strums. And the DAP has also chosen to not see that it has perhaps broken records for having the most number of corruption or corrupted-practices cases in slightly less than two terms.

I would be very amused if come GE14, the voters in Penang prove Lim Siew Khim’s Point Number Four right.


Purging Penang’s Peasants

You tengoklah sekarang. Kalau you tak ada duit you cuma boleh tengok bukit. Kalau you kaya you boleh tengok laut. Bukan Melayu sahaja yang tak mampu. Cina pun ramai tak mampu!” (You look at it now. If you don’t have money you’d be looking at the hills. If you are rich you can see the sea. It isn’t just the Malays who cannot afford, but many of the Chinese too!)

The above are words said to me by a Penang Chinese during my last visit to Penang.

If you live or have lived in Penang like I did, you would know what the statement above is all about.  My earliest memory of Penang is of my trip there in 1974. Several more visits followed and I finally lived there from 1989 until the end of 1991 when I worked at Jalan Azyze.

Penang has always been a melting pot of cultures because unlike the mainland Peninsular Malaysia, Penang (together with Melaka and Singapore) were true crown colonies, ruled by Britain through the Colonial Office in India. The composition has always been majority Chinese, followed by Malays and people of the Indian diaspora.

When I got married there weren’t many quarters for armed forces officers back then and rent rates were just too high for me (I was earning a basic of RM750 per month with RM115 as service allowance). My monthly housing allowance was RM400 while a terrace-house would have cost me RM800 a month. Initially I could only afford to live in a squatter house, which really was a shed attached to the back of a main house in what was Kampung Haji Mahmood in Tanjung Tokong and paid RM150 per month for that. It was literally a eat-where-you-sleep and shit-where-you-bathe house. I stayed there for half a year before moving to an apartment unit at the UDA apartments across the road. What I liked most about Tanjung Tokong were the stalls that lined up the coastal road.  I used to hang out at a stall operated by a man named Murad and would fish across the road for Groupers.  Yes, you could see the sea then and the proof of that is when the South Asian Tsunami (aka Boxing Day Tsunami) hit Penang in 2004, Tanjung Tokong was one of the places affected.

Post-Tsunami Tanjung Tokong looking towards the UDA apartments (blue roofed)
Post-Tsunami Tanjung Tokong looking towards the UDA apartments where I used to live (blue roofed). On the left is what was Kampung Haji Mahmood
Since then, Kampung Haji Mahmood is only a memory and you can no longer see the sea from the road side.  Where fishing boats used to dot the coastline is now filled with apartment buildings where none of the units built can be afforded by the locals.  What saddens me most is that Kampung Mahmood, a traditional Malay village and not a squatter village, has been bulldozed to make way for more apartments that the Malays who resided there cannot afford to buy.

Kampung Haji Mahmood now
Kampung Haji Mahmood now
Back then, Malay villages used to dot the coastline between Kelawei and Tanjung Bungah.  Now, you would be extremely lucky to find even one.  Gentrification has forced those who cannot affor to live on the island off to the mainland.

The Seri Tanjung condominiums built on a reclaimed land has blocked the viewoof the sea from Tanjung Tokong
The Seri Tanjung condominiums built on a reclaimed land has blocked the viewoof the sea from Tanjung Tokong

Jalan Tanjung Tokong was what separated the sea from the Malay kampungs
Jalan Tanjung Tokong was what separated the sea from the Malay kampungs
What is probably the last Malay kampung on the northern shores of Penang island, Kampung Mutiara, is also gone. The kampung, which had existed since the 1950s sits on a piece of land that had since come under private ownership.  While the landowner is a private individual, Lim Guan Eng as the Chief Minister had promised the people of Kampung Mutiara that he would intervene. Based on this word given by the Chief Minister the legal representatives of Kampung Mutiara should have applied for an equitable estoppel.

Kampung Mutiara in Batu Ferringhi back in January 2016 - already surrounded by high-rise buildings
Kampung Mutiara in Batu Ferringhi back in January 2016 – already surrounded by high-rise buildings
However, in February 2016, the Kampung Mutiara residents lost their appeal at the Appellate Court and were asked vacate the land and pay legal cost amounting to RM5,000 to the landowner, Peter Loke Leng Seak.

The Malay fishing community of Queensbay (formerly known as Pantai Jerejak) will soon be gone
The Malay fishing community of Queensbay (formerly known as Pantai Jerejak) will soon be gone
Next to suffer are the fishing communities of Queensbay and Teluk Kumbar. Reclamation works is now in full swing in a nearby area and is already affecting the daily catch.  “We used to get RM500 worth of catch daily. Now, we are thankful if we can get RM100. Life has been difficult. We are plagued with debts. What is going to become of us?” said Queensbay fisherman Mohd Rafie Md Said to New Straits Times reporters.

