Muhyiddin’s Admissions

Apparently in September 2015 Muhyiddin acknowledged that there is a conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister.

He also admitted that funds are administrted by the UMNO President himself.

So why has he been jumping around like an irritated monkey?

Ku Klux Kling

It is a well known fact that Mahathir hates his Kutty-blood so much that anything that has to do with the Indian diaspora would be bad for him unless he could subjugate them and they become subservient towards him. Veteran political watchers would understand what I am referring to.

I still remember when the first two Malaysians summitted the Everest in 1997, RTM being the official media carried a live cross from the Everest base camp where jubilant Malaysians who never made it to the top were seen celebrating in the background just as Mahathir, who was the Prime Minister then, was talking to the Chef de Mission. When told of the identities of the two Malaysians, Mahathir asked, “Siapa lagi? Itu aja?” (Whom else? Only those two?)

It was a proud moment for Malaysians but you cannot help but hear the tone of disappointment in Mahathir’s voice. I Googled to find reference to that moment but had found just this:

It was for that reason the subsequent expedition, which I became part of, was a 100 percent Malay expedition. As part of the organising committee and the Deputy Jump Leader, together with another ex Air Force officer, Lt Aziz Ahmad, we were tasked to select freefallers from the Wilayah Skydivers, the Army’s Grup Gerakhas, the Navy’s Pasukan Khas Laut, the Police’s Komando 69, and of course from Aziz’s and my former unit, the Air Force’s Pasukan Khas Udara. TV3 was selected as the official media.

We had a fellow skydiver who was from the Transportation Corps that we would have liked to have on board but he was an Indian and was not allowed to join the team. Likewise, TV3 mustered its best documentary team and sent its best journalist who was also trained by NatGeo, the renowned Karam Singh Walia. Our Chef de Mission, the late Abdul Rahim Dahlan aka Rahim King told TV3 that no Indians were allowed to join us to the North Pole.

The damage to my friendship with the Indian officer was irrepairable. He would make fun of me to others while I had to keep myself calm and not reveal the reason his name was rejected to protect the Prime Minister from being hated by a military officer. And I never did for 18 years – until today.

All of us in that expedition to the North Pole were patriots in the face of the possibility of dying at the North Pole – and Mahathir’s vision of Malaysia Boleh.

For whatever reason, Mahathir is never proud of who he really is. He is neither Indian, nor as he claims to be – a Malay. In Penang, he would be referred to as a Kling. I could name many great Indians right from Ashok to Narendra Modi, but not a Kling one. Mahathir was great to me but only because I thought he is a Malay.

Mahathir was so great to me that when he left UMNO, I left too in 2004. I dumped my AJK Bahagian and Ketua Cawangan posts and left politics, not that I was really a politician. The only difference is I am not the hypocrite Mahathir is, so when he rejoined, I stayed out.

However, I continued to support Mahathir’s stance in almost anything and had great doubts in Najib especially when the latter was all silent at the beginning of the 1MDB hoo-hahs. That was all true until the Kling in Mahathir surfaced. He started blabbing about Altantuya, changed the 1MDB goalposts and figures several times; it was almost as if he was just casting a net to see what could be caught. When he began to sound ridiculous and helped the Opposition attack Tabung Haji, I decided the old man had gone bonkers.

I was always a pro-Mahathir. When he fired Anwar Ibrahim in September 1998, I stood outside Anwar’s official residence with a few other friends from the Kelab Bekas Komando Malaysia among the hundreds that gathered, wondering what has happened. It was the night I made my choice to support my Prime Minister because he was then my Prime Minister.

To see him now holding hands with those he incarcerated and when he was in power just whonare also those who want to undermine the sanctity of Islam in this country, so he could oust the current Prime Minister, is heartbreaking for lack of a better word. You don’t burn your house down or work with outsiders just because you have a quarrel with a sibling. Like it or not, Najib is the elder brother in UMNO and Mahathir has to respect that. He should not have resigned in 2003 if he cannot accept that his successors would have their own style and once gone he is a has-been. Working with the enemies of your party just so you can save the party is just a stupid excuse to cover up one’s insidious personal agenda.

And until Najib is found guilty ina court of law, I will continue to support him as the Prime Minister of this nation.

So who is the only other Kling that I could think of who has made it to the history books? Raja Mudaliar aka Raja Mendeliar – the Kling that helped the downfall of the Melaka Empire.

