Pulau Pinang Values Life At RM400 Only

The video above by Fahmi Hamid on the devastation caused by the recent foods in the Farlim area of Pulau Pinang is proof of Tokong Lim Guan Eng’s failure to keep his promise to rid the island-state of its floods problems within the first term of his administration.

Last year the DAP-led government blamed the Federal Government for the floods

Over-development, excessive hill-clearing activities have long been identified as the culprit of the never-ending flash floods in Pulau Pinang.  As a person who lived on the island for three years, I can vouch that compared to what the flash floods of the late 1980s and early 1990s looked like, the flash floods of recent years are of biblical proportions.

Yet, as seen in the above and following screenshots, the DAP-led government consistently blames others for its failures.  Last year, Jagdeep Singh Deo blamed the Federal Government for failing to cough up RM321 million in allocations for a flood mitigation project.

However, it has been revealed that the Tokong had pleaded ignorance of a reprimand by the Auditor-General in the 2016 report tabled in July 2017 that the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai had not dispensed its RM22.09 million drainage contribution to the state’s Department of Irrigation and Drainage.

How can the DAP government led by Tokong claim to be efficient when it doesn’t even know that there is a Auditor-General report that has reprimanded it?

That is how efficient the DAP-led Pulau Pinang state government that the voters had voted in to see change.  They don’t read reports, they don’t even make an attempt to fulfill promises, and conveniently blame others.

Yet they got voted in again for the second term because people in Pulau Pinang love the free water the Tokong is providing them from time to time, not to mention achieving the higher than the national average cancer cases in Sungai Lembu alone.  Penang-lang love records and achievements.

RM2 billion had been given to Pulau Pinang between 2006 and 2010 for flood mitigation projects, a four-year period which half of it was under the DAP administration.

Zainal Abidin Osman (BN-Pulau Pinang) said that RM1.493 billion had already been allocated

DAP Pulau Pinang Exco Chow Kow Yeow said that only RM305 million had been received by the state government.  However, the Tokong admitted that it could be due to his state government’s inaction over the Auditor-General’s report that had caused the funds to be withheld.

Tokong admitted the failure of his state government to act on the Auditor-General’s report

The failure of the DAP-led state government of Pulau Pinang under Lim Guan Eng’s leadership has caused untold losses that can never be recouped.  The DAP state government could pay RM177.5 million to a consultant for a paper that is far from being completed but cannot fork out the same amount to mitigate floods in Pulau Pinang.

This year alone two major flash floods have caused misery to thousands including the loss of two lives since July 2017.

On 14 July 2017, Lim Kean Chuan, 59, drowned when he fell into a monsoon drain during the flash floods at Jalan Sungai Ara.

Kean Chuan had parked his car by the roadside to walk to higher ground after being inundated by the flood waters. He, however, fell into the monsoon drain as the high water levels obstructed the drain’s opening from view.

In last week’s flash floods, Noor Afidah Yahunas, 30, fell from her motorcycle into a culvert in Paya Terubong, and was found caught between tree branches by rescuers in a river near Bukit Jambul, 1.5 kilometers away from where she fell nearly 24 hours after she was reported missing.

Yet, the Tokong had announced, on 15 November 2016, a state budget allocation of RM220 million for 2017, independent of the Federal allocation, for the mitigation of floods.  The question is, what has happened to this RM220 million?  Since 2017 is almost over, whose pocket has it gone into?

Penang-lang should be questioning the Tokong and Chow Kow Yeow on this missing allocation

And to make Pulau Pinang people affected by the floods happy again, the Tokong will give them RM400 as a one-off payment for their miseries.

RM400 for your misery, and for that one life lost because of the incompetency of the DAP-led government

And I am sure with the RM400 payment, people in Pulau Pinang will forgive the Tokong for his incompetency, jump with joy, forget the destroyed electronics inside their car, ignore the deaths caused, and vote for DAP once again.

That is how much the DAP values your life, dear Pulau Pinang voters.  Only RM400.

Pulau Pinang’s Pot-Smoking Initiatives Are Better

What has he been sniffing?

Between 2008 and 2010, the number of registered drug addicts in Pulau Pinang increased from 1,622 in 2008 to 3,753 in 2010.

