Battle of Perception 

It is unusual for politics to dominate the Sunday media. However, Mr Botox and Mahathir have made it on both mass and social media.

Mahathir today claims that Najib risks arrest if he travels overseas. Whether this is in reference to Najib’s upcoming trip to the UN or not, is open to debate. None of the countries where Mr Botox has gone to lodge police reports on 1MDB have initiated anything giving perception that it’s fuck all and there’s nothing that’s wrong with 1MDB’s deals. But a few days before Mr Botox was dragged to the pound, Nurul Izzah was reported by mass media asking for the US’s help to arrest Najib. Today, this report by Straits Times of Singapore was published:

I wonder if there is now a connection between Mahathir and PKR through Mr Botox.

Anyway, if there is no investigation or if an investigation has not been concluded, no arrest can be made. Unless you are brain-dead, you will not fall for Mahathir’s attempt to paint a certain perception.

Spilling The Beans

“A barking dog never bites” they say.

Two hours after he was spotted in discussion with a Caucasian man, Mr Botox was held by the police. (Updated) The police has received a 6-day remand order to question him.

The same people who passed me the photos of that discussion said that he is now starting to spill the beans trying to drag as many people down with him as the ship begins to sink – so much for not being afraid of being arrested.

He reportedly has named a few key people including bloggers paid to discredit the Najib administration. I hope to get more details on this.

At about the same timelast night, owners of the Daddy Anak Party, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng met up with eight prominent businessmen at a high-end restaurant located jn an office building in Damansara Heights. One of them is the Chairman and Group CEO of the company which building houses the restaurant. What also transpired during this meeting is also unknown but among the attendees include people in the aviation and real estate business while another is the CEO of an investment bank.

This has been an interesting week and will get even more interesting soon.

p.s:- anyway the photo above is meant for you to lose your appetite and to spoil your long weekend