Drama Queers

Democratic Action Party.

As the saying in Manglish goes, “Action only!

There is nothing democratic about the DAP. They kill off opposition within the party every time someone breathes dissent.

PKR’s ADUN for Hutan Melintang, S Kesavan, went on a hunger strike to protest the Election Commission’s “failure” to address several concerns including the registration of fraudulent voters in his constituency in Perak.

He began his hunger strike at 11am on 22 June 2017 and was supposed to end it on 24 June 2017 at 11am.

Hardly 10 hours later he was rushed to the hospital, possibly after smelling mutton curry being cooked at one of the restaurants nearby.

At 9am he was already craving for tosai with mutton curry.

Muslims particularly in Northern Europe this year fast at least 16 hours a day for a month. Muslims in Malaysia including children that have reached puberty fast 13 hours a day. Here, you have a wimpy pathetic attention-deficient ADUN who can’t even last 10 hours.

As usual, quick to take advantage of the pathetic situation is the pathetic representative of the DAP, Nga Kor Ming.

Commenting on the incident Ah Ming aka Ming Yuen blames the Barisan Nasional government for S Kesavan’s ill-health.

He said the people must vote against the BN because of that.

I would rather people vote out stupid representatives.  Those who voted in S Kesavan voted someone who is bloody lazy, did not do his work properly, and is now seeking attention to show that he is actually doing something when all he could have done was to obtain a ‘C’ Form from the Election Commission, fill in the names of those whom he think should not be voting in his constituency, and pay RM10 for each name he wants out.

Instead of doing so, he elected to go on a hunger strike when he knew it wouldn’t solve anything, get as much political mileage from it, and blame others for his stupidity.

Those who voted in Ming Yuen are equally at fault for voting in another moron. All he does is yap away on social media like some pig heavily infested with tapeworms.

So I tried engaging Ming Yuen on Twitter.  

This is how he replied to me.

This is how democratic the DAP is. Always criticising others but will react adversely when criticised.

But this is all about leadership by example. He has an equally undemocratic teacher.

Anwar’s Lawyer Says It Is Not Sinful To Use His Butt Lovingly

Afiq M Noor, the former ASSistant Manager for Sisters In Islam (SIS) and a lawyer who once represented convicted sodomist Anwar Ibrahim claims that nowhere does Islam condemn LGBT.

He said in those days there was no consensual sodomy but only acts of aggression and rape.

He said that in Surah Al-A’raf verse 80 God specifically mentioned sodomists and not homosexuals.

I now know that straight people bugger male bungholes just to express anger and to humiliate the person because he can.

Of course he knows Arabic better than any of the scholars that have gone through the Quran for 1500 years.

This is what I call “selective quoting” of the Quran. By selecting only Verse 80 of Al-A’raf he deduced that Islam allows LGBT.

Of course if he was not being selective, he would have seen the next verse which is 81 where Allah said:

“Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people.”

Desire doesn’t sound like rape or aggression with the intention to humiliate at all. It just says that the person loves to be in deep shit (pun intended).

Let us take another example from Ash-Shura verses 165 and 166:

Do you approach males among the worlds” (165). 

And leave what your Lord has created for you as mates? But you are a people transgressing.”(166)

So these males who rape other males rape only males? But they do so with desire? And leave women folks? Does that not sound gay to you?

And in An-Naml verse 55, Allah said:

Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly.”

So Allah talked about men who desire other men instead of women. And these are rapists who are out to shame other men? If they so desire, why don’t they desire to sodomise women instead?

Perhaps he is trying to find a way for people to go up his Hershey Highway, or was borne through one.

Shut Up, Sotong!

Shut up, says the person who has lost court cases for not stating facts and lie to the people

Shut up if you don’t have the facts,” said PKR’s Rafizi Ramli to Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki on the latter’s claim that Tabung Haji (TH) has initiated a suit against him (Rafizi). In his Facebook Dr Asyraf has refused to debate with Rafizi on an issue involving TH saying that it isnow  a legal issue between TH and Rafizi.

Rafizi, however, is most famous for getting sued for making false allegations and getting his ‘facts’ wrong, and lose in court.

In 2012, he made allegations that funds from a government defence contractor was used to purchase 80 percent stake in Astacanggih Sdn Bhd. The then Defence Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, promptly filed a suit against Rafizi. Rafizi told portal The Malaysian Insider in the 26th January 2013 that he would stand by his allegations and fight Zahid in court.

Yes, I will face the suit. I will go through this issue with my lawyer. If he (Zahid) sues me, good. We will subpoena all the documents,” he said to The Malaysian Insider.

However, on the 9th April 2013, Rafizi applied for the High Court to reject the writ of summons filed by Zahid! In his statement of defence Rafizi on the 5th April 2013 Rafizi denied defaming Zahid and in the end removed all the allegations against Zahid from his blog post.

The above is a fact.

On the 24th November 2014, Rafizi defamed Rosmah Mansor, wife of Najib Razak, at a forum in Bandar Tun Razak claiming that the rising fuel prices was to allow Rosmah to buy diamond rings.  In his defence when sued by both Najib and Rosmah, Rafizi said that he was only joking!

The above is also a fact.

Just a week ago Rafizi was ordered by the High Court to pay RM200,000 (approximately USD47,733) to National Feedlot Company’s Chairman Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail and also to the Company for defaming them.

In the suit filed on 3rd June, 2013, Mohamad Salleh and NFCorp, claimed that on 7th March, 2012, Rafizi had made a defamatory statement at a media conference at the PKR Office on the purchase of KL Eco City properties and was published by Malaysiakini on the same day.

He said the suit was filed because of losses incurred due to the lies, misleading information, disclosure of confidential banking information and slander made by the defendant.

The above is another fact.

Therefore, it is Rafizi in my opinion who should just shut up as it is an established fact that he is nothing more than a habitual liar.

Let us hope Strike Four will bury him deep.