Tokong’s Political Secretary Wong Hon Wai must have been smoking something when he told reporters yesterday that Pulau Pinang has better anti-corruption initiatives than that of the MACC.  Probably, he has been breathing the same air as the Tokong for far too long and has become as delusional, or psychopathic, as the Tokong has.

He said that since 2008, when DAP first came to power in Penang, it had adopted 10 initiatives to show its commitment to be a corruption-free state.  They include:

  1. Selling off government land in exchange for the opportunity for an under-priced purchase of a bungalow on Jalan Pinhorn by Tokong…okay, it has no swimming pool;
  2. Award projects to a company that has a paid-up capital 1,900 percent below the level stated in the government guideline;
  3. Allowing the Chief Minister to practice corruption and have him charged in court for graft;
  4. Pay a company 400 times more than the scheduled fees according to the Board of Engineers for a feasibility study.
  5. Construct the 19.5km Penang Island Link 1 (PIL-1) at RM7.5 billion, or RM385 million per km;
  6. Increase water tariffs several times since coming into power in 2008 to cover the 500 percent increase in the State Government’s annual operating expenditure;
  7. Allowing Kumpulan PDC Pulau Pinang (Penang Development Corporation) to register a pre-tax loss of RM17.18 million in 2015 despite selling off RM1.94 billion worth of government land since 2008;
  8. Pulau Pinang’s only affordable housing project gets planning approval from Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang within 233 days; the Federal Government’s affordable housing project gets its planning approval from the MBPP in 516 days; yet a luxury condominium project built on a former government land given as payment to the company that has been awarded the Penang Tunnel project had its approval done by MBPP in just EIGHT (8) DAYS;
  9. The Klang Valley’s 37km LRT3 project which includes 2km of tunnel costs RM9 billion, or RM243 million per km.  Yet Pulau Pinang’s 30km LRT cost is at RM8.4 billion or RM280 million per km.  This went up by RM1.4 billion from the previous year;
  10. Suing every journalist that questions or highlight the lack of integrity of the Pulau Pinang State Government.

So, if the standard of anti-corruption in Pulau Pinang is higher, then Wong Hon Wai should just tell the state government to sign the MACC’s pledge because there should not be any compliance issue.

I challenge you, Hon Wai, to do so.

DAP Caught Lying Again

Works Minister Fadillah Yusof today issued a statement revealing that DAP Pulau Pinang’s Exco member Chow Kow Yeow had lied again about the cost of the consultation fees paid for three roads leading to the proposed Pulau Pinang Tunnel.

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Fadillah said the DAP justification that the RM177.5 million payment was not an overprice as 10 additional components was just a double-counting  as the 10 additional components mentioned by Chow Kow Yeow were found to be sub-componens of either the detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA) or in the feasibility studies, or the detailed design.

His Ministry noted that that the total pre-construction consultancy fees for the 20km of roads is RM208.7 million where RM31.2 milion is for the feasibility studies and RM177.5 million is for the detailed design.

Late in June 2017, Chow Kow Yeow had disputed Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s claim that the DAP-led Pulau Pinang government had overpaid for something that should have cost a lot less, saying that there were 10 other job scopes that caused the cost to be as such.

Besides consultation fee, the RM177.5mil mentioned by Abdul Rahman was also used for 10 other job scopes,” said Chow at a press conference after visiting the Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia head office in Jalan Seang Tek.

I suppose he muts have used the DAP’s version of Microsoft Excel to calculate the fees.

Pulau Pinang Should Be Left To Be Plundered By Guan Eng

A dog cooked alive by people in China

A day ago, a video of a dog being cooked alive in a large wok made its rounds on the Internet.  As sickening as it was, I cannot help but think of the helpless dog as Pulau Pinang, the cook Lim Guan Eng, and the laughing crowd are the Pulau Pinang voters whom has allowed outsider Guan Eng to continue to plunder the island, literally screwing the locals painfully from behind while telling them that it is for their own good while only he is pleasured by the act.

Coincidentally today is the anniversary of Corrupt Minister Lim Guan Eng’s arrest for corrupt practices including using his office and position to influence the price of a property that he had bought.

