Save Our Soul

When the Save Malaysia declaration was announced on 4th March 2016, the intention was to garner the support of 100,000 Malaysians. It hardly gained any traction. Then the organisers, in an apparent battle for perception, announced that they would go for a million signatures instead.

The funny thing is, in the 69 days of collecting signatures of those who want Najib Razak to step down, they only managed to garner the support of 500,000 people. That translates into 7,246 signatures per day. This was announced by Kamaruddin Jaafar who himself admitted that the petition had missed its deadline. When asked if it would be presented to the Rulers Institution, he equivocated.

Two days later, Quisling-reincarnate Muhyiddin Yassin congratulated the 1.2 million who signed the petition. That is an increase by 700,000 signatures or 350,000 signatures per day!

So who is lying?

You can get 50 million people to sign if you want but it means shit constitutionally. The Yang DiPertuan Agong does not have the power to dismiss the Prime Minister. His Majesty can only appoint a member of Parliament whom His Majesty thinks has the most support in the August House. The only ways to dismiss the Prime Minister through democratic means are for him to lose the election, or for him to lose the support of the Barisan Nasional MPs.

Mahathir knows this hence his drive to oust Najib is a mere drama he’s known to play time and time again. But do his delirious and delusional young apprentices know? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

Looking at the HDR pic above of Mahathir hugging and being hugged by his fellow deceivers why they all cried, I can only deduce two things:

  1. The two deceivers were crying because they knew they were lying to the old man, and,
  2. The old man is crying just to put on a show to deceive his fellow deceivers into thinking that a change of government could soon happen using the 1.2 million signatures.

These crocodile tears shed by Mahathir and his cohorts are nothing new. They are seasoned politicians.

Quisling Muhyiddin cried when he was fired from the Deputy Prime Minister’s post

Mahathir’s son, Boboy, cried when he was fired from his job when he lost the confidence of the state’s assemblymen

Mahathir cried when HE fired HIMSELF from the Prime Minister’s post

So, don’t be fooled by these actors. They use crocodile tears to rile up the sentiments of the public and feed us with blatant lies and take us on a delusional path, constantly recycling old issues even though they have been addressed.

Just save your soul from these rancorous beings.

“Gua pun mau nangis. Bolo punyia anak bili banggalo talak swimming pu!”

4 Conmen

4 Corners? Is that the thing that produced a show on Najib for Australia’s ABC recently?

It seems that Mahathir has lost it totally and is reduced to the role of a vinyl record with a scratch, repeating the same things over and over again.

Let us see what Salleh Said Keruak has to say about the TV story highlighting stale and pathetic issues:


30 March 2016
The Four Corners programme is another attempt by Tun Mahathir to use Western media as part of his Anti-Najib Campaign. Having lost his attempt to topple the Prime Minister in UMNO and in Parliament, Tun Mahathir has no option left but to exploit other channels like Western media, whom he vilified when in power, and join forces with political opponents like Lim Kit Siang, whom he jailed when in power. 


