Mulut Puaka

DAP’s Tony Pua is known to many as Tony Puaka as he has the uncanny ability to blurt out stupid and insensible statements. He is known to be a loudmouth who opens his mouth before his brain cells, if any brain at all, could function. In the older days he would be described as “mulut pantat ayam” referring to a certain rear orifice of a hen that is always open.

Tony would have a statement for everything and anything that would boost his ratings in DAP. As a member of the PAC he contradicted the PAC’a findings on 1MDB, the very same findings that he is a signatory of. Tony, being the mulut puaka that he is, also belittled other religions by making very insensitive statements:

His mouth is also a testament to his racist being. Feeling superior as a staunch Christian, he also ridicules other Chinese who are not Christians. This is depicted in a DAP-leaning blog:

The good thing about wanting to project himself as the righteous staunch Christian is that he finally made sense in March 2016 when he said that there is no need for Lim Guan Eng to step down as the Chief Minister of Penang as the latter was only being investigated for corruption. He however added that Lim should step down if charged:

If you think I made this up, you can watch this video of him saying it.

Being a staunch and righteous Christian Tony Pua should not lie and now insist on Lim Guan Eng to go on leave. Don’t use stupid excuses such as “this is different as the charges are politically motivated” because it was not any of the Barisan Nasional component parties that asked Lim Guan Eng to make deals with Phang Li Koon, and it certainly wasn’t any of the Barisan Nasional component parties that made Lim Guan Eng pen his signature on those documents. Yet, when Najib was being investigated you made no qualms about asking him to step down until he clears his name.

How now, Tony? Are you or are you not going to keep to your words and insist on Lim Guan Eng stepping down until the trial process has been exhausted? Or are you, being the PUAKA that you are, going to drop Christianity and Christian values to protect a man, charged for corruption and abuse of power, for political reasons?

Or are you going to do another Rafizi?


Kitai Milih Sarawak

Parai DAP!

Sekali tu DAP mantaika pengangkun kediri ketegal kering runding dataika sanggup ngelaban PKR ba sekeda sitak. DAP sanggup bechakar mulut lalu bejaku bejaie ke bansa enggau agama. Diatu kitai nemu Pakatan Harapan semina betuping bula ketegal gila kuasa deka nyadi perintah.

DAP ukai seiti parti ti bejuang ke nasit rakyat baka ke dipadahka sida. Parti tu parti bejaie ke bansa urang bukai. Ambika chunto ba DUN Pending ti diempu sida lalu madahka parti seiti bansa aja.

 Udah terang menoa Sarawak ari menya mina seitu nengeri ti lantang enggau rayat ti beserakup tang diatu mayuh penyarut ketegal DAP mantaika isu bansa. Sida iya ukai amai asal ari Sarawak. Nya mih chara enggau gaya ti enda manah tu enda manah ba kitai. Tulak parti tu.

 Ba Pulau Pinang, ukai aja urang bumiputra tang bansa bukai mega mampu meli rumah enggau tanah ketegal rega diletak ke seida kelalu tinggi. Rayat ti idup mensekin merinsa nadai ruang bejaku. Rayat ba Pulau Pinang nadai hak bejaku ketegal ditindas.

 Bayang ke enti Pakatan Harapan merintah menoa Sarawak. Pati tu ukai parti Sarawak. Parti tu parti ngembuan ideologi semenanjung. Udah semesti iya kitai rayat mensekin ditindas lalu nadai endur nyelepak ke diri dalam pengidup.

 Sarawak deka ngundi. Maya Sarawak ngundi 7 April tu, tentu ke Sarawak diempu parti ke ulih nirika agenda Sarawak. Tulak parti ari Semenanjung baka DAP ti semina deka nyadi raja dataika kitai merinsa ensenak.

 Kitai sebilik di Sarawak ukai DAP. Kitai tu ngembuan ugama kristian, Islam, Buddha enggau ke bukai ti idup beserakup ba menoa kitai. Kitai enggau belayak diri sebilik. Kitai enggai bemunsuh enggau kaban belayan ti ketegal charut bepechah ketegal ngasut pangan diri ketegal DAP.

 Buai DAP. Tulak Pakatan Harapan! Terus tan ke penyerakup kitai ba menoa Sarawak.

Bila Yang Tak Sedar Diri Bercakap

I am opposed to any form of rally in open public places but it was freedom of speech and assembly and within the constitutional rights guaranteed to each citizen when BERSIH 4, the supposedly DAP-defined apolitical movement called for a 34-hour rally to last until the stroke of midnight on the 31st Augusr 2015, on Malaysia’s independence celebration day.

