Save Our Soul

When the Save Malaysia declaration was announced on 4th March 2016, the intention was to garner the support of 100,000 Malaysians. It hardly gained any traction. Then the organisers, in an apparent battle for perception, announced that they would go for a million signatures instead.

The funny thing is, in the 69 days of collecting signatures of those who want Najib Razak to step down, they only managed to garner the support of 500,000 people. That translates into 7,246 signatures per day. This was announced by Kamaruddin Jaafar who himself admitted that the petition had missed its deadline. When asked if it would be presented to the Rulers Institution, he equivocated.

Two days later, Quisling-reincarnate Muhyiddin Yassin congratulated the 1.2 million who signed the petition. That is an increase by 700,000 signatures or 350,000 signatures per day!

So who is lying?

You can get 50 million people to sign if you want but it means shit constitutionally. The Yang DiPertuan Agong does not have the power to dismiss the Prime Minister. His Majesty can only appoint a member of Parliament whom His Majesty thinks has the most support in the August House. The only ways to dismiss the Prime Minister through democratic means are for him to lose the election, or for him to lose the support of the Barisan Nasional MPs.

Mahathir knows this hence his drive to oust Najib is a mere drama he’s known to play time and time again. But do his delirious and delusional young apprentices know? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

Looking at the HDR pic above of Mahathir hugging and being hugged by his fellow deceivers why they all cried, I can only deduce two things:

  1. The two deceivers were crying because they knew they were lying to the old man, and,
  2. The old man is crying just to put on a show to deceive his fellow deceivers into thinking that a change of government could soon happen using the 1.2 million signatures.

These crocodile tears shed by Mahathir and his cohorts are nothing new. They are seasoned politicians.

Quisling Muhyiddin cried when he was fired from the Deputy Prime Minister’s post

Mahathir’s son, Boboy, cried when he was fired from his job when he lost the confidence of the state’s assemblymen

Mahathir cried when HE fired HIMSELF from the Prime Minister’s post

So, don’t be fooled by these actors. They use crocodile tears to rile up the sentiments of the public and feed us with blatant lies and take us on a delusional path, constantly recycling old issues even though they have been addressed.

Just save your soul from these rancorous beings.

“Gua pun mau nangis. Bolo punyia anak bili banggalo talak swimming pu!”

Chaotic Kedah

Two years ago when I attended a meeting with an armed forces veterans association in Kedah I was briefed on some of the problems the association was facing and they asked me if there was anyone above the level of the State Secretary that I would know. I said I don’t have a direct access to the Menteri Besar but I know a few people who actually do; to which they replied:

“Tak payahlah jumpa Mukhriz, tuan. Dia bukan buat kerja pun! Asyik dok hantaq pegawai dia ja!” (There’s no point in meeting with Mukhriz, sir. He doesn’t work! He only sends his officers (to do his errands)!

I was taken by surprise. I follow Mukhriz’s Instagram account and in the early days as the Menteri Besar he would wear a jubah and attend prayer sessions in the kampungs. Even when the Prime Minister decided that Mukhriz was to become the Menteri Besar in the days leading up to the last general elections I thought it was the most correct decision although many quarters in Kedah was upset.

That all stopped just before the end of Ramadhan last year. After Aidil Fitri his account was filled with selfies with Siti Nurhaliza, Ramli Sarip, Jamal Abdillah and even Upin et Ipin! Nothing wrong with those but I happen to revisit his Instagram timeline to see if there’s any difference then and now.

Is the current chaos about Najib versus Mahathir? I doubt that very much. But the complaint about Mukhriz not meeting the rakyat, associations or even Ketua Bahagians did not stop with the complaint I received two years ago. Another group of veterans from Kedah whom I met at a reunion of Air Force veterans in Kuantan early last year also revealed the same complaints. Therefore it isn’t just the UMNO politicians who are complaining about him but also the normal Joe on the street!

Now whether or not certain UMNO quarters harbour the ambition of becoming the next Menteri Besar or not is a small matter compared to the grouses the rakyat have against Mukhriz’s administration. The complaints range from the only development Mukhriz has brought about in Kedah is to build a mall ona piece of land donated by the First Mufti of Kedah for a mosque to Mukhriz doesn’t run this state, his two officers do. UMNO Kedah insiders apparently know who these two officers are!

While the supporters of Mukhriz quicky claimed that the anti-Mukhriz movement could not gather the numbers when meeting the UMNO President yesterday, the report I received show otherwise:

To remove Mukhriz it would have to be done in accordance with the Kedah State Constitution and that is through the Sultan or Council of Regents, or through a vote in the state legislative council. While majority of the UMNO ADUNs are against Mukhriz, five were absent from the meeting. Assuming the five are for him, the group opposed to him would need the support of both MCA and PAS. Both PKR and the sole rep from Amanah would definitely have to take the cue from their masters in the DAP.

It is very important for those in UMNO opposed to Mukhriz to get a majority support because this can be quite different to the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis.

On a side note, Mahathir once changed the Kedah Menteri Besar despite getting much opposition from the Kedah UMNO but of course “My Way” was Mahathir’s way, and he believes it still is. A lesson for Mukhriz and others to learn, and Mukhriz has recently agreed with is that you can only remove a leader through legal means, and this will be a lesson he will long remember.

The irony of it all is Muhyiddin’s latest press statement in support of Mukhriz . This coming from a coward who backstabs his boss in order to be on top is surely the joke of the year this far.

This Brutus-wannabe ought to keep his dirty mouth shut and continue reading his two favourite tabloids for facts and continue living in a dream world.

Dear Mukhriz 

The author of the message to Mukhriz below was written by someone whom I have known since 1970.


