Ronnie Liu’s Freedom Fighters Visit Bukit Kepong Police Station

23rd February 1950 (Ronnie Liu, please read)

Bukit Kepong’s police station (BKPS) was manned by 15 regular and Marine policemen. At the time of the tragedy, this force was complimented by three Special Constables and four local Auxilliary Policemen. A force of 22 all told. There were also thirteen police wives and children lodged in the married quarters at the rear of the station. In the darkness, the 200 strong 4th Independent Coy of the MRLA under the joint-command of Muhammad Indra aka Mat Indra from Muar, and Commissar Goh Peng Tun, began its move towards the BKPS compound.

0400hrs – the communist terrorists or CT (read that properly, Ronnie Liu), completed their encirclement of the BKPS. They were assisted by their wives and children in carrying and deploying sandbags.

0430hrs – Special Constable (SC) Jaafar challenges and fires on a CT who was seen to fall and a bugle was sounded signaling the commencement of attack. As the BKPS was surrounded and attacked from all angles, Auxilliary Policeman (AP) Osman is killed in action (KIA) while SC Jaafar is wounded. The wives and children began assisting the men in defending their compound.

0450hrs – the initial CT assault is beaten back but at the loss of Sgt Jamil who had been manning one of the Brens. Cpl Mohd Yassim and L/Cpl Jidim bin Omar (later fatally WIA) assumed command. Casualties were mounting on both sides, including that of the wives and children of the policemen. Four of the wives and five children made it out of the compound.

0500hrs – APs and small group of citizen volunteers under Penghulu Ali bin Mustaffa mustered and headed towards BKPS. This party was ambushed by the rear guards of the CTs. At this point, the twon Bren guns were knocked out.

0530hrs – the CTs attempted a second breach but were driven back by interlocking fire from the married quarters. At this point, it was the wives who were manning the guns. Mat Indra grew restless at this lack of progress and ordered a bayonet charge at 0600hrs.

0600hrs – visibility is now better. Another breach was attempted but again driven back. Frantic calls over the loudhailers calling for the defenders were made but they refused to surrender.

0700hrs – the CTs entered the rear of the compound and managed to capture a wife, Miriam Ibrahim, the wife of Constable Mohamad Jaafar. The CTs asked Miriam to appeal to the defenders to surrender but she refused. At about this time, another wife, Fatimah Yaaba and her son Hassan are also taken. She was also asked to appeal to the men but refused and was executed immediately. Her husband, Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud, elected to fight to the death with the CTs who were approaching his patrol boat. He was shot inthe chest and arm. The CTs torched the boat and married quarters, with a wife, Saadiah and her daughter Simah still alive inside, refusing to come out. They threw Fatimah’s body into the flames as well.

0800hrs – the station fully ablaze, the CTs launched a grenade-pincer attack, and succeeded. Then picking off male and female survivors with rifle shots, some with clothes ablaze, they captured Hassan, the young son of Fatimah and Abu Bakar, who was seen manning the Bren gun. The brave lad was thrown into the fire alive, along with the bodies of the dead and wounded defenders, including that of Sgt Jamil.

0930hrs – Mat Indra claims objective taken, 5 hours after launching the initial assault.

So goes the story of the visit of the Bukit Kepong Police Station by Ronnie Liu’s heroes.