Life of Annie had every reason to disagree with my calling Mahathir Mendeliar a few months ago. I guess Life of Annie has now seen Mahathir’s colours.
On the bright side, Mahathir’s reverse  metamorphosis from a statesman back to the kling he originally was, has brought about some good for the economically oppressed Malaysians whose holidays are mostly spent abroad.



Chaotic Kedah

Two years ago when I attended a meeting with an armed forces veterans association in Kedah I was briefed on some of the problems the association was facing and they asked me if there was anyone above the level of the State Secretary that I would know. I said I don’t have a direct access to the Menteri Besar but I know a few people who actually do; to which they replied:

“Tak payahlah jumpa Mukhriz, tuan. Dia bukan buat kerja pun! Asyik dok hantaq pegawai dia ja!” (There’s no point in meeting with Mukhriz, sir. He doesn’t work! He only sends his officers (to do his errands)!

I was taken by surprise. I follow Mukhriz’s Instagram account and in the early days as the Menteri Besar he would wear a jubah and attend prayer sessions in the kampungs. Even when the Prime Minister decided that Mukhriz was to become the Menteri Besar in the days leading up to the last general elections I thought it was the most correct decision although many quarters in Kedah was upset.

That all stopped just before the end of Ramadhan last year. After Aidil Fitri his account was filled with selfies with Siti Nurhaliza, Ramli Sarip, Jamal Abdillah and even Upin et Ipin! Nothing wrong with those but I happen to revisit his Instagram timeline to see if there’s any difference then and now.

Is the current chaos about Najib versus Mahathir? I doubt that very much. But the complaint about Mukhriz not meeting the rakyat, associations or even Ketua Bahagians did not stop with the complaint I received two years ago. Another group of veterans from Kedah whom I met at a reunion of Air Force veterans in Kuantan early last year also revealed the same complaints. Therefore it isn’t just the UMNO politicians who are complaining about him but also the normal Joe on the street!

Now whether or not certain UMNO quarters harbour the ambition of becoming the next Menteri Besar or not is a small matter compared to the grouses the rakyat have against Mukhriz’s administration. The complaints range from the only development Mukhriz has brought about in Kedah is to build a mall ona piece of land donated by the First Mufti of Kedah for a mosque to Mukhriz doesn’t run this state, his two officers do. UMNO Kedah insiders apparently know who these two officers are!

While the supporters of Mukhriz quicky claimed that the anti-Mukhriz movement could not gather the numbers when meeting the UMNO President yesterday, the report I received show otherwise:

To remove Mukhriz it would have to be done in accordance with the Kedah State Constitution and that is through the Sultan or Council of Regents, or through a vote in the state legislative council. While majority of the UMNO ADUNs are against Mukhriz, five were absent from the meeting. Assuming the five are for him, the group opposed to him would need the support of both MCA and PAS. Both PKR and the sole rep from Amanah would definitely have to take the cue from their masters in the DAP.

It is very important for those in UMNO opposed to Mukhriz to get a majority support because this can be quite different to the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis.

On a side note, Mahathir once changed the Kedah Menteri Besar despite getting much opposition from the Kedah UMNO but of course “My Way” was Mahathir’s way, and he believes it still is. A lesson for Mukhriz and others to learn, and Mukhriz has recently agreed with is that you can only remove a leader through legal means, and this will be a lesson he will long remember.

The irony of it all is Muhyiddin’s latest press statement in support of Mukhriz . This coming from a coward who backstabs his boss in order to be on top is surely the joke of the year this far.

This Brutus-wannabe ought to keep his dirty mouth shut and continue reading his two favourite tabloids for facts and continue living in a dream world.

Bagilah Muhyiddin Buat Kerja

Kemelut yang berlaku di Kedah bukanlah suatu perkara baru. Desas-desus ketidakpercayaan terhadap Mukhriz Mahathir oleh UMNO Kedah telah lama berkumandang melalui radio-radio karat. Malah salah seorang pegawai khas beliau juga telah meletak jawatan dan pulang ke Selangor.

Hari ini, sekumpulan orang yang mewakili kepimpinan tertinggi 15 buah bahagian UMNO di negeri Kedah telah menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap Mukhriz. 15 bahagian UMNO mewakili tidak kurang daripada 600 buah cawangan UMNO. Pergerakan ini adalah 75 kali lebih besar dari lapan buah cawangan yang meminta supaya Najib Razak meletak jawatan. Anihnya tidak pula kedengaran Mahathir menyuruh anaknya agar mendengar suara akar umbi.