Shahrul Nizal Md Daud, 30, said there were times when he came home empty-handed. “I have a family to feed. I also need to pay for the house and car. “We were given only RM5,000 as compensation. How long can that last us?” Both fishermen said they had no clue as to the purpose of the reclamation, adding that more than 100 fishermen had been given until the end of the month to move out.

Read More :

T-shirt worn by the wife of a Queensbay fisherman expresses the helplessness they feel
T-shirt worn by the wife of a Queensbay fisherman expresses the helplessness they feel
And in Gertak Sanggul where the Malay fishing community fish for shrimps, there is already a plan to reclaim the waters off Gertak Sanggul all the way to the southern island of Pulau Kendi. Some 1,500 Malay shrimp fishermen will be affected.  They have already protested to the State government but their protests have fallen on deaf ears.  This video report, again by My Nation, explains the situation.

These waters off Teluk Kumbar where traditional Malay fishermen look for shrimps will soon be reclaimed
These waters off Teluk Kumbar where traditional Malay fishermen look for shrimps will soon be reclaimed
Livelihoods and traditional Penang communities will be lost and there would certainly be a migration of those marginalised in Penang DAP’s plan for the gentrification of the State.  But what would happen to those who cannot afford to either own a house in Penang or move out?

They become the homeless, the vagrants, the destitute.

When commenting on Tengku Adnan’s move to arrest the homeless and fine soup kitchens two years ago, Lim Guan Eng had this to say:

“I admit that the homeless in the streets is a problem but arresting them is not a solution, just like in Penang, we put them in homes and they escape to live in the streets.”

The truth is far from it.  A quick walk around the KOMTAR building where Lim Guan Eng’s office is located, we found the following:

A homeless person sleeps on the grounds of the KOMTAR building, seat of the Penang State Government under Lim Guan Eng
A homeless person sleeps on the grounds of the KOMTAR building, seat of the Penang State Government under Lim Guan Eng
Web news portal My Nation even shared a video made by one Saiful Abdullah on this issue.

And NGOs tackling the issue of the homeless in Penang all say that there is no government shelter that is being provided for the down-and-out.

Penang is already inhabited by those who can afford to live there which translates into more financial support for the DAP government.  The gentrification of Penang has helped those marginalised to move out of the island in search for more affordable housing and new jobs.  Given that the Chief Minister has been charged in court for corruption and corrupted practices under Section 23 of the Anti-Corruption Act and Section 165 of the Penal Code, yet is still trying to create unnecessary projects in Penang, I don’t think he is interested in helping the Penang people.  As in the words of Trevor D Richardson: “People used to make money, but somewhere along the way, it started making us.

Mulut Puaka

DAP’s Tony Pua is known to many as Tony Puaka as he has the uncanny ability to blurt out stupid and insensible statements. He is known to be a loudmouth who opens his mouth before his brain cells, if any brain at all, could function. In the older days he would be described as “mulut pantat ayam” referring to a certain rear orifice of a hen that is always open.

Tony would have a statement for everything and anything that would boost his ratings in DAP. As a member of the PAC he contradicted the PAC’a findings on 1MDB, the very same findings that he is a signatory of. Tony, being the mulut puaka that he is, also belittled other religions by making very insensitive statements:

His mouth is also a testament to his racist being. Feeling superior as a staunch Christian, he also ridicules other Chinese who are not Christians. This is depicted in a DAP-leaning blog:

The good thing about wanting to project himself as the righteous staunch Christian is that he finally made sense in March 2016 when he said that there is no need for Lim Guan Eng to step down as the Chief Minister of Penang as the latter was only being investigated for corruption. He however added that Lim should step down if charged:

If you think I made this up, you can watch this video of him saying it.

Being a staunch and righteous Christian Tony Pua should not lie and now insist on Lim Guan Eng to go on leave. Don’t use stupid excuses such as “this is different as the charges are politically motivated” because it was not any of the Barisan Nasional component parties that asked Lim Guan Eng to make deals with Phang Li Koon, and it certainly wasn’t any of the Barisan Nasional component parties that made Lim Guan Eng pen his signature on those documents. Yet, when Najib was being investigated you made no qualms about asking him to step down until he clears his name.

How now, Tony? Are you or are you not going to keep to your words and insist on Lim Guan Eng stepping down until the trial process has been exhausted? Or are you, being the PUAKA that you are, going to drop Christianity and Christian values to protect a man, charged for corruption and abuse of power, for political reasons?

Or are you going to do another Rafizi?