Unfortunately, the journalists accepted the narrative they were presented hook, line and sinker. Weaving together a disparate set of events, they interviewed only Tun Mahathir and members of his Anti-Najib Campaign, who have publicly confirmed their intention to overthrow a democratically-elected government. There is no attempt at balance, and no proof provided to justify the wild claims.
The facts are:
1. Hussain Najadi had no involvement with AmBank since the 1980s. The Prime Minister’s accounts were opened in 2011. By then, Mr Najadi had not been part of Ambank for nearly thirty years, and had no involvement whatsoever in the accounts. Authorities such as the Royal Malaysian Police have confirmed that Mr Najadi never lodged any reports related to the Prime Minister’s accounts while he was alive. The murder of Mr Najadi was comprehensively investigated by the police and court process has taken place. There was no link whatsoever to the Prime Minister. 
2. Kevin Morais’ employer, the Attorney General, has publicly confirmed that Mr Morais was never involved in any investigation relating to 1MDB or the Prime Minister. Furthermore, Mr Morais was transferred from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to the Attorney General’s Chambers in July 2014, a year before the investigation into 1MDB was even launched. It was therefore physically impossible for Mr Morais to have written any 1MDB-related charge sheet. His murder has been comprehensively investigated by the police, following which individuals were charged and will be tried in court. One of those charged was investigated by Mr Morais, but the case had no link to 1MDB or the Prime Minister. 
3. Regarding Altantuya Sharibuu, the Prime Minister has made clear that he did not know, had never met, had never had any communication with and had no link whatsoever with her. Comprehensive legal process has taken place, including police investigations and court trials, including at Malaysia’s High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court. At no point during any of these legal stages was the Prime Minister implicated, even indirectly. The two guilty parties have been convicted and sentenced. They were not the Prime Minister’s personal guards – this is an intentionally misleading allegation that has been used to create false conspiracy theories. They were members of a police unit that provides rotating security for government officials and visiting dignitaries. The Prime Minister was not aware of the actions of the individuals until their arrest. 
It has been confirmed by the police, public prosecutor and the courts that these three tragic deaths were in no way linked to the Prime Minister. As these murders have undergone comprehensive police investigations and court process, these malicious allegations are therefore an affront not just to the Prime Minister, but also to Malaysia’s police, judiciary and criminal justice system as a whole. 
Tun Mahathir and the Anti-Najib Campaign have been trying to attack the Prime Minister on these issues for years. But there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing, and there never will be – because these allegations are entirely false smears motivated by political gain.


Repeating issues is nothing new if it comes from Mahathir. He must have learnt it from someone who used to work for someone like him – a dictator. The name of the person was Paul Joseph Goebbles.

The following picture sums Mahathir up:

Courtesy of Scott Thong

Mendacious Mendeliar

Raja Mendeliar (Raja Mendeliar Kutty) was a traitor of Indian-descent who brought about the fall of the Malaccan Empire. In 1510, he started a rumour campaign against the Prime Minister, Tun Mutahir, that the latter was planning a coup against the Sultan of Malacca. As a result, Tun Mutahir and his whole family were put to death just because of one lie; distrust against Mendeliar and the Sultan by the people weakened the Malaccan government further and Malacca succumbed to the invasion by the Portuguese a year later.

600 years later, Mahathir bin Mohamed Iskandar Kutty, the former Prime Minister who governed with an iron fist for 22 years, is running a similar campaign as his Malayali ancestor in trying to vilify the current Prime Minister. He has brought down one Prime Minister who had refused to dance to his tune and accused the latter as being utterly corrupted – a claim Mahathir has never substantiated after the victim resigned. However, he apparently isn’t as smart as his ancestor was when trying to bring Najib Razak down and has been caught lying so many times and even had to change the goalpost so many times just to try an win a battle of perception.

The latest lie has been exposed by Big Dog and it shows how evil this modern age Mendeliar is.

According to the International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Complimentarity and Jurisdiction, a Head of State, incumbent Head of Governmentand the  incumbent   Foreign Minister enjoy the privileges of immunity from the jurisdiction of any state as long as a crime committed, if any, is not in the form of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

In contrast, Mahathir, who is a former Head of Government, no longer enjoys such immunity. Any form of crime that he commits in and out of Malaysia will put him at risk of being arrested by any country  that has signed a treaty with Malaysia.

Mahathir, the man so filled with hatred and vengeance is currently in Sarajevo, ironically for the 20th celebration of peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He traveled there using the Malaysian government’s private jet, a privilege the government has continued to accord this thankless and selfish man. I assume he still travels using a Malaysian diplomatic passport.

The government should revoke these privileges as he is just the same as any other Ah Kow, Ahmad and Ambalagan in Malaysia. He is a former Prime Minister and he should behave like one instead of trying to rule by proxy and destroy the unity of the people of this nation with his lies.