Jacking Shiite

While JAKIM could improve more than just being a body to justify what is Halal or Haram, I feel that it is a very much needed organisation to help regulate the understanding of Islam according to Mazhab Shafie of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah teachings.

Not Wahabbi, not Shiah. Not ISIS.

I don’t agree with some of JAKIM’s findings, but I don’t agree with calls to disband JAKIM. By NOT having JAKIM, however, only allows unwanted elements attack the foundation of those who do not have a good grasp of basic Islam – Fiqh and Tauhid. We see from time to time attempts are being made to proselytise Muslims; and we see how some have adopted very liberal interpretation of Fiqh to the point of mocking those conservative Muslims. We see how extremists have also taken advantage of the weak and those who do not practice by promising them paradise and so on so they would commit terrorism to “atone” for their sins as seen by the many number of Malaysians who suddenly think they can go to paradise by joining ISIS.

Today, another person has joined in the fray by mocking JAKIM.


Perhaps, this person who is always mudah lupa especially during the PKFZ hearings, has also lupa that he wants Malaysians to accept another version of Islam:

Before you begin thinking about what he has said, I would like you to ask yourselves if you would go down with him to Anwar’s favourite backyard?


Some may have forgotten this statement by Mahathir asking Sunni Muslims to accept Shiites.

While Shiites, like Sunnis, pray to Allah and recognise Muhammad as Allah’s Messenger, that is where the similarities end.

Seriously, I have no idea why did Mahathir come out with such statement, doing a one-eighty just 26 months after he aaid this:

This may all seem déjà vu to you as this issue has been mostly forgotten, but I haven’t. I sincerely think there is something really wrong with that dinosaur, and this is why:

Shia Conduct At The Haj