So much for boasting that he would fight back to clear his name, he has been avoiding trial by claiming many things including that the Act used to arrest him is unconstitutional.  Even blabber-mouthed Tony Pua dared not walk the talk to ask the Tokong to step down from his post – and this has been almost 16 months to the date ball-less Tony Pua said to reporters that the Tokong should step down if charged for corruption.

Since then it has been “ops normal” for the Tokong, running Pulau Pinang like his little own business, selling virtually everything except the backside of the people of Pulau Pinang thus far. He is still not done screwing them from behind.

Not only has he not been able to answer or refute any of the allegations made by the Barisan Nasional, especially on the Pulau Pinang Tunnel project issue, he has been asking his little dog Chow Kow Yeow to do the answering for him, and like the dog in the video Chow Kow Yeow got into hot soup – literally.

Today, a former Pulau Pinang City councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui made a shocking revelation.  In an open letter, today Dr Lim claims that

a developer wants to develop a big project to build 600 high-rise apartments, even though 43 percent of their land exceeds a 25-degree gradient and qualifies as sensitive hill land.

This land was registered as hill land under the Pulau Pinang Land Conservation Act 1960, which means no development is allowed.

However, the developer bought the land in 2010 anyway and applied to the Pulau Pinang State Government in 2011 for the land to be released from protected status.

In the same year in Dec 2011, the State Planning Committee (SPC) approved the release and allowed the development in to commence the same month upon payment of just RM1 million from the developer.

Dr Lim made headlines in December 2016 when he walked out of the City Council before the expiration of his term.

In March last year, he was involved in a heated exchange with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng during an NGO dialogue session over parking woes, road-widening projects and the council enforcement’s car-towing figures. Later in June 2016 he sent a letter to Unesco expressing fears that the PTMP would jeopardise George Town’s World Heritage Site status while in July 2016, Dr Lim criticised the state’s Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and suggested an alternative better, cheaper, faster transport master plan.

According to Dr Lim, the gazetted Penang Structure Plan explicitly forbade development on sensitive hill land unless it is a “special project” approved by the state government. How a housing project could have been approved by MBPP under the rubric of “special project” is the subject of contention in this legal case.

What does Tokong care about the plight of the lower income group in Pulau Pinang? As long as money can be made to finance the ever-growing state government expenditure, everything is alright to them.  People who love the greenery, and fishermen can go fly kites for all he care.

The T-shirt worn by the wife of a Queensbay fisherman says it all

Not only has the Pulau Pinang state government’s operating expenditure has risen exponientially compared to when DAP took over the island from BN, parking charges, rates and water tariffs too have been on the increase to finance the extravagance. Just look at how much the spending by the state government under the Tokong has increased in just nine years.

The last seven years under BN compared to the years under DAP

To divert the attention of the people, Tokong today tried to stir the almost dead DoJ issue.  Despite the DoJ documents not listing MO1 or wife of MO1 as people affected by the investigation, and documented evidence that the misappropriated money used by Jho Low et al to purchase priceless goods have nothing to do with the 1MDB, he insists that that is the cause of the economy going bad leading to the government having to implement the GST which in turn led to the higher cost of living.

This does not explain why Saudi Arabia has decided to impose VAT in January 2018 and began a BR1M-like cash-transfer program for its lower income citizens.

Tokong’s argument also does not explain why the Singaporean economy will continue to be sluggish even without a 1MDB.

Nor does it explain oil-rich Venezuela’s extremely high inflation rates and the near-collapse of its economy.

Al Jazeera’s graph showing Venezuela’s volcanic inflation rate

The Tokong also dismissed claims that the DoJ suit is Opposition-driven, and was planned by the Opposition.

He said the United States could have used military might and need not file civil suits in its own country if it wanted to topple the Malaysian government.

US can use military instead of legal suit to topple government screams DAP and Malaysian Incite

This prompted Parti Cina Malaysia’s Deputy President, Datuk Huan Cheng Guan, to lodge a police report against the statement made by Tokong.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan posing with his police report made against the Tokong

I don’t know if the Pulau Pinang people who are not like Penang Lang Datuk Huan Cheng Guan actually care if the Tokong wants gwei loh to run the country. Gawky Ah Lians who support the DAP and blackened their profile pics on Facebook during the last general election won’t mind having gwei lohs running the country either.  It probably makes them feel extra superior.

