Pascal Taknakjadi Jadi

Pascal the crybaby

Pascal Najadi, the darling of Sarawak Report, recently recycled an old question that has been answered.  This time he claims that gangsters had paid USD30 million to assassinate his father.

Of course, Pascal is as credible as Sarawak Report itself, which is even less credible than Bill Clinton’s claim that oral sex is not sex at all.  With great sadness I would like to remind Pascal that his father’s life was far cheaper than the amount he had claimed.

Yes. It only cost RM20,000 to kill Hussain Ahmad Najadi.

For USD30 million, I would rather pay voters RM100 each and get 1.29 million votes. Or kill your father using 10 cruise missiles just to make sure he’s really dead and a further 9 to blow your ass to smithereens (a cruise missile costs approximately USD1.51 million).

Try another story, Pascal. We don’t care.

Or try making peace with your step-mother and give her some of the money you took away mercilessly from her.

She was the one who was by your late father’s side when he breathed his last while you were partying in a foreign land.

Pascal Najadi – Shut The Fuck Up

As usual, Pascal Najadi is on the freight train on the Trans-Siberia railway line while others have arrived at Vladivostok from Moscow, he is still being a bloody buttock of a cow.

He still laments the ‘absence’ of investigation into the assassination of his father when the truth is that even the trial is already over.

Perhaps if he was to cut down his time in Geneva at the Pâquis and spend more time in the real world then he would know that the man who murdered his father actually meant to murder someone else, and his father just happened to be in the right place but at the wrong time .

Get a life Pascal. Go spend your father’s money – the one you have denied your stepmother to, stay being a Swiss and stop meddling in the affairs of Malaysia.