Dear Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, JP
I’ve written some humble words of comfort and advice to you and sent them to your private number only to find that all my messages to you over the years have not even been read. U didn’t even bother to read them, what more offer some kind of response. I realised that I was not very important to u, when I watched u in pain trying to remember my name at an accidental meeting. It’s a very simple name sir with only four letters. So every other next sightings of u, I try to spare u frm the same pain. I will just wave u from afar, and u’d return it with your generous and brilliant smile. 
My message is simple and if u’d care to read it, it’ll make me very happy indeed. If u’d act on it, it’ll make me proud. I will refrain making any analysis of issues surrounding the situation firstly bcos uve ignored those same ones in the past so I won’t bark at the same tree twice. Secondly I don’t really want to waste my time if uve always considered me wasting yours. I’ve made appointments without success since u took office, even at the time I was a division head. Politics unmanaged is influence lost. Perhaps u were advised that I was a trouble maker, and perhaps they’re right. I blame u mostly for the results of Kuala Kedah elections but that’s for another day. 
Today, I want u to be successful. I want u to show the world what ure made off… Of sterner stuff, I pray. And, stepping out of the shell and shadow of dear old dad at last. 
Anyone can be a billionaire or a glamorous politician just being son of the greatest Malaysian leader DrM. But can he be a leader on his own? This is a test for u sir. 
An anwar styled ‘rakyat’s’ uprising. I don’t think that’ll be very successful since your oratory skills are short of inspirational. Nevertheless money can buy show of force and rental of many buses, but can it be sustained?
Your cyberteam can prolong a perception war, but if ure no longer MB, the team would slowly dispurse as power attracts and no power dispells. 
Best for u now, is to call for calm. To say in your press release that, saya menyerahkan keputusan seluruhnya kepada pucuk pimpinan yg telah memberi keyakinan kepada saya selama ini.’ 
Secondly, please call the Prime Minister whom you have never voluntarily called to explain and report to him on the situation. 
The issue now, is not between u and him, mukhriz and najib, but between u and the 15 bahagians which have lost confidence in u ( including yours). 
The third action is to call them for a meeting since ure still party head of Kedah, so they can tell that they have lost confidence in u to your face and be answerable to your cross examination. 

On this point I am truly perplexed that u haven’t the faintest idea this was coming and not addressed them early. Ignoring phone messages is not same as ignoring a coup my friend. U can turn this around and still comeout smelling like roses if u chose to. A leader is measured by how he handles a challenge and comes out of a trial. 
Be that man or do the honorable.
Latt Shariman Abdullah

Bangsal Kambing


When Islamists Worship Money

“This is the Book; In it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God” (Qur’an, 2:2)

For Muslims who are not familiar with this verse, this is the second verse from al-Baqarah. This verse talks about the Quran as a guidance for those who fear God, and serves as part of the epistemological parameters for the Quran. In other words, if you say you live on the path of Allah, you should heed to this verse. If you say you uphold Islam, this is the verse you should not veer from this. Furthermore, God said:

“…Nothing have We omitted from the Book…” Qur’an, 6:38

For 20 years, the so-called Islamist government in Kelantan have been raping the jungles of Lojing, and most recently the land given to DAP duo, Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming. (read here for more.)


The so-called Islamist government of Kedah managed to outdo Kelantan in a short five years. Pedu Lake where I used to go back in the 1990s is now hardly recognisable. Blatant uncontrolled logging have stripped the virgin jungle bare! And this is definitely unIslamic.

As the unquestionable guidance for mankind, the Quran mentions about the role of man as the guardian of God’s Earth:

“It is He who has made you (His) vicegerents, inheritors of the earth: He has raised you in ranks, some above others: that He may try you in the gifts He has given you: for your Lord is quick in punishment: yet He is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” Qur’an, 6:165

But this does not mean that man’s vicegerency does not come unobserved:

“Then We made you heirs in the land after them, to see how you would behave!” Qur’an, 10:14


Obviously, the government of the states of Kedah and Kelantan have misbehaved. The two state governments, led by members of an Islamist party, seem to prefer selling their soul for filthy lucre than to uphold the Words of God Himself as they portray themselves to the masses.

Looking at the pictures of Lojing and Pedu above, what justification do you think the two states’ government have to cause such damage? Pedu is so far away from civilisation, and so is Lojing, that it would be incomprehensible that such a magnitude of destruction was done in the name of development. As believing God’s Messengers and His Prophets is part of the six Pillars of Islamic Faith, Muhammad (pbuh) saying below should serve as a reminder not just to the two states’ government, but also to ALL Muslims who support them without question:

“He who cuts a lote-tree [without justification], God will send him to Hellfire.” (At-Tirmidhi #5239


On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Mukhriz Mahathir led a group of people to protest the destruction of the Pedu ecology and the mismanagement of natural resources by the Kedah state government.

Mukhriz reminded the 10,000 who congregated at the water catchment site that the Kedah state government had plundered the area for personal economic gains with little regard for the environment and how it would affect the people of the state. He then led them in a tree-planting effort to help revive the plundered land. Even legendary singer, Zainal Abidin, known for his support for the environment, was there to lend his support.


This is the kind of effort that Muslims should support, one that preserves God’s Earth as required in the Quran. Islam encourages the planting of trees. When done intentionally for the sake of God, they are considered and rewarded as acts of worshipping. Jaber reported that the Prophet [S.A.A.S] said:

“No Muslim, who plants a shoot, except that whatever is eaten or stolen from it, or anyone obtains the least thing from it, is considered [like paying] almsgiving on his behalf until the Day of Judgment.”(Muslim)

Remember Allah’s warning:

“But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down …” Qur’an, 20:124

The million-dollar question now emerges for the Muslims who have been supporting PAS:

Should you support the one upholding acts favoured by Allah and Muhammad, or will you continue to support the ones who use Allah and Muhammad for their own interests?