Walau bagaimanapun, saya kurang bersetuju permintaan kumpulan ini agar Najib bertindak untuk mengundurkan Mukhriz. Selain menjadi Presiden UMNO, Najib juga mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk mengemudi halatuju negara. Maka perkara yang kurang besar ini boleh diserahkan kepada pemegang jawatan yang lain.

Ada eloknya tanggungjawab menyelesaikan kemelut ini diserah kepada Muhyiddin Yassin selaku Timbalan Presiden. Apatah lagi selain membuat “road show” peribadi dan membaca akhbar hiburan seperti The Edge dan Sarawak Report, beliau tidak menpunyai lain-lain tanggungjawab. Selain Shafie Apdal, lakn-lain Naib Presiden juga sibuk menjaga hal ehwal keselamatan negara.

Eloklah Muhyiddin selaku Timbalan Presiden bertindak selesaikan kemelut ini. Mukhriz bukannya lain orang; dia anak kepada penyokong Muhyiddin paling kuat!

Bagilah Muhyiddin buat kerja pula…

Off With His Head

Off with his head, and set it on York gates;
So York may overlook the town of York.

(William Shakespeare, 1592 – Henry VI Part III)

Shouts of “Pecat (Expel)” and “Nyanyuk (Senile)” reverberated the hall where UMNO President, Najib Razak, gave a closed-door briefing to UMNO divisional and state committee members on the issues of the 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion donation and the accusation by his deputy (also his former Deputy Prime Minister) Muhyiddin, and former Prime Minister Mahathir made saying that the people of Malaysia will soon become beggars.  Both Muhyiddin and Mahathir made this claims countless times in spite of various explanations and proof saying otherwise. Of course, in Mahathir’s own words:

"I don't have enough evidence" - Mahathir
“I don’t have enough evidence” – Mahathir
This is why he started off attacking Najib and the 1MDB with the claim that RM42 billion had gone missing to 1MDB is a debt-laden company. Idiots would be quick to accept Mahathir’s statement as the 1MDB is a government company. However, those with brain and usage of brain cells know that although the 1MDB started off with a RM42 billion debt, it is backed by assets worth RM51 billion. The RM42 billion is not even the rakyat’s money. In comparison, if you earn RM3,000 a month, and purchase a car worth RM70,000, you are debt-laden, especially if you stay in a rented house with no other assets to back you up. And it is not just YOUR money, it is also the money you use to support your family.

Now why does one still want to harp on  an issue when one does not have evidence of any wrongdoing? Why should an UMNO member add more fuel to the fire set by the Opposition? In my world that is called treason!

On the economy, removing Najib is not going to get the oil prices to go up. The economy will not improve and jobs created with the removal of one person. To believe so is bordering on senseless stupidity. Our current economic fundamentals are nowhere near what it was when Mahathir was at the helm in 1997-98. Sometimes I am inclined to believe that Mahathir allowed Anwar to err in order to find a solid reason to remove the latter whom he found to be a threat to his position (You can read more about it here).

Malaysia’s competitiveness ranking is 18th in the world, and first in the Islamic world. Malaysia’s GDP rose 61% from RM202.26 billion in 2009 when Najib took over the helm to RM326 billion!

Despite claiming that Malaysians now eat grass daily to stay alive (or become beggars as mentioned by Mahathir), Malaysians bought 103% more cars in October 2015 compared to October 2014. Car sales as at end of October for 2015 stands at 541,142! No wonder the people are eating grass! They would rather spend money on cars!

As for the 1MDB issue, you can read all the explanations on their website. Google the URL. 


Muhyiddin is a different animal altogether. He is one person who can show disrespect then change his tune. Just look at how as a Johorean and one who claimed he has the support of the Istana, Muhyiddin did not wear the white band on his songkok as a symbol of state mourning just a day after the late Tunku Jalil Iskandar of Johor was buried.

It seems that Muhyiddin has a knack for using the Malays to achieve his goals – including selling the Malays out. Those who were born after 1980 may not remember how Muhyiddin was kicked out of Johor as the Menteri Besar in the 1990s by the then Sultan of Johor but was saved by Mahathir. You can read more about Muhyiddin’s sins to the Johor people HERE.

I will tell you this story about Muhyiddin and Mahathir as it was what my comrades and I had bitterly experience back in 1998.

