GE14 Will Be The Dirtiest Elections Ever And This Is Why

Let’s start another lie

Every time election nears, you will see old issues being spun again just to show that the elections will be a dirty one – just so that when they lose again, the same reasons will be put forward to bait the monkeys that support them.

For GE14, Nurul Izzah has chosen to slander the Elections Commission.  The last elections she chose to slander her opponent, Raja Nong Chik.

After a four-year hiatus, Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh is back slandering LYNAS. The LYNAS issue went quiet almost immediately after the last general elections.  Expect more demonstrations in the run-up to the next elections.

Hey! After four years I am hearing the name LYNAS again!

Whatever it may be, no matter if they win more seats or are able to hold on to the states they have been holding on to since 2008, the elections, according to the monkeys at Pakatan, will only get dirtier and dirtier. The country will, to use an ANALogy that the followers of Anwar Ibrahim might understand, “be deep in shit.”

But it is nothing new.  Emperor Lim Kit Siang, the de facto leader of Pakatan said that the previous general elections would be the dirtiest in history.

Everything is dirty according to Emperor Li Kit Siang

Anwar Ibrahim even went to town to claim that 40,000 foreigners, emphasising on Bangladeshis, voted in the last general elections.

Not contented, he issued a statement through PKR’s mouthpiece:

Anwar later claimed that he said no such thing

Even Anwar Ibrahim’s good friend from abroad, Azeem Ibrahim, whose homeland was split into three in 1947 into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, joined in the circus to show his support for Anwar the Schizo.

Azeem Ibrahim also joined in the fray to condemn GE13

Don’t get me started on how they claimed that during the vote counting process, some vote counting centres experienced “blackouts” that resulted in “the victory of the Barisan Nasional.” And like monkeys getting excited at the sight of a plastic banana, the Pakatan supporters converged onto the Kelana Jaya stadium for the ‘Blackout 505’ gathering to hear more lies by Anwar Ibrahim alleging that Bangladeshi, Indonesians and  Filipino voters helped Barisan Nasional win.

However, four months later DAP’s Ong Kian Ming agreed with electiosn watchdog PEMANTAU that no blackout ever occured and there was no evidence whatsoever of any foreign voters tampering with the elections process.

Ong Kian Ming agreeing with PEMANTAU’s findings that no blackout ever occured and no foreigners voted in GE13

And in an about turn, master liar Anwar said he never made claims that there were 40,000 Bangladeshis who voted during GE13.

Speaking from the butt: Mr Anus Ibrahim

And Nurul Izzah who went on a smear campaign against her opponent Raja Nong Chik which led to her victory against the very popular man decided to settle the case out of court and issued an apology to Raja Nong Chik.

Do right and fear no man, until you get caught lying and fear you might lose in court

Pakatan is trapped in its own doings. You have a “son of” who disguised himself as a Malay and now is disguising himself as a Pribumi; you have a puppet President of a party who is Malay first but instead of getting a Cina to masuk Melayu, he masuk Cina.  You have the Secretary-General of a party who claims to have 10 steps to eradicate corruption but he himself was charged in court for corruption; You have a party President who admits to be just a seat-warmer for her jailed husband, wasting taxpayers’ money and voters’ time every time a by-election has to be held so her husband could contest to become a Member of Parliament.

And among themselves, they cannot agree on who is to lead the coalition.  Their solution to that is to desigate three appointments which, in the real sense, has no difference whatsoever other than the spelling and how the are pronounced.

So, the reason GE14 will be another “dirtiest elections in the history of Malaysia” is simply because the monkeys in Pakatan will spew lie after lie to justify their existence, to gain sympathy, and to collect “donation” from monkeys who are stupid enough to part with their money after listening to lies disguised as “issues” that will eventually go quiet after the election is done, only to be brought back to the surface at GE15.

And these are the people who want to save Malaysia…hopefully from them.

Many may have wised up to their antics. But there will always be those who will remain as monkeys.

Monkeysia if Pakatan wins

The Kuantan Criminal

Back in the early 20th Century, we had a menace by the name of Loi Tack (also spelt as Loi Teck). Come the 21st Century, we have Wong Tack. The times may differ but both were and are advocates of criminal force.

Rocky Bru picked up an article of Wong Tack’s criminal threat in a recent Guang Ming Daily’s Sunday Night Edition. Wong Tack was reported to have uttered the following in the event that the Lynas Rare Earth Plant is not closed after the next general election:

“I will personally burn down the rare earth plant!”

If this is not criminal intimidation as stipulated in Section 503 of the Malaysian Penal Code, then I do not know what is.

Such a huge sentence for someone so small. I doubt Wong Tack would utter such threat if he knows he does not have the backing. He has personally stated that his Himpunan Hijau group would support Anwar Ibrahim in the upcoming general election because “…Anwar Ibrahim has promised the rakyat that when they come into power, the rare earth plant and Bukit Koman cyanide gold mine project will be closed.”

Wong Tack reminded that Himpunan Hijau had gotten as far as the Lynas plant’s gates on 31st December 2012, therefore the next step would be “to gate-crash and burn the plant.” Although Himpunan Hijau does not plan for anymore demonstration, Wong Tack stressed tat the group would be helping the Pakatan Rakyat to topple the Barisan Nasional government.

It does not take an engineer to know that when you destroy a plant, you are more likely also to damage or destroy the controls that are already in place to protect the surrounding community as well as environment. To this, Wong Tack said:

“…the action of burning down the plant will not harm anyone because the objective is to stop the rare earth plant from causing harm on people’s health and life.”

When a UN body had reported that Lynas meets all prerequisites to commence safe operations, you get this whiner going around telling people that it is not safe. I hope he knows that half of the daily radiation dosage he receives is from his own home. In fact, after the Three-Mile Island nuclear accident, radioactive iodine was detected at 20 picocuries per liter.

And what is that in layman terms? 355 mL of the slightly radioactive milk above would give you only 1/75 BED….or BANANA EQUIVALENT DOSE. Yes, bananas are more radioactive.

So, for Wong Tack to create unnecessary public alarm and for him to make criminal intimidation shows the desperate nature of politics in Kuantan. Perhaps, someone who backs him up is asking him to do all this. Or even perhaps Wong Tack sees this as a personal economic raison d’être. By any way and means, his logic of burning down the plant yet not harm the surrounding community and environment is childish, but very malicious.

I hope, by his logic, he burns his house down with his children inside to kill the mosquitoes that bug him in his sleep.

Otherwise, please someone, just lock this imbecile up.

Sieg Heil!