Of course, Pulau Pinang people have a price, and a cheap one too.  For a mere RM1 million, like Tokong, you too can screw their behind.  And they seem to love how Tokong does it to their backside while he continues to steal from them.

Bungling Bungalow Buyer

Ah Beng damn buay sai one – pic by NSTP

Corrupt Minister Lim Guan Eng a.k.a Tokong must be pretty livid at being attacked left, right and center.  We are not just talking about the attacks by members of his opponent parties, but also from his own party, the DAP.

Guan Eng was charged in court for corruption after abusing his position to purchase a RM4.7 million bungalow at No.25 Jalan Pinhorn for only RM2.8 million.  This was in return for the sale of a state land at Taman Manggis to a developer linked to the bungalow.

On Tuesday, BN’s Abdul Rahman Dahlan questioned the Pulau Pinang DAP-led government’s act to overpay by 400 percent above the gazetted scale of fees the feasibility studies and detailed design fees to concession holders.  Lim Guan Eng’s government paid RM31.3 million for the feasibility studies for 20.23 kilometers of road, and an additional RM177.5 million for the same for the detailed designs bringing the total paid to RM208.8 million.

Rahman Dahlan (center) holding up the Pulau Pinang Public Accounts Report 2016 that mentions the cost of the feasibility studies and detailed designs

This is way above the RM41 million calculated by the Malaysian Board of Engineers based on the gazetted scale of fees.  The project was signed in late 2013 and was supposed to have commenced in 2015 to be completed in 2018.  The project has yet to take off.

The 20.23 kilometers of roads are namely the 10.53km Tanjung Bungah-Teluk Bahang paired road; the 5.7km Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu-Air Itam bypass and the 4km Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu-Persiaran Gurney bypass..  These roads were supposed to be linked to the proposed Pulau Pinang undersea tunnel to the mainland which feasibility study has yet to be finalised despite the several changes of deadline.

The feasibility study for the undersea tunnel, promised to be completed at end of 2016 by Lim Guan Eng himself, has thus far cost RM305 million.  In April 2017, the Tokong announced that the study is only 87 percent completed and would be submitted to the Works Ministry in October 2017.

Tokong has also come under fire for excessively destroying the environment from within the DAP ranks.  Teh Chee Yau, the ADUN for Tanjung Bungah, has repeatedly protested the destruction of the environment namely the uprooting of old trees to make way for unnecessary widening of roads, as well as the sand dredging and reclamation projects offshore.

Veteran DAP lawmaker Tan Seng Giaw also voiced his concern against the excesses in Pulau Pinang in his Facebook and Twitter postings.

Retaliating to MCA Pulau Pinang Chief’s reference to Seng Giaw’s Facebook posting, Tokong, who is a unChristian habitual liar said that Seng Giaw had been incommunicado since the beginning of the year and will be dealt with internally.  Seng Giaw hit back by saying it is not true that he is incommunicado.

Perhaps, Tokong only knows how to use the Internet to spread lies on social media but does not know that besides searching for porn and spreading lies, the Internet could also be used to send messages through E-mail, WhatsApp and other media.

Tokong may be a bungling bungalow buyer, lying through his teeth and hope people will buy his lies. But you have to give it to him for believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel he is not looking at.  Perhaps, people in DAP and Pulau Pinang can help him see the light even better by giving him the boot.

Lim Guan Eng peeping into the tunnel – adapted from Bill Day’s cartoon at http://www.smartcitymemphis.com/cartoon/light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-a-bill-day-cartoon/

RM305 Juta Hanya Untuk Kertas?

Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Pengarah Strategik Komunikasi Barisan Nasional
6 Mei 2016
Untuk Siaran Segera
1. Pada November 2015, seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) BN dari Pulau Pinang mengemukakan usul pada Sidang DUN supaya semua projek tambakan laut di negeri itu dibentang untuk pendengaran awam sebelum dimuktamadkan. 

Bagaimanapun, lima ADUN PKR tidak mengundi manakala seorang wakil rakyat DAP menyokong usul berkenaan.

Insiden itu menimbulkan kemarahan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang merangkap Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng, yang mendakwa tindakan enam ADUN itu sebagai ‘menikamnya dari belakang’.
2. Susulan itu, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang memecat dua ADUN PKR berkenaan daripada menjadi pengerusi anak syarikat Kerajaan Negeri pada Februari 2016. Tempat mereka diganti oleh dua Ahli Parlimen DAP, masing-masing dari Negeri Sembilan dan Selangor.


3. Pada 24 Februari 2016, seorang daripada ADUN PKR yang dilucutkan jawatan, YB Cheah Kah Peng, mendedahkan kepada media, antara sebab enam ADUN PKR dan DAP memutuskan untuk tidak menentang usul BN adalah berikutan Laporan Jalan Utama dan Projek Terowong yang disediakan oleh Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Awam negeri.
Laporan berkenaan menyatakan, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju membayar RM138, 971, 572.61 bagi laporan kajian kebolehlaksanaan dan reka bentuk apabila laporan kebolehlaksanaan Terowong Pulau Pinang serta laporan Penilaian Impak Alam Sekitar (EIA) tidak disiapkan.


YB Cheah dilaporkan berkata, ramai ADUN mendapati sukar membuat justifikasi terhadap bayaran sebesar itu bagi kajian kebolehlaksanaan.  
4. Berdasarkan kajian kami dan kenyataan umum Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang, kami percaya bayaran itu adalah sebahagian daripada sejumlah RM305 juta yang diperuntukkan untuk kajian kebolehlaksanaan, reka bentuk terperinci dan laporan EIA bagi projek Terowong Pulau Pinang serta tiga laluan berkaitan.
RM305 juta hanya untuk kertas kerja asas.
5. Kami berkongsi kebimbangan 6 ADUN berkenaan yang menyifatkan RM305 juta adalah harga yang amat tinggi untuk dibayar bagi sekadar kertas kerja dan laporan. Tambahan pula, keperluan pelaksanaan projek itu masih diragui susulan pergerakan trafik di Jambatan Pulau Pinang yang secara umumnya masih rendah.
Kami yakin, peruntukan sejumlah RM305 juta boleh dimanfaatkan untuk kebajikan penduduk Pulau Pinang. Jumlah RM305 juta adalah dua kali ganda berbanding RM176 juta yang dibelanjakan Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang dari tahun 2009 hingga 2015 bagi Program Kebajikan Emas khusus buat warga tua, ibu tunggal, mereka yang mempunyai keperluas khas, pelajar, suri rumah, bayi baharu dilahirkan dan mahasiswa.
6. Lebih-lebih lagi, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang melantik Consortium Zenith BUCG (CZBUCG) untuk menyediakan laporan kebolehlaksanaan ini bagi menentukan kesesuaiannya. CZBUCG adalah syarikat sama yang akan melaksanakan projek itu jika didapati bersesuaian.
Jelas sekali, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang tidak memahami istilah “percanggahan kepentingan.” 
Malah, syarikat subkontraktor pertama yang dilantik oleh CZBUCG pada tahun 2013 bagi melakukan kajian kebolehlaksanaan ialah Astral Supreme Construction Sdn Bhd, yang mengakui gagal menyiapkan laporan itu pada Ogos 2014.


Pemeriksaan lanjut di Pendaftar Syarikat (RoC) mendedahkan CZBUCG adalah pemegang saham utama yang mengawal pemegang saham Astral Supreme — sekali lagi menampilkan berlakunya percanggahan kepentingan.
Ketika projek berkenaan dianugerahkan pada tahun 2013, CZBUCG dilaporkan berkata, laporan berkenaan dijangka siap menjelang April 2014.


Selepas banyak kali tertangguh, kami kini dimaklumkan laporan kajian kebolehlaksanaan itu ditunda lagi ke tarikh yang tidak dinyatakan – gambaran bahawa keseluruhan projek itu akan ditangguh.
Beberapa laporan media menyatakan paling awal keseluruhan projek itu dapat disiapkan ialah pada tahun 2025.
7. Laporan kepada Bursa Malaysia oleh Ewein Berhad bertarikh 31 Mac 2015, mengesahkan Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang membuat pembayaran pertama pada 17 Februari 2015, dalam bentuk kawasan perdana di tepi laut. Berdasarkan maklumat Bursa, syarikat usaha sama syarikat Ewein telah membeli kawasan tanah berkenaan daripada CZBUCG.    

8. Pendedahan lanjut oleh Ewein Berhad menunjukkan dua perjanjian bertarikh 28 Disember 2015 dan 15 Januari 2016 telah ditandatangani untuk membeli dua lagi plot kawasan perdana tepi laut berhampiran Gurney Drive daripada CZBUCG.


Jika dihitung, ketiga-tiga perjanjian ini membabitkan pembelian tanah bernilai RM3.14 bilion daripada CZBUG yang sudah atau akan diberi oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang sebagai bayaran projek walaupun kajian kebolehlaksanaan belum disiapkan.
9. Difahamkan, kos RM6.3 bilion bagi keseluruhan projek akan dibiayai oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menerusi bayaran dalam bentuk tanah perdana tepi laut kekal yang dikenal pasti seluas 110 ekar, dinilai mengikut harga tahun 2013.
Apa yang menimbulkan persoalan ialah mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menetapkan harga tanah perdana mengikut harga tahun 2013 bagi projek yang hanya akan disiapkan 12 tahun akan datang iaitu pada tahun 2025?
Oleh kerana tanah perdana pinggir laut Pulau Pinang adalah aset cepat meningkat nilainya, ini bermakna kawasan seluas 110 ekar itu akan bernilai dua atau tiga kali ganda menjelang tahun 2025 – bermakna projek itu akhirnya akan menyebabkan rakyat Pulau Pinang menanggung kos RM20 bilion atau lebih.
10. Sebagai tambahan kepada membiayai sepenuhnya kos RM6.3 bilion itu, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang turut memberi CZBUCG konsesi selama 30 tahun untuk mengutip tol bagi terowong berkenaan.
Ini jauh berbeza dengan amalan biasa perjanjian konsesi yang mana syarikat konsesi akan membiayai projek dan mengutip tol bagi memperoleh kembali pelaburan mereka.
Dalam hal ini, nampaknya Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang akan membiayai keseluruhan pembinaan bagi membolehkan syarikat terbabit mengaut keuntungan dan menikmati keuntungan pada masa depan menerusi kutipan tol.
Dan bukankah jalan bertol bertentangan dengan manifesto Pakatan?


11. Pendedahan berterusan berkaitan Taman Manggis dan banglo Ketua Menteri di Jalan Pinhorn yang dijual pada harga lebih rendah berbanding nilai pasaran, menarik tumpuan terhadap pelbagai perjanjian tanah negeri itu oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang sejak tahun 2008 bernilai RM40 bilion atau lebih.
Sehubungan itu, kami mendesak Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menjelaskan perkara yang berkenaan: 
1) Jelaskan mengapa kos keseluruhan pelbagai kajian mengenai projek itu yang pada dasarnya adalah kertas kerja, boleh mencecah sehingga RM305 juta?
2) Apakah penanugerahan untuk melakukan kajian ini dibuat secara tender terbuka? Jika ya, tolongan jelaskan mengapakah kajian kebolehlaksanaan awal dianugerahkan kepada pihak yang tidak melantik perunding atau pakar sepatutnya untuk melengkapkan tugas itu sebelum mengakui ia tidak boleh dilakukan.
3) Mengapa syarikat swasta itu menerima bayaran pendahuluan berjumlah RM139 juta walaupun kajian belum disiapkan?
4) Jika kajian kebolehlaksanaan mendapati projek tidak sesuai diteruskan, apakah Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang akan memperoleh kembali RM139 juta yang sudah dibayar?


5) Apakah syarikat swasta itu didenda kerana kegagalan menepati tarikh akhir projek yang dipersetujui?


6) Walaupun bersetuju membiayai sepenuhnya kos pembinaan, mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju memberi konsesi tol selama 30 tahun kepada syarikat terbabit.
7) Mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju membayar dengan menggunakan 110 ekar tanah perdana di tepi laut – bernilai RM6.3 bilion pada tahun 2013 – bagi projek yang hanya akan disiapkan paling awal pun pada tahun 2025, dengan mengambil kira kawasan yang telah dikenal pasti ini mungkin bernilai dua atau tiga kali ganda berbanding RM6.3 bilion pada tahun 2025?
Apakah ini bermakna kos sebenar projek bagi rakyat Pulau Pinang boleh melonjak tiga kali ganda dan mencecah RM20 bilion?