For those who watched the live telecast on RTM when two Malaysians made it to the summit of Mount Everest. There was a teleconference between Mahathir and the Team Leader and Mahathir asked who the two Malaysians were. When the Team Leader replied “M Nagappan and M Magendran” in a disappointed voice Mahathir asked, “Siapa lagi?”

Mahathir seemed disappointed that his “countrymen” has made it to the too while the Malay climbers did not. I was at the Malaysian Ex-Commandos Club on Jalan Kelantan up Federal Hill in late 1997 when its then President, the late Rahim King, instructed us to form a team to regain the Malay honour by skydiving at the North Pole. Rahim became the Chef de Mission. Another former Air Force commando, Aziz Ahmad, was assigned the Team Leader, in-charge of selection and training, while I became the Deputy Team Leader in-charge of logistics and planning. Captain Datuk Azmi Hamid Bidin was made in-charge of the support team based in Malaysia to iron out finances and other support. It was an all-Malay team, to be supported by a television crew from TV3 as the official media. Initially TV3 had offered Karam Singh Walia, a renowned broadcast journalist, but we were told it had to be an all-Malay team.

To cut a long story short, Anwar had started his nepotism and cronyism battle-cry and the exonomy was really bad that members of Mahathir’s cabinet shunned him – afraid of being seen to support Mahathir in case Anwar manages to depose of his mentor. Our expedition’s launching ceremony on the 30th March 1998 broadcast live on TV3 had Mahathir attending alone without his cabinet ministers, not even Muhyiddin who was then the Minister for Youth and Sports. That was how Muhyiddin repaid the kindness to the man who saved him. That was how lonely Mahathir was in 1998.

The expedition departed for Moscow early April 1998 after Anwar announced in parliament that the finances for the expedition had been finalised, when it really wasn’t. We almost did not make it to the North Pole if it weren’t for people like (then) Datuk Adzmi Wahab, Managing Director of EON Berhad; Datuk Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Foreign Minister; and my friend Zahid Hamidi who was the UMNO Youth Chief. Anwar, Muhyiddin never responded to calls for help even from Capt Datuk Azmi when we were being threatened by the organisers who were all ex-Soviet military and  I believe with obvious links to the Russian mafia.

Muhyiddin is a chameleon, a self-serving one who would go to lengths to achieve his personal goals, even at the expense of selling out the Malays, or to switch political camps faster than he changes his underwear.

If the Malays in UMNO and the people of Pagoh still do not realise the potential harm this man could do, then the Malays are doomed.

He will be like Darth Vader, loyal to the Emperor until it’s time to protect his self-interest.


Off with his head!

Liong Sik Mudah Lupa Too

Ling Liong Sik should just shut up. He should look back at how he almost destroyed MCA by trying to undermine Chua Soi Lek. What happened was the exact opposite. MCA rallied behind its then-leader and Liong Sik remained in the dark hole of obscurity- until today when he decided to interfere in UMNO’s affair by calling for the resignation of Najib Razak.

We all know he is just returning the favour Mahathir once gave during the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) when Mahathir conveniently forgot everything when he keeps saying now he is not senile. And because of Mahathir’s temporary loss of memory Liong Sik was let off the hook, and that contributed to MCA’s bad image in the eyes if the Chinese voters.

Ling Liong Sik should just spend the twilight years repenting for his contribution to the downfall in Chinese support for the MCA while advising Mahathir to do the same, instead of trying to meddle in UMNO’s affairs.

Unless Mahathir has again forgotten the sins of he and Liong Sik in the PKFZ fiasco.


Traitor In The Midst

The two photos above were taken at the Pakatan Rakyat 2.0 Roundtable Discussion attended by key office holders of the DAP, PKR and Mat Sabu’s yet to be officially-named bastardised version of PAS.

Seated in the back are the observers from the various Pakatan-friendly NGOs. If you look carefully in the photos you would see UMNO’s thorn-in-the-rear Saifuddin Abdullah.

This was what Saifuddin Abdullah had tweeted earlier:

  I wonder what substantive matters and strategies does UMNO have that should be shared with its political enemies? Perhaps Saifuddin is trying to find ways to remain relevant after those whom he had nurtured to speak against the government have lost badly in the recent university elections.

I also wonder when are the sissies sitting in UMNO’s Disciplinary Board going to take action against Saifuddin Abdullah ever?

Grow some balls, UMNO! For once!