The rally was made up by 90 percent Chinese participants when PAS refused to participate. But it was held where very few, if any, Chinese businesses are run.

When a rally by an opposing party was organised by a largely Malay group, to be held on Malaysia Day in largely Chinese business area, this was what Lim Guan Eng, co-driver of BERSIH 4, had to say:

Pushing The Envelope

Malays were born to be fools.

That is from my simple observation of history, and of the media – both mainstream and alternative ones. Whether or not you agree with me is none of my business as nothing that I have written thus far was to beget your seal of approval nor was it to get your agreement. Like it or not, the Malays were born to be fools…

…and to be fooled by others.

Being fools and being easily fooled by others is what other races recognise. Because of that, they keep pushing the envelope.

From 1930 through 1970, the Malays were minorities in their own land. They were sidelined from the riches of their own land and Dr Lennox A Mills noted:

“…when the British came, the Malay was a poor man in a poor country; when the British left, he was a poor man in a rich country.”

The Malays remained backwards and were told to stay as peasants or tillers of the soil, the Chinese inherited all the tradings in the Malay States and became the richest residents, and the Indians remained as rubber-tappers without proper infrastructure. The Malays, according to Chai Hon-Chan:

“…merely retreated from the tide of commercial activity and material prosperity…whereas the British, Europeans, Chinese and Indians had the lion share of the country’s wealth…”

For those reasons up there majority of the Malays rejected the idea of the Malayan Union and automatic citizenship for the immigrants. The only Malays who were keen on an independent Malaya were those who originated from Sumatera and wanted to unify Malaya with the rest of Indonesia under Batavia so the Malays do not come under the rule of other races. However, the. Malays of Malaya were united in wanting a Malay rule with the protection accorded by the Malay rulers i.e the status of Islam as well as the status of the Malays. The Chinese especially, kept pushing the envelope. When the straw finally broke the camel’s back in May 1969, the Malays retaliated with a violent outcome.

Economic advantage post-1969 brought about purchasing power to the Malays. As a result, the Malays began to worship money, as money would bring more power to bring in more money: in short, greed has taken over unity, protection of Islam and the Malay rights as the paramount priority. Malay leaders are seen to live lavishly. With them come the jockeys, parasites in short, much like the Cobias that swim with Whale Sharks hoping for whatever scrap that comes out from the sharks in order to live. When the mule collapse, the jockeys cry foul, as we have seen in 1988 and again ten years later. The greed for power in order to make money remains with the Malays nevertheless, only in a cruel way. The Malays are now more gullible because of the greed, and are willing to sell their values, their rights, their religion, and the Malay rulers institution just so they can grasp at whatever that is within their reach. The fools that the Malays are, they split into several political factions and even dare to bring each other down, supporting the non-Malays in pushing the envelope – Quislings helping the non-Malays destroy Islam and the Malays.

And every single day we find the Malays jeering at those who defend Islam and the Malay rights. Although the majority, the Malays are effectively minorities because of the multi-polar split. And this time around, when the straw breaks the camel’s back, the Malays will die foolishly.

Jebat Must Die Identifies A Chauvinistic Racist

When people think they have too much freedom and show disrespect to others, you get the very person Jebat Must Die identifies in his latest blog post. If showing disrespect towards others, questioning the fundamentals, criticising the religion of others is being regarded as a right, but in turn being criticised is portrayed as being victimised by racists, then the atmosphere is set for the undermining of the unity of this nation.

While Jebat Must Die refers to a posting by the said person, this whole fracas had started more than a year ago as the person identified by Jebat Must Die has on several occasions been taunting Malays and criticising Islam. The apex of the brawl happened yesterday (3rd December 2013) when the person tweeted the following (please read the image bottom up):


I don’t know who the Professor Emeritusampah he was referring to, but his next tweet referred to an article written by a Muslim female Associate Professor. It is about the accessibility of pornographic material by children and steps to curb that social ill.

Then came the tweet that angered Muslims (sans les libéraux), in reference to the above article:


Isn’t that mocking and insulting Islam? People like this should be hauled up by the authorities!

Well, read more on Jebat Must Die, and I thank JMD for a spot on article!

Liver Poolu

The title is by no means an insult to the Liverpool fans, but the term “sakit hati” came into mind. Since “hati” is “liver“, I will let you Google the rest of the title.

Sakit hati does not translate into heartache, as the latter refers to matter of the heart, while the former is more about the wrenching pain you feel inside as a result of anger or frustration. Patah hati would be more appropriate for being heart broken and so on. But this sakit hati I feel is more because some poolu have been playing the racist card while some poolu have completely forgotten about the racists.

The poolu of the issue here is of what was once said by BN-friendly candidate for the Shah Alam parliamentary seat, Zulkifli Noordin. Zulkifli Noordin was the lawyer for a poolu called Anwar Ibrahim. A falling out later between the two saw Zulkifli, who was from PAS, turned independent, actively attacking his former allies. It was during Zulkifli Noordin’s time in PAS in 2003 that he was videotaped uttering derogatory remarks towards the Indians. He left PAS in 2008 to join Anwar’s PKR in the same year and left in 2010. On 6th March 2013, he was videotaped making another derogatory remark, although was aimed at his former allies, still touched on the Indians. Anyway, Zulkifli Noordin has had a talk to Indians in the area he is contesting where he has apologised to them in public for making those remarks.

Let us now look at the other poolus who have given other forms of liver pain.

Anwar Ibrahim, on 27th March 1998, near the Kampung Rawa mosque, Jalan Pattani on Penang island mentioned that he will make sure the bell at the Sri Raja Raja Muthuraiveeran temple will no longer ring. He has never apologised to the Indian community for saying so.

Ten years later, in 2008, during the run-up to the previous general elections, Anwar Ibrahim promised to the largely Indian community facing the demolition of the Kampung Buah Pala settlement that he would settle the issue within two weeks if the then-Barisan Alternatif (predecessor of the Pakatan Rakyat) was voted into power in Penang. The settlement was demolished in less than 100 days after the Pakatan Rakyat formed the government in Penang. Anwar has never apologised.

Man burns himself in protest of the demolition of a temple in Puchong
Man burns himself in protest of the demolition of a temple in Puchong

What is the picture above about?

This was M.Chakragunasegaran, 52 years old, who burnt himself to protest the demolition of the Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple in Pusat Bandar Puchong in November 2010. He died 22 days later. Has the Pakatan Rakyat government apologised? The answer is NO.

Bulldozing a Hindu altar on 4th Dec 2012
Bulldozing a Hindu altar on 4th Dec 2012

The above picture is of the demolition work in progress of a Hindu altar on 4th December 2012…this was carried out by the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor despite being told to consult the Hindu Sangam before carrying out any work. You can read more about it here. Has the Pakatan Rakyat government issued any apology? I haven’t seen one. Let me know if you have.

Then in January of 2013, the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Bangi Lama was served a notice for the crime of ringing the bell after dark by a council in Pakatan Rakyat’s Selangor. Any apology by the Pakatan Rakyat government for that issue? None whatsoever. And I wonder why did the temple committee saw it fit to escalate the issue to MIC Youth Chief, T. Mohan, instead of an Indian councillor from Pakatan Rakyat? I let you come to your own conclusion.

Of course, Salahuddin Ayub of PAS, in a debate with BN’s Saifuddin Abdullah in mid 2012, likened the Hindu celebration of Thaipusam to a street demonstration. This debate was televised live. Still, Salahuddin never apologised. Instead, he claimed he was misunderstood. To add insult to injury, you get other poolus joining in saying they were not offended by Salahuddin’s remark!

Lest we forget, Anwar’s trusted lieutenant, Azmin Ali called former ally, N.Gobalakrishnan, a pariah!

So, guys. Feet firmly on the ground, one poolu has left Pakatan Rakyat, now contest for BN, and apologized for his extremely stupid remarks made during his time in the Pakatan Rakyat, and before given the chance to fight for the rakyat under the BN banner; while the other unapologetic poolus are still in Pakatan Rakyat. It is up to you to decide which poolu to support, and whether you will make a poolu out of yourself later.

The Carcass Speaketh

And just when you thought PAS’s Nik Mazian was bad for discriminating the non-Muslims within the Pakatan Rakyat’s loose coalition, we now have Nizar Jamaluddin, former Menteri Besar of Perak, struggling for a political foothold in his own state, calling the recently-deceased Wiiliam Yau, a six-year old Chinese boy, a carcass.


I suppose non-Malay supporters of Nizar a.k.a Nizar Tan (his E-Mail account is don’t mind being abused by this funny character every now and then as there is lack of response to that tweet of his